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ProSci Antibody Resources and Marketing Material

ProSci has featured a number of research areas with antibody posters including Alzheimer's disease, H5N1 and avian influenza, as well as antibody marketing material highlighting our current and newest services. Custom antibodies have also been featured to help researchers decide which custom antibody protocol is best for them, and describing the key differences between the protocols and packages. Mini posters and flyers are informative resources which we have made to highlight key areas of research, and the products and services ProSci offers to assist in these research areas. ProSci newsletters also summarize a focused research area, and highlight related ProSci products.





ProSci Inc Rabbit mAbs

Rabbit mAbs Brochure

ProSci Inc sdAbs

Single Domain Antibodies Brochure

ProSci Inc Neurobiology

Neurobiology Brochure

ProSci Inc Stem Cell Products

Stem Cell Brochure

ProSci Inc Autophagy

Autophagy Brochure

ProSci Inc Alzheimer's

Alzheimer's Disease Brochure


Conference Posters

ProSci 2015 Antibody Engineering Poster

2015 Antibody Engineering Poster

Developing Functional Antibodies Against Drug Targets

ProSci 2015 Keystone Poster

2015 Keystone Poster

Novel PGT/2G12 Binders Elicit Antibodies that Cross-react with HIV Env-Associated Glycans

Thailand 2011 Keystone Poster

2011 Thailand Keystone Poster

Carbohydrate-Based HIV Vaccine, from Concept to Mannose-Specific Virion-Binding Antibodies


ProSci 2010 Keystone Poster

2010 Keystone Poster

Adjuvant effect on the induction of glycan-specific antibodies against HIV Env using single yeast...

2009 Keystone Poster

2009 Keystone Poster

A heterologous yeast glycoprotein to target the glycans on HIV-1

2007 Keystone Poster #1

2007 Keystone Poster #1

Novel immunogens from yeast mutants for a carbohydrate-based HIV vaccine


2007 Keystone Poster #2

2007 Keystone Poster #2

A yeast glycosylation mutant can mimic the 2G12 epitope and elicit antibodies that bind to HIV-1...

ProSci H5N1 Poster 2007

ProSci H5N1 Poster (2007)

A Comparison of Commercially Available H5N1 Hemagglutinin Antibodies


Mini Posters

 ProSci Autophagy Pathway

Autophagy Pathway

Autophagy Related Products

ProSci Alzheimer's Pathway

Alzheimer's Disease Pathway

Alzheimer's Disease Related Products

ProSci ALS Pathway

ALS Pathway

ALS Related Products

 2007 ProSci Autophagy Poster

2007 Autophagy Poster

Cannibalism for Survival

2007 H5N1 Avian Influenza Poster

2007 H5N1 Avian Influenza Poster


2006 ProSci Alzheimer's Disease Poster

2006 Alzheimer's Disease Poster

Alzheimer's Disease Pathway


Marketing Flyers

 May 2016 BioCom Rabbit Mabs Ad

May 2016 BioCom Ad

Rabbit Monoclonal Antibodies

 Apr 2016 Nature sdAb cancer Ad

April 2016 Nature Ad

Single Domain Antibodies: Cancer

 Feb 2016 BioCom Mabs Ad

Feb 2016 BioCom Ad

mAbs Against Challenging Antigens

 February Immune Checkpoints Ad

Feb 2016 Immune Checkpoints

PD-1 Immune Checkpoints


 November 2015 Nature sdAb Ad

Nov 2015 Nature Ad

Single Domain Advantage

 October 2015 Mabs sdAbs Flyer

Oct 2015 mAbs/sdAbs FLyer

Custom Services: mAbs & sdAbs

 October 2015 sdAbs Flyer

Oct 2015 sdAbs Flyer

Custom Services: sdAbs

 Fall 2015 BioCom  mAbs Ad

Fall 2015 BioCom Ad

Custom Services: mAbs


Email Newsletters

 2016 ProSci April Newsletter

2016 April Newsletter

Headline: Free Autophagy Poster

 2016 ProSci March Newsletter

2016 March Newsletter

Headline: PD-1 Immune Checkpoints

 2016 ProSci February Newsletter

2016 February Newsletter

Headline: New CAS Website

 2016 ProSci January Newsletter

2016 January Newsletter

Headline: Phospho-SAMHD1 is Back