Terms & Conditions

Purchase Orders

ProSci Incorporated reserves the right not to accept a purchase order with incorrect pricing, incorrect or missing catalog number, or incorrect description on the website and/or on any printed material. ProSci Customer Service will contact the customer via telephone or fax to obtain an accurate purchase order. If the customer does not submit a corrected purchase order in writing within 24 hours of contact, the purchase order will be deemed as a cancelled order.

Payment Terms

ProSci accepts VISA, MasterCard, and American Express for immediate payment. Payment terms are net thirty (30) days with a 0.05% daily finance charge added to invoices that are thirty (30) days past due. ProSci reserves the right not to ship any items on future orders to the customer until past-due invoices are resolved. All payments must be made in United States Dollars. Prepayment is required for all orders outside of the U.S.A. prior to shipment. Please see the "International Orders and Shipping" section below for more information.


ProSci Incorporated reserves the right to change prices without prior notification unless you are in a contract with us. All pricing on our website and in literature is in United States Dollars and does not include shipping or taxes. California state and applicable county sales tax will be added to invoices where good are shipped to a California address unless a valid resale certificate issued by State Board of Equalization is presented before shipment. Any state taxes outside of California and any duty fees are the sole responsibility of the purchaser. If ProSci is required is required to pay any such fee or tax, the customer will reimburse us the full amount. Should the customer decide to pay via wire transfer the customer is responsible for the wire transfer fees.

USA Orders and Shipping

Orders received by 3:00 PM PST Monday through Thursday are usually shipped the same day if all the products are in stock. Products are shipped via FedEx Express Overnight unless requested otherwise by the customer in writing at the time of order. Shipping charges are pre-paid and added to the invoice unless the customer provides a shipping account in which case a materials fee will be added to the invoice. ProSci reserves the right to ship orders in installments based on item stock or to hold shipment until an order is complete.

International Orders and Shipping

Customers can order directly from ProSci if their country does not have a distributor. ProSci's policy is that all international orders are prepaid. A pro-forma invoice will be issued for any international orders. Shipping and customs fees will be added to the pro-forma invoice unless the customer provides a shipping account in which case a materials fee will be added to the invoice. Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and wire transfers are accepted methods for pre-payment. The customer is responsible for contacting ProSci to obtain information for wire transfers. Customers are responsible for wire transfer fees and may not deduct them from payment. Once payment is received, the order will ship. Products are shipped via FedEx Express International Priority on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. Australia customers must include a copy of their import permit with each order to expedite customs clearance. ProSci reserves the right to ship orders in installments based on item stock or to hold shipment until an order is complete. Due to the complex nature of customs processes international customers are responsible to resolve any issues that arise with their country customs clearance regardless of the shipping account or shipping method.

Shipping Delays and Product Inspection

ProSci Incorporated is not responsible for any delays in shipping that are the fault of the shipping company. Customers have three (3) days to notify ProSci of errors in shipping, product shortages or product damage. All sales are final after three days and lack of notification of customer within this timeframe will be deemed as acceptance of the products by the customer.


Any returns must be authorized by the ProSci Customer Service Department. Please call ProSci Customer Service before returning any product to obtain a return authorization number. Not all products will be authorized for return based on the nature of the product. Returns are subject to a 20% restocking fee if accepted and if not the result of any error on the part of ProSci. Shipping fees will not be credited.


Refunds will take the form of account credits. Any credit not used within one year will be refunded to the customer. Credits will be issued at ProSci's discretion on a case-by-case basis. Credits and refunds are limited to the purchase price of the product(s).

Order Cancellations

Orders must be cancelled by 3:00 PM on the day that they were placed if shipping the same day or within 24 hours of placement of the order if products are shipping later. Custom orders can be cancelled before the start of a project. Custom orders cancelled in the middle of a project will be billed for the amount of work ProSci has completed up until the time of cancellation.


ProSci products are for research use only. They are not intended for therapeutic, diagnostic, or in vivo studies. ProSci Incorporated will not be liable for any loss, damage, or expense that might result from the sale, storage, handling, use, or inability to use these products.

Since the nature of laboratory and research applications are subject to variables beyond the control of ProSci Incorporated, all products are offered without a performance warranty, expressed or implied. Information provided on product data sheets and descriptions is accurate to the best of the knowledge of ProSci Incorporated. If products do not perform as stated on the data sheet, direct customers should contact Technical Support with details of the procedure used in order to facilitate troubleshooting and resolution. Please see the Technical Support Terms and Conditions for more information. Assistance on the use of products has no time limit; however, replacements of products or credits will not be an option after one (1) year from the date of shipment. Customers are limited to one replacement and once a replacement or credit is received, the customer's complaint shall be deemed as resolved. No performance guarantee is made for applications not listed on the product data sheet.

ProSci Incorporated is not responsible for patent or intellectual property right infringement made by the customer with the use of the product. Nothing on the product data sheet is to be taken as a recommendation to use the product in violation of any patents or intellectual property rights.



ProSci: ProSci, Inc, 12170 Flint Place, Poway, CA, 92064

Customer: any person or organization purchasing Products from ProSci.

Order: the Customer’s order for Products as set out on the relevant ProSci order form (either online or otherwise).

Product: ProSci branded products or products distributed by ProSci on behalf of ProSci's suppliers and available through ProSci’s catalogue.

Internal Research Purposes: in vitro use of Product by a party, its employees, and/or its agents as an end user in connection with its own internal research, development or educational use and expressly excludes use for Commercial Purposes.

Commercial Purposes: use for any commercial purpose of any kind, including without limitation: for any therapeutic, diagnostic, prophylactic or in vivo purpose; for resale or transfer in any form (including as part of a kit) to a third party; for analysis or reverse engineering of the Product; for manufacturing; for the provision of services to third parties.

Terms of Use

All intellectual property rights relating to Products are solely and exclusively owned by ProSci.  In respect of Products Customer purchases from ProSci or ProSci's authorized distributors, ProSci grants to Customer a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-sublicensable, royalty-free license under such intellectual property, to use such Product for Customer’s own Internal Research Purposes only.

ProSci grants no other license under such intellectual property rights to Customer in respect of Products purchased by it and in particular grants no license to Customer to use any Product for any Commercial Purposes and sale of Product to Customer by ProSci or ProSci's authorized distributors are expressly conditional upon Customer’s agreement and undertaking, which Customer gives upon placing an order for Product not to use Product for any purpose other than its own Internal Research Purposes.

If Customer wishes to use a ProSci Product for any purpose other than its own Internal Research Purposes Customer will require an additional license from ProSci, for which Customer must contact info@prosci-inc.com.

New Customers

New customers who wish to pay by purchase order and have an office in the United States are required for credit approval. Customers should fax over their first purchase order on company letterhead and attach three credit references. The customer will be contacted if the credit is approved or denied within one business day.

Additional Terms for Custom Production

ProSci Incorporated strives for a high level of customer satisfaction. We work hard to provide our customers with quality products and services. However, it is not possible to guarantee that everything will meet with 100% customer satisfaction or success. We will maintain an open dialogue with you throughout the custom antibody development process and work with you to create a quality product. The process includes evaluation points that allow us to communicate the progress of each project.

Confidentiality: ProSci considers all information given by the customer to be strictly confidential and we do not retain the rights to any products derived through custom services. The antigen that is supplied by the customer or produced by ProSci, conjugates, polyclonal and monoclonal antiserum, hybridoma cells and any antibodies custom made are the property of the purchaser. We will not disclose any information without the customer's written authorization. If a customer prefers, both sides can sign a non-disclosure agreement prior to discussing a project in detail to further assure confidentiality.

If an animal dies before the first bleed of polyclonal antibody production, we will replace the animal free of charge. After this point in the protocol, the animal will not be replaced, but we will extend the second animal so that the customer receives the number of bleeds expected in the ordered protocol.

We cannot assume responsibility for antigens that degrade during shipping to our location based on the customer's select method of shipping. Some suggestions: if the antigen is frozen, ship on dry ice; if refrigerated, ship on gel ice packs; ship antigens in a styrofoam shipping container by an overnight delivery company such as FedEx, DHL, or UPS.

Custom Antibody Production Guarantees

Due to the unpredictable nature of the immune response in host animals, ProSci cannot guarantee the specificity of the resulting antibodies. The success of a project is dependent upon the immunogen, screening methods for hybridomas, etc.

We can, however, guarantee the following:

Polyclonal Antibody Guarantee: If you utilize ProSci's complementary antigen design assistance and select one of our recommended sequences, we will guarantee an immune response against the peptide antigen. If no titer is observed, ProSci will re-immunize a new set of animals. If titer against the antigen is still not present, ProSci will re-evaluate the protein of interest and synthesis a new peptide based upon our evaluations. ProSci will continue to work on your project until a successful immune response is observed.

Hybridoma Development Guarantee: ProSci Incorporated will guarantee three (3) positive clones to the immunogen with 2 x 10(6) cells of each clone if ProSci selected the peptide immunogen. Because of the nature of monoclonal antibodies, and antibodies in general, it is not possible to guarantee that the clones will work for applications other than ELISA, or that a clone will work for multiple applications. Antibodies that work well in one application may not work in another. We can, however, guarantee that each clone will recognize the immunogen in ELISA as this is our primary method of screening. In order to improve the chances of obtaining antibodies suitable to your needs, customers have the option of screening the culture supernatants from up to 100 positive wells. If this option is ordered, results must be forwarded to ProSci within 10 days of shipping of the supernatant samples. After this time a non-refundable per diem maintenance fee will be charged to your account. Because of the time critical nature of cloning, selections received after the 10 day period will void any expressed or implied guarantees. The success of a project is dependent upon the immunogen, screening methods for hybridomas, etc. We highly recommend screening positive wells, especially if a peptide immunogen is used as this will increase the chances of developing a cell line that produces monoclonal antibodies that work in your target application. Additional positive clones may be available at additional cost.

We cannot guarantee the success of a project where the customer provides the antigen; however it is our experience that monoclonal projects using a recombinant protein yield monoclonal antibodies that have a higher recognition rate to the native protein than by using a peptide immunogen. The customer must also be aware that a customer-provided immunogen may not yield the immune response required for fusion. If the customer provides the immunogen there will not be a refund for phase one if there is insufficient titer for fusion following the 6th test-bleed in the immunization protocol.

If there is a successful fusion with no resulting ELISA-positive clones, phase one will not be refunded, although we will perform a second fusion at no charge. If the customer is not satisfied with the positive wells at screening or final clones they may opt to pay for another round of fusion and/or sub-cloning at additional cost.

Ascites Production: ProSci Incorporated cannot guarantee ascites production volumes or quality as this is dependent upon the hybridoma cell line used. Each hybridoma has distinct growth characteristics which results in varying yields in terms of volumes and antibody concentrations. This includes cell lines received from customers as well as those produced by ProSci.

For ascites production in which the customer has an established hybridoma cell line, we require two (2) vials from the same hybridoma culture at 106 cells per vial; one for mycoplasma testing and one for one for expansion and ascites production. At this time we only produce ascites for Balb/c-derived cell lines.


Polyclonal: An invoice will be generated once immunization begins. The thirty (30) day terms will be enforced with a daily 0.05% finance charge assessed after 60 days of the invoice date. ProSci reserves the right not to ship any items to the customer until the invoices are paid in full. Please contact us within the 30-day time frame if you are unable to pay the amount in full and we will work with you to resolve the balance.

Monoclonal: Invoices will be generated at the beginning of each phase of development. The thirty (30) day terms will be enforced with a daily 0.05% finance charge assessed after 60 days of each invoice date. ProSci reserves the right not to ship any items to the customer until the invoices are paid in full. Please contact us if you require specific billing procedures and we will work with you.


The shipping prices are listed for destinations within the continental U.S.A. only. International customers need to contact ProSci for shipping and handling and customs fees specific to the destination country. If customers provide a Federal Express account number, we will bill shipping, duties, and taxes to that account. Because of the biological nature of our products a small cold/warm packaging fee will be charged to customers who use their own Federal Express account number to cover the cost of special packaging needed to insure orders arrive in good condition. For customers not using their own Federal Express account number for shipping this cost is included in the quoted shipping charge.

Due to the complex nature of customs processes international customers are responsible to resolve any issues that arise with their country customs clearance regardless of the shipping account or shipping method.

ProSci is not responsible for delays in shipping that are the fault of the shipping company.

Animal Termination

Polyclonal antibody production animals will be not be terminated until notification is obtained from the customer. Please notify us by the date stamped on the project schedule included with the last shipment of the initial protocol. If no notification is obtained, the animals will be placed on maintenance the following day at the current per diem rate until we receive notice to terminate, extend, or exsanguinate.

Twenty-eight (28) day extensions are available at current year's pricing. ProSci must be notified at the end of each purchased extension as to the status of the project unless animal(s) are placed on perpetual extension. Customer is responsible for all charges incurred during animal maintenance or extension periods. If animals are placed on perpetual extension, an open purchase order or credit card is required.

Customers will receive a PDF copy of the project schedule via email upon the start of the immunization protocol. A hard copy is sent by ProSci along with each shipment. Each project schedule includes a written reminder of ProSci's termination policy at the bottom of the form. When the last shipment is sent out, the termination policy will be highlighted and the scheduled termination date stamped as a final notice to the customer.