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San Diego is a hot spot for biotech companies. The strong presence of life science research facilities in San Diego such as Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute, Scripps Research Institute, Salk Institute for Biomedical Studies, and the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) provides a strong R&D knowledge base and fosters innovation in the biotech industry. Thanks to this strong biotech community, there are over 300 local biotech companies in San Diego working together to provide expertise to solve health issues on a global scale. ProSci is proud to be a local San Diego antibody company devoted to R&D and committed to design, development and production of high performance antibodies.

Why choose ProSci Inc. as your local antibody company?


As your San Diego biotech company we offer highly validated antibodies with high quality and performance in order to accelerate your research and diagnostics program. We have a proven record that our antibodies are very specific to target proteins. ProSci Inc.'s custom antibody production process starts with immunization of antigen (virus,cell, and molecule) into in vivo systems and in response, an in vivo humoral response products antibodies. We have the tools and expertise to design and run assays as well as perform library screening. In cases where production fails (due to substances that fail to generate strong immune response) we will customize production by modifying host, antigen or both. Once processing is complete our antibodies are shipped directly to our clients. Some antibody companies have their production facility out of the country or located in different states from their labs. This kind of journey puts products at risk of lower quality since biological products like antibodies traveling far distances may degrade to time or temperature. Choosing a local San Diego antibody company with USDA license and NIH/OLAW assured means you get a higher-quality product.


Staying local enhances personalization. ProSci has made more than 20,000 custom antibodies over the course of more than 20 years. ProSci specializes in custom antibody development including custom monoclonalpolyclonal, and single domain antibody development. We work very close with our clients and partners to customize and fulfill their expectations, from unique protocols, to time sensitive requirements, processing and delivering biological products. Our company offers flexibility and accuracy for all of our immunochemistry assays. Some of these services include antibody characterization, antigen design assistance, immunohistochemistry, protein conjugation, and peptide synthesis. Visit our Additional Services page to learn more about these services.


Our San Diego antibody services keep your life simpler. The perks of a local antibody company makes ordering and working with ProSci is easy. Whether you email, fax, call, or schedule a meeting onsite, communication is fast, friendly and more personal than working with a non local antibody company. When you have questions, turn to the experts at ProSci. Our response time for trouble shooting products will impress you.


As part of the large, deep-bench community of businesses working in biotech in San Diego, ProSci Inc. offers you all of the benefits of being based in a research-driven area. ProSci has worked and partnered with many biotech companies in the area. Our experience with antibody production, academic research, and biotech companies allows us to fulfill the demands for both biotech business and research. As one of the premier San Diego antibody companies, ProSci gives you the perfect blend of quality and service offered by local antibody research experts.


All of our products are supported by our active research in many areas, including, COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2, 2019-nCoV) virus research and HIV vaccine development. ProSci’s antibody catalog features more than 30,000 antibodies, and a full range of supplementary products for experiments such as cell lysates, peptides, and tissue lysates. All of these research activities and cutting edge products solidify ProSci's position in the reagent and antibody market.

ProSci is a leader among antibody companies in San Diego. A privately-held biotechnology firm, ProSci’s mission is to provide the biotech community and customers with the highest quality single domain, polyclonal, and monoclonal antibody services available. The expertise of the ProSci team includes antibody production, biological research, and immunochemistry services. You'll enjoy competitive pricing, customizable services, high-quality research tools, innovative products, and technical support that is unparalleled in the antibody company industry.


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