The 5A's of Antibody Development Guide

ProSci Incorporated is constantly adding antibodies and recombinant proteins to the product catalog to better serve biomedical researchers. Through our innovative approach to customer care developed since 1998, we have helped researchers find the right and best tools by drawing from our comprehensive product catalog or relying on our expert custom antibody services. Our antibody generation adheres to the principles of the 5 A's.


The optimal type of antibody development is determined based on stipulations of size and quantity, as well as specificity and affinity.

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The nature of the antigen is an important consideration when choosing a method of antibody development. Characteristics such as size and immunogenicity are important components.

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The magnitude of the immune response is a crucial factor in antibody generation and production. Adjuvants serve as immunostimulatory agents during immunization.

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The antibody response to a given antigen varies between species; each species is characterized by advantages and limitations. ProSci’s Customer Care Team members will discuss options with you so that together the right decision can be made for your project.


The physical and functional properties of antibodies produced can be established through various assays.

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