Secondary Antibodies

Secondary Antibodies – Optimize Immunolabeling & Indirect Antigen Detection

Secondary antibodies are crucial for research, because of its wide range of biochemistry applications. ProSci, a recognized leader in primary and secondary antibody production, offers dozens of different secondary protein for your particular requirements.

Ranging in size from 0.05 mg to 2.0 mg, our secondary research antibodies include practical yet powerful tools to aid in your research project. And wherever your laboratories and facilities are located across the globe, ProSci’s worldwide distribution system ensures quality products, timely delivery and in-country service.

What is a Secondary Antibody?

Secondary antibodies help detect specific antigens, assuming primary antibodies are present. Once the primary antibody is bound to a particular antigen, a secondary protein attaches to the primary antibody, thus producing a recognizable chain. And since secondary antibodies possess extremely versatile binding characteristics (if they’re in the same source cell line), just one type of secondary protein can bind to primary antibodies with different attributes.

ProSci Secondary Research Antibodies – A High Performance solution for your Research Needs

ProSci currently offers dozens of robust, research-ready secondary antibodies which are helpful in targeting specific antigens. Since secondary antibodies are produced from a wide host of species (cows, donkeys, goats, mice & others), they can help with a broad range of research initiatives.

Specifically, secondary research antibodies have shown promising results in HIV tests, immunostaining, immunohistochemistry, Western blot and more. Significant research savings are another advantage of secondary antibodies – as mentioned, one type is compatible with diverse primary antibodies.

If your research requires secondary antibodies, ProSci’s catalog provides plentiful possibilities. Our in-house professionals, based in San Diego, California, produce each secondary antibody with industry-leading research methods, careful quality control checks and extensive species reactivity. Tested applications include fluorescence-activated cell sorting (FACS), enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA), immunohistochemistry (IHC) and more. Plus our assortment of secondary antibodies are available in a variety of conjugates, including alkaline phosphatase, rhodamine, biotin, Texas Red and many more.

To learn more about our secondary antibodies for ELISA and other applications, please call us directly at (888) 513-9525. Our secondary antibody specialists can also be reached with an email to info@prosci-inc.com. Discover the advantages of ProSci’s fully researched, robust & powerful line secondary antibodies today. We look forward to assisting your own project. From our laboratory to yours – find out how ProSci can optimize your research today!

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