Product References

ProSci product catalog consists of over 20,000 primary antibodies, as well as secondary antibodies, recombinant proteins, cell and tissue lysates, slides, and immunoblots. As a reference of our capabilities and offerings, a sample of publications using our products are included below:

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Cardiovascular Research: January 2015
Emergence of Orai3 activity during cardiac hypertrophy. Youakim Saliba, Mathilde Keck, Alexandre Marchand, Fabrice Atassi, Aude Ouillé, Olivier Cazorla, Mohamed Trebak, Catherine Pavoine, Alain Lacampagne, Jean-Sébastien Hulot, Nassim Farès, Jérémy Fauconnier, and Anne-Marie Lompré

Human Molecular Genetics: January 2015
The adipocyte differentiation protein APMAP is an endogenous suppressor of Aβ production in the brain. Sebastien Mosser, Jean-René Alattia, Mitko Dimitrov, Alexandre Matz, Justine Pascual, Bernard L. Schneider, and Patrick C. Fraering

Human Molecular Genetics: January 2015
Temporally distinct phosphorylations differentiate Tau-dependent learning deficits and premature mortality in Drosophila. Katerina Papanikolopoulou and Efthimios M.C. Skoulakis

The Journal of Immunology: January 2015
Blau Syndrome–Associated Nod2 Mutation Alters Expression of Full-Length NOD2 and Limits Responses to Muramyl Dipeptide in Knock-in Mice. Jae Dugan, Eric Griffiths, Paige Snow, Holly Rosenzweig, Ellen Lee, Brieanna Brown, Daniel W. Carr, Carlos Rose, James Rosenbaum, and Michael P. Davey

The Journal of Immunology: January 2015
Systemic Lentivirus-Mediated Delivery of Short Hairpin RNA Targeting Calcium Release–Activated Calcium Channel 3 as Gene Therapy for Collagen-Induced Arthritis. Shuang Liu, Takeshi Kiyoi, Erika Takemasa, and Kazutaka Maeyama

PNAS: Febuary 2015
Sugar-based amphiphilic nanoparticles arrest atherosclerosis in vivo. Daniel R. Lewis, Latrisha K. Petersen, Adam W. York, Kyle R. Zablocki, Laurie B. Joseph, Vladyslav Kholodovych, Robert K. Prud’homme, Kathryn E. Uhrich, and Prabhas V. Moghe

The Journal of Biological Chemistry:Febuary 2015
Leukotriene-C4 Synthase, a Critical Enzyme in the Activation of Store-independent Orai1/Orai3 Channels, Is Required for Neointimal Hyperplasia. Wei Zhang, Xuexin Zhang, José C. González-Cobos, Judith A. Stolwijk, Khalid Matrougui, and Mohamed Trebak

The Journal of Immunology: Febuary 2015
A RIPK3–Caspase 8 Complex Mediates Atypical Pro–IL-1β Processing. Kenta Moriwaki, John Bertin, Peter J. Gough, and Francis Ka-Ming Chan

Cancer, Immunology, Immunotherapy: February 2015
CDR2 antigen and Yo antibodies. Cecilie Totland, Nina K. Aarskog, Tilo W Eichler, Mette Haugen, Jane K. Nostbakken, Sissel E. Monstad, Helga B. Salvesen, sverre Mork, Bjom l. Haukanes, Christian A Vedeler

Molecular and Cellular Biology: February 2015
Nedd8 Regulates Inflammasome-Dependent Caspase-1 Activation. Jesus A. Segovia, Su-Yu Tsai, Te-Hung Chang, Niraj K. Shil, Susan T. Weintraub, John D. Short, and Santanu Bose

American Journal of Physiology Heart and Circulatory Physiology: March 2015
Transglutaminase activity is decreased in large arteries from hypertensive rats compared with normotensive controls. Humphrey G. Petersen-Jones, Kyle B. Johnson, Kiyotaka Hitomi, Nathan R. Tykocki, Janice M. Thompson, and Stephanie W. Watts

The FASEB Journal: March 2015
Regulation of Noxa-mediated apoptosis in Helicobacter pylori–infected gastric epithelial cells. Suvasmita Rath, Lopamudra Das, Shrikant Babanrao Kokate, B. M. Pratheek, Subhasis Chattopadhyay, Chandan Goswami, Ranajoy Chattopadhyay, Sheila Eileen Crowe, and Asima Bhattacharyya

Gut: March 2015
TLR-independent anti-inflammatory function of intestinal epithelial TRAF6 signalling prevents DSS-induced colitis in mice. Katerina Vlantis, Apostolos Polykratis, Patrick-Simon Welz, Geert van Loo, Manolis Pasparakis, and Andy Wullaert

The Journal of Biological Chemistry: March 2015
Insulin Regulates Retinol Dehydrogenase Expression and All-trans-retinoic Acid Biosynthesis through FoxO1. Kristin M. Obrochta, Charles R. Krois, Benito Campos, and Joseph L. Napoli

The Journal of Immunology: March 2015
IL-33 Is Required for Disposal of Unnecessary Cells during Ovarian Atresia through Regulation of Autophagy and Macrophage Migration. Jean Wu, Colin Carlock, Cindy Zhou, Susumu Nakae, John Hicks, Henry P. Adams, and Yahuan Lou

mBio: March 2015
Stress Granules Regulate Double-Stranded RNA-Dependent Protein Kinase Activation through a Complex Containing G3BP1 and Caprin1. Lucas C. Reineke, Nancy Kedersha, Martijn A. Langereis, Frank J. M. van Kuppeveld, and Richard E. Lloyd

Molecular Biology of the Cell: March 2015
STIM2 regulates PKA-dependent phosphorylation and trafficking of AMPARs. Gisela Garcia-Alvarez, Bo Lu, Kenrick An Fu Yap, Loo Chin Wong, Jervis Vermal Thevathasan, Lynette Lim, Fang Ji, Kia Wee Tan, James J. Mancuso, Willcyn Tang, Shou Yu Poon, George J. Augustine, and Marc Fivaz

American Journal of Physiology Cell Physiology: April 2015
Upregulated expression of STIM2, TRPC6, and Orai2 contributes to the transition of pulmonary arterial smooth muscle cells from a contractile to proliferative phenotype. Ruby A. Fernandez, Jun Wan, Shanshan Song, Kimberly A. Smith, Yali Gu, Mohammad Tauseef, Haiyang Tang, Ayako Makino, Dolly Mehta, and Jason X.-J. Yuan

Molecular Systems Biology: May 2015
Fractional killing arises from cell-to-cell variability in overcoming a caspase activity threshold. Jérémie Roux, Marc Hafner, Samuel Bandara, Joshua J Sims, Hannah Hudson, Diana Chai, and Peter K Sorger

EMBO Molecular Medicine: June 2015
Fusion protein of retinol-binding protein and albumin domain III reduces liver fibrosis. Hongsik Lee, Hyeyeun Jeong, Sangeun Park, Wonbaek Yoo, Soyoung Choi, Kyungmin Choi, Min-Goo Lee, Mihwa Lee, DaeRyong Cha, Young-Sik Kim, Jeeyoung Han, Wonkon Kim, Sun-Hwa Park, and Junseo Oh

Journal of Leukocyte Biology: June 2015
Role for NOD2 in Mycobacterium tuberculosis-induced iNOS expression and NO production in human macrophages. Michelle B. Landes, Murugesan V. S. Rajaram, Huy Nguyen, and Larry S. Schlesinger

Physiological Reports: June 2015
Expression of calcium-buffering proteins in rat intrinsic laryngeal muscles. Renato Ferretti, Maria Julia Marques, Tejvir S. Khurana, and Humberto Santo Neto

PNAS: June 2015
A set of NF-{kappa}B–regulated microRNAs induces acquired TRAIL resistance in Lung cancer. Young-Jun Jeon, Justin Middleton, Taewan Kim, Alessandro Laganà, Claudia Piovan, Paola Secchiero, Gerard J. Nuovo, Ri Cui, Pooja Joshi, Giulia Romano, Gianpiero Di Leva, Bum-Kyu Lee, Hui-Lung Sun, Yonghwan Kim, Paolo Fadda, Hansjuerg Alder, Michela Garofalo, and Carlo M. Croce

Science Translational Medicine: June 2015
Regulator of G protein signaling 5 is a determinant of gestational hypertension and preeclampsia. Vasyl Holobotovskyy, Yee Seng Chong, Jennifer Burchell, Bo He, Michael Phillips, Leo Leader, Timothy V. Murphy, Shaun L. Sandow, Douglas J. McKitrick, Adrian K. Charles, Marianne Tare, Leonard F. Arnolda, and Ruth Ganss

American Journal of Physiology Endocrinology and Metabolism: July 2015
Mitochondrial transcription factor A regulation of mitochondrial degeneration in experimental diabetic neuropathy. Krish Chandrasekaran, Muragundla Anjaneyulu, Tatsuya Inoue, Joungil Choi, Avinash Rao Sagi, Chen Chen, Tamomi Ide, and James W. Russell

Journal Oncology: July 2015
TLR7 and TLR8 expresion increases tumor cell prliferation and promotes chemoresistance in human pancreatic cancer. Tanja Grimmig, Niels Matthes, Katharina Hoeland, Sudipta Tripathi, Anil Chandraker, Martin Grimm, Romana Monech, Eva-Maria Moll, Helmut Friess, Igor Tsaur, Roman A. Blaheta, Cristoph T. Germer, Ana Maria Waaga-Gasser, martin Gasser

Toxicological Sciences: July 2015
Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress and Store-Operated Calcium Entry Contribute to Usnic Acid-Induced Toxicity in Hepatic Cells. Si Chen, Zhuhong Zhang, Yuanfeng Wu, Qiang Shi, Hua Yan, Nan Mei, William H. Tolleson, and Lei Guo


Journal of Neurophysiology: January 2014
Targeted disruption of layer 4 during development increases GABAA receptor neurotransmission in the neocortex. J. Abbah, Maria F. M. Braga, and S. L. Juliano

The Journal of Biological Chemistry: January 2014
The c-FLIPL Cleavage Product p43FLIP Promotes Activation of Extracellular Signal-regulated Kinase (ERK), Nuclear Factor B (NF-B), and Caspase-8 and T Cell Survival. Andreas Koenig, Iwona A. Buskiewicz, Karen A. Fortner, Jennifer Q. Russell, Tomoko Asaoka, You-Wen He, Razqallah Hakem, John E. Eriksson, and Ralph C. Budd

Journal of Leukocyte Biology: January 2014
The tumor suppressor gene DAPK2 is induced by the myeloid transcription factors PU.1 and C/EBPα during granulocytic differentiation but repressed by PML-RARα in APL. Magali Humbert, Elena A. Federzoni, Adrian Britschgi, Anna M. Schläfli, Peter J. M. Valk, Thomas Kaufmann, Torsten Haferlach, Gerhard Behre, Hans-Uwe Simon, Bruce E. Torbett, Martin F. Fey, and Mario P. Tschan

Journal of Virology: January 2014
The Innate Immune Factor Apolipoprotein L1 Restricts HIV-1 Infection. Harry E. Taylor, Atanu K. Khatua, and Waldemar Popik

Applied and Environmental Microbiology: February 2014
Genetically Engineered Immunomodulatory Streptococcus thermophilus Strains Producing Antioxidant Enzymes Exhibit Enhanced Anti-Inflammatory Activities. Silvina del Carmen, Alejandra de Moreno de LeBlanc, Rebeca Martin, Florian Chain, Philippe Langella, Luis G. Bermúdez-Humarán, and Jean Guy LeBlanc

The Journal of Biological Chemistry: February 2014
GSK-3β Protein Phosphorylates and Stabilizes HLXB9 Protein in Insulinoma Cells to Form a Targetable Mechanism of Controlling Insulinoma Cell Proliferation. Shruti S. Desai, Sita D. Modali, Vaishali I. Parekh, Electron Kebebew, and Sunita K. Agarwal

The Journal of General Physiology: February 2014
Complex role of STIM1 in the activation of store-independent Orai1/3 channels. Xuexin Zhang, Wei Zhang, José C. González-Cobos, Isaac Jardin, Christoph Romanin, Khalid Matrougui, and Mohamed Trebak

The Journal of Immunology: February 2014
Generation of Multiple Fluid-Phase C3b:Plasma Protein Complexes during Complement Activation: Possible Implications in C3 Glomerulopathies. Mahalakshmi Ramadass, Berhane Ghebrehiwet, Richard J. Smith, and Richard R. Kew

PNAS: February 2014
Novel antiviral host factor, TNK1, regulates IFN signaling through serine phosphorylation of STAT1. Ee Lyn Ooi, Stephanie T. Chan, Noell E. Cho, Courtney Wilkins, Jessica Woodward, Meng Li, Ushio Kikkawa, Timothy Tellinghuisen, Michael Gale, Jr., and Takeshi Saito

Thorax: February 2014
Systemic but not topical TRAIL-expressing mesenchymal stem cells reduce tumour growth in malignant mesothelioma. Elizabeth K Sage, Krishna K Kolluri, Katrina McNulty, Sofia Da Silva Lourenco, Tammy L Kalber, Katherine L Ordidge, Derek Davies, Y C Gary Lee, Adam Giangreco, and Sam M Janes

Human Molecular Genetics: March 2014
Enhanced Ca2+ influx from STIM1–Orai1 induces muscle pathology in mouse models of muscular dystrophy. Sanjeewa A. Goonasekera, Jennifer Davis, Jennifer Q. Kwong, Federica Accornero, Lan Wei-LaPierre, Michelle A. Sargent, Robert T. Dirksen, and Jeffery D. Molkentin

The Journal of Molecular Endocrinology: March 2014
Opposite effects of 17-β estradiol and testosterone on mitochondrial biogenesis and adiponectin synthesis in white adipocytes. Gabriela Capllonch-Amer, Isabel Lladó, Ana M Proenza, Francisco J García-Palmer, and Magdalena Gianotti

American Journal of Physiology Heart and Circulatory Physiology: April 2014
Stromal interaction molecule 1 is essential for normal cardiac homeostasis through modulation of ER and mitochondrial function. Helen E. Collins, Lan He, Luyun Zou, Jing Qu, Lufang Zhou, Silvio H. Litovsky, Qinglin Yang, Martin E. Young, Richard B. Marchase, and John C. Chatham

The Journal of Physiology: April 2014
Kainate receptor subunit diversity underlying response diversity in retinal Off bipolar cells. Sarah H. Lindstrom, David G. Ryan, Jun Shi, and Steven H. DeVries

Acta Biochimica et Biophysica Sinica: May 2014
Characterization of a micro-roughened TiO2/ZrO2 coating: mechanical properties and HBMSC responses in vitro. Jiawen Si, Jianjun Zhang, Sha Liu, Wenbin Zhang, Dedong Yu, Xudong Wang, Lihe Guo, and Steve G.F. Shen

The Journal of Biological Chemistry: May 2014
The Cochaperone SGTA (Small Glutamine-rich Tetratricopeptide Repeat-containing Protein Alpha) Demonstrates Regulatory Specificity for the Androgen, Glucocorticoid, and Progesterone Receptors. Atanu Paul, Yenni A. Garcia, Bettina Zierer, Chaitanya Patwardhan, Omar Gutierrez, Zacariah Hildenbrand, Diondra C. Harris, Heather A. Balsiger, Jeffrey C. Sivils, Jill L. Johnson, Johannes Buchner, Ahmed Chadli, and Marc B. Cox

The Journal of Experiemental Medicine: May 2014
IFN- receptor 1 expression is induced in chronic hepatitis C and correlates with the IFN-3 genotype and with nonresponsiveness to IFN-α therapies. Francois H.T. Duong, Gaia Trincucci, Tujana Boldanova, Diego Calabrese, Benedetta Campana, Ilona Krol, Sarah C. Durand, Laura Heydmann, Mirjam B. Zeisel, Thomas F. Baumert, and Markus H. Heim

Molecular and Cellular Biology: May 2014
Deficiency of a Lipid Droplet Protein, Perilipin 5, Suppresses Myocardial Lipid Accumulation, Thereby Preventing Type 1 Diabetes-Induced Heart Malfunction. Kenta Kuramoto, Fumie Sakai, Nana Yoshinori, Tomoe Y. Nakamura, Shigeo Wakabayashi, Tomoko Kojidani, Tokuko Haraguchi, Fumiko Hirose, and Takashi Osumi

PNAS: May 2014
Caspase-8 and RIP kinases regulate bacteria-induced innate immune responses and cell death. Dan Weng, Robyn Marty-Roix, Sandhya Ganesan, Megan K. Proulx, Gregory I. Vladimer, William J. Kaiser, Edward S. Mocarski, Kimberly Pouliot, Francis Ka-Ming Chan, Michelle A. Kelliher, Phillip A. Harris, John Bertin, Peter J. Gough, Dmitry M. Shayakhmetov, Jon D. Goguen, Katherine A. Fitzgerald, Neal Silverman, and Egil Lien

Blood: June 2014
Evaluation of bendamustine in combination with fludarabine in primary chronic lymphocytic leukemia cells. Amal A. El-Mabhouh, Mary L. Ayres, Elizabeth J. Shpall, Veerabhadran Baladandayuthapani, Michael J. Keating, William G. Wierda, and Varsha Gandhi

The Journal of Immunology: June 2014
Cathepsins Limit Macrophage Necroptosis through Cleavage of Rip1 Kinase. Scott McComb, Bojan Shutinoski, Susan Thurston, Erin Cessford, Kriti Kumar, and Subash Sad

The Journal of Pharmacology: June 2014
Potassium 2-(1-Hydroxypentyl)-Benzoate Improves Memory Deficits and Attenuates Amyloid and Pathologies in a Mouse Model of Alzheimer's Disease. Ying Peng, Yanli Hu, Shaofeng Xu, Xianfang Rong, Jiang Li, PingPing Li, Ling Wang, Jinghua Yang, and Xiaoliang Wang

The Journal of Physiology: June 2014
Constitutive phosphorylation of myosin phosphatase targeting subunit-1 in smooth muscle. Ming-Ho Tsai, Audrey N. Chang, Jian Huang, Weiqi He, H. Lee Sweeney, Minsheng Zhu, Kristine E. Kamm, and James T. Stull

The Journal of Physiology: June 2014
Native store-operated calcium channels are functionally expressed in mouse spinal cord dorsal horn neurons and regulate resting calcium homeostasis. Jingsheng Xia, Rong Pan, Xinghua Gao, Olimpia Meucci, and Huijuan Hu

Science Signaling: June 2014
T Cell Receptor–Dependent Activation of mTOR Signaling in T Cells Is Mediated by Carma1 and MALT1, But Not Bcl10. Kristia S. Hamilton, Binh Phong, Catherine Corey, Jing Cheng, Balachandra Gorentla, Xiaoping Zhong, Sruti Shiva, and Lawrence P. Kane

The Journal of Immunology: July 2014
Unique Temporal and Spatial Expression Patterns of IL-33 in Ovaries during Ovulation and Estrous Cycle Are Associated with Ovarian Tissue Homeostasis. Colin I. Carlock, Jean Wu, Cindy Zhou, Kiana Tatum, Henry P. Adams, Filemon Tan, and Yahuan Lou

The Journal of Neuroscience: July 2014
Downregulation of miR-23a and miR-27a following Experimental Traumatic Brain Injury Induces Neuronal Cell Death through Activation of Proapoptotic Bcl-2 Proteins. Boris Sabirzhanov, Zaorui Zhao, Bogdan A. Stoica, David J. Loane, Junfang Wu, Carlos Borroto, Susan G. Dorsey, and Alan I. Faden

American Journal of Physiology Heart and Circulatory Physiology: August 2014
High-fat, low-carbohydrate diet promotes arrhythmic death and increases myocardial ischemia-reperfusion injury in rats. Jian Liu, Peipei Wang, Luyun Zou, Jing Qu, Silvio Litovsky, Patrick Umeda, Lufang Zhou, John Chatham, Susan A. Marsh, Louis J. Dell'Italia, and Steven G. Lloyd

The Journal of Biological Chemistry: August 2014
Role of Activating Transcription Factor 3 (ATF3) in Endoplasmic Reticulum (ER) Stress-induced Sensitization of p53-deficient Human Colon Cancer Cells to Tumor Necrosis Factor (TNF)-related Apoptosis-inducing Ligand (TRAIL)-mediated Apoptosis through Up-regulation of Death Receptor 5 (DR5) by Zerumbone and Celecoxib. Makoto Edagawa, Junya Kawauchi, Manabu Hirata, Hiroto Goshima, Makoto Inoue, Tatsuro Okamoto, Akira Murakami, Yoshihiko Maehara, and Shigetaka Kitajima

The Journal of Biological Chemistry: August 2014
Fatty Acid-binding Protein 4, a Point of Convergence for Angiogenic and Metabolic Signaling Pathways in Endothelial Cells. Ulrike Harjes, Esther Bridges, Alan McIntyre, Barbara A. Fielding, and Adrian L. Harris

PNAS: August 2014
Type-I interferon signaling through ISGF3 complex is required for sustained Rip3 activation and necroptosis in macrophages. Scott McComb, Erin Cessford, Norah A. Alturki, Julie Joseph, Bojan Shutinoski, Justyna B. Startek, Ana M. Gamero, Karen L. Mossman, and Subash Sad

Cerebral Cortex: September 2014
Altered Migratory Behavior of Interneurons in a Model of Cortical Dysplasia: The Influence of Elevated GABAA Activity. J. Abbah and S. L. Juliano

Human Molecular Genetics: September 2014
The adipocyte differentiation protein APMAP is an endogenous suppressor of Aβ production in the brain. Sebastien Mosser, Jean-René Alattia, Mitko Dimitrov, Alexandre Matz, Justine Pascual, Bernard L. Schneider, and Patrick C. Fraering

Infection and Immunity: October 2014
Staphylococcal Esx Proteins Modulate Apoptosis and Release of Intracellular Staphylococcus aureus during Infection in Epithelial Cells. Charalampia G. Korea, Giuliana Balsamo, Alfredo Pezzicoli, Christina Merakou, Simona Tavarini, Fabio Bagnoli, Davide Serruto, and Meera Unnikrishnan

Physiological Reports: October 2014
Higher PLIN5 but not PLIN3 content in isolated skeletal muscle mitochondria following acute in vivo contraction in rat hindlimb. Sofhia V. Ramos, Rebecca E. K. MacPherson, Patrick C. Turnbull, Kirsten N. Bott, Paul LeBlanc, Wendy E. Ward, and Sandra J. Peters

PNAS: October 2014
Direct activation of RIP3/MLKL-dependent necrosis by herpes simplex virus 1 (HSV-1) protein ICP6 triggers host antiviral defense. Xing Wang, Yun Li, Shan Liu, Xiaoliang Yu, Lin Li, Cuilin Shi, Wenhui He, Jun Li, Lei Xu, Zhilin Hu, Lu Yu, Zhongxu Yang, Qin Chen, Lin Ge, Zili Zhang, Biqi Zhou, Xuejun Jiang, She Chen, and Sudan He

mBio: November 2014
Noncanonical G-Protein-Dependent Modulation of Osteoclast Differentiation and Bone Resorption Mediated by Pasteurella multocidaToxin. Julia Strack, Hannah Heni, Ralf Gilsbach, Lutz Hein, Klaus Aktories, and Joachim H. C. Orth

Journal of Clinical Microbiology: December 2014
A Highly Sensitive Europium Nanoparticle-Based Immunoassay for Detection of Influenza A/B Virus Antigen in Clinical Specimens. Panhe Zhang, Sai Vikram Vemula, Jiangqin Zhao, Bingchen Du, Haleyurgirisetty Mohan, Jikun Liu, Haja Sittana El Mubarak, Marie L. Landry, and Indira Hewlett

Journal of Histochemistry & Cytochemistry: December 2014
Expression of ORAI1, a Plasma Membrane Resident Subunit of the CRAC Channel, in Rodent and Non-rodent Species. Roberto Guzman, Eliane G. Valente, Jim Pretorius, Efrain Pacheco, Meiying Qi, Brian D. Bennett, David H. Fong, Fen-Fen Lin, Vivian Bi, and Helen J. McBride

mBio: December 2014
ADP-Ribosylation of NLRP3 by Mycoplasma pneumoniae CARDS Toxin Regulates Inflammasome Activity. Santanu Bose, Jesus A. Segovia, Sudha R. Somarajan, Te-Hung Chang, T. R. Kannan, and Joel B. Baseman

Neurology: December 2014
Homozygous splice mutation in CWF19L1 in a Turkish family with recessive ataxia syndrome. Randi Burns, Karen Majczenko, Jishu Xu, Weiping Peng, Zuhal Yapici, James J. Dowling, Jun Z. Li, and Margit Burmeister


The FASEB Journal: January 2013
Orai3 is an estrogen receptor α-regulated Ca2+ channel that promotes tumorigenesis. Rajender K. Motiani, Xuexin Zhang, Kelly E. Harmon, Rebecca S. Keller, Khalid Matrougui, James A. Bennett, and Mohamed Trebak

Journal of Cell Science: January 2013
Role of STIM1- and Orai1-mediated Ca2+ entry in Ca2+-induced epidermal keratinocyte differentiation. Takuro Numaga-Tomita and James W. Putney

Journal of Virology: January 2013
The Compensatory G88R Change Is Essential in Restoring the Normal Functions of Influenza A/WSN/33 Virus Matrix Protein 1 with a Disrupted Nuclear Localization Signal. Hang Xie, Zhengshi Lin, Philip D. Mosier, Umesh R. Desai, and Yamei Gao

Molecular and Cellular Biology: January 2013
A Quantitative Signaling Screen Identifies CARD11 Mutations in the CARD and LATCH Domains That Induce Bcl10 Ubiquitination and Human Lymphoma Cell Survival. Waipan Chan, Thomas B. Schaffer, and Joel L. Pomerantz

Annals of Oncology: February 2013
ADAM-17: a novel therapeutic target for triple negative breast cancer. W. McDermott, J. Crown, N. O'Donovan, and M. J. Duffy

Brain: February 2013
CHOP regulates the p53–MDM2 axis and is required for neuronal survival after seizures. Tobias Engel, Amaya Sanz-Rodgriguez, Eva M. Jimenez-Mateos, Caoimhin G. Concannon, Alba Jimenez-Pacheco, Catherine Moran, Guillaume Mesuret, Emilie Petit, Norman Delanty, Michael A. Farrell, Donncha F. O’Brien, Jochen H. M. Prehn, Jose J. Lucas, and David C. Henshall

The Journal of Biological Chemistry: February 2013
(R)-β-Lysine-modified Elongation Factor P Functions in Translation Elongation. Tammy J. Bullwinkle, S. Betty Zou, Andrei Rajkovic, Steven J. Hersch, Sara Elgamal, Nathaniel Robinson, David Smil, Yuri Bolshan, William Wiley Navarre, and Michael Ibba

The Journal of Immunology: February 2013
Biphasic RLR–IFN-β Response Controls the Balance between Antiviral Immunity and Cell Damage. Sun-Young Hwang, Kye-Yeon Hur, Jeong-Rae Kim, Kwang-Hyun Cho, Seung-Hwan Kim, and Joo-Yeon Yoo

mBio: February 2013
Kdo Hydrolase Is Required for Francisella tularensis Virulence and Evasion of TLR2-Mediated Innate Immunity. Nihal A. Okan, Sabina Chalabaev, Tae-Hyun Kim, Avner Fink, Robin A. Ross, and Dennis L. Kasper

Molecular & Cellular Proteomics: February 2013
Proteomic Analysis of Temporally Stimulated Ovarian Cancer Cells for Biomarker Discovery. Mark A. Marzinke, Caitlin H. Choi, Li Chen, Ie-Ming Shih, Daniel W. Chan, and Hui Zhang

Nucleic Acids Research: February 2013
USP7S-dependent inactivation of Mule regulates DNA damage signalling and repair. Svetlana V. Khoronenkova and Grigory L. Dianov

American Journal of Physiology Cell Physiology: March 2013
Expression of conventional and novel glucose transporters, GLUT1, -9, -10, and -12, in vascular smooth muscle cells. Rajkumar Pyla, Ninu Poulose, John Y. Jun, and Lakshman Segar

Cancer Research: March 2013
mTOR Complex 2 Is Involved in Regulation of Cbl-Dependent c-FLIP Degradation and Sensitivity of TRAIL-Induced Apoptosis. Liqun Zhao, Ping Yue, Fadlo R. Khuri, and Shi-Yong Sun

Clinical Cancer Research: March 2013
Antagonist Antibodies to PD-1 and B7-H1 (PD-L1) in the Treatment of Advanced Human Cancer. Mario Sznol and Lieping Chen

Human Molecular Genetics: March 2013
Hedgehog regulates Norrie disease protein to drive neural progenitor self-renewal. Brian McNeill, Chantal Mazerolle, Erin A. Bassett, Alan J. Mears, Randy Ringuette, Pamela Lagali, David J. Picketts, Kim Paes, Dennis Rice, and Valerie A. Wallace

Molecular and Cellular Biology: March 2013
The Phosphatase-Transcription Activator EYA1 Is Targeted by Anaphase-Promoting Complex/Cdh1 for Degradation at M-to-G1 Transition. Jianbo Sun, Zoi Karoulia, Elaine Y. M. Wong, Mohi Ahmed, Keiji Itoh, and Pin-Xian Xu

PNAS: March 2013
Slitrks control excitatory and inhibitory synapse formation with LAR receptor protein tyrosine phosphatases. Yeong Shin Yim, Younghee Kwon, Jungyong Nam, Hong In Yoon, Kangduk Lee, Dong Goo Kim, Eunjoon Kim, Chul Hoon Kim, and Jaewon Ko

PNAS: March 2013
Reactive astrocytes secrete lcn2 to promote neuron death. Fangfang Bi, Cao Huang, Jianbin Tong, Guang Qiu, Bo Huang, Qinxue Wu, Fang Li, Zuoshang Xu, Robert Bowser, Xu-Gang Xia, and Hongxia Zhou

American Journal of Physiology Regulatory, Integrative and Comparative Physiology: April 2013
Skeletal muscle PLIN proteins, ATGL and CGI-58, interactions at rest and following stimulated contraction. Rebecca E. K. MacPherson, Sofhia V. Ramos, Rene Vandenboom, Brian D. Roy, and Sandra J. Peters

Cerebral Cortex: April 2013
Altered Migratory Behavior of Interneurons in a Model of Cortical Dysplasia: The Influence of Elevated GABAA Activity. J. Abbah and S. L. Juliano

The FASEB Journal: April 2013
High-density lipoproteins suppress chemokine expression and proliferation in human vascular smooth muscle cells. Emiel P. C. van der Vorst, Laura Z. Vanags, Louise L. Dunn, Hamish C. Prosser, Kerry-Anne Rye, and Christina A. Bursill

PNAS: April 2013
Parkinson-susceptibility gene DJ-1/PARK7 protects the murine heart from oxidative damage in vivo. Filio Billia, Ludger Hauck, Daniela Grothe, Filip Konecny, Vivek Rao, Raymond H. Kim, and Tak W. Mak

Science Signaling: April 2013
Inositol Polyphosphate Multikinase Is a Coactivator of p53-Mediated Transcription and Cell Death. Risheng Xu, Nilkantha Sen, Bindu D. Paul, Adele M. Snowman, Feng Rao, M. Scott Vandiver, Jing Xu, and Solomon H. Snyder

The Journal of Biological Chemistry: May 2013
Inhibition of HIV-1 Transcription and Replication by a Newly Identified Cyclin T1 Splice Variant. Guozhen Gao, Xiaoyun Wu, Jieqiong Zhou, Mingfeng He, Johnny J. He, and Deyin Guo

The Journal of Neuroscience: May 2013
Specific Acetylation of p53 by HDAC Inhibition Prevents DNA Damage-Induced Apoptosis in Neurons. Camille Brochier, Gretel Dennis, Mark A. Rivieccio, Kathryn McLaughlin, Giovanni Coppola, Rajiv R. Ratan, and Brett Langley

Molecular Biology of the Cell: May 2013
Ca2+ influx and the store-operated Ca2+ entry pathway undergo regulation during mouse oocyte maturation. Banyoon Cheon, Hoi-Chang Lee, Takuya Wakai, and Rafael A. Fissore

Science Signaling: May 2013
A Network of Substrates of the E3 Ubiquitin Ligases MDM2 and HUWE1 Control Apoptosis Independently of p53. Manabu Kurokawa, Jiyeon Kim, Joseph Geradts, Kenkyo Matsuura, Liu Liu, Xu Ran, Wenle Xia, Thomas J. Ribar, Ricardo Henao, Mark W. Dewhirst, Wun-Jae Kim, Joseph E. Lucas, Shaomeng Wang, Neil L. Spector, and Sally Kornbluth

American Journal of Physiology Cell Physiology: June 2013
Histidine triad nucleotide-binding protein 1 (HINT1) regulates Ca2+ signaling in mouse fibroblasts and neuronal cells via store-operated Ca2+ entry pathway. Cristina I. Linde, Bo Feng, Jia Bei Wang, and Vera A. Golovina

The Journal of Biological Chemistry: June 2013
FOXO3 Growth Inhibition of Colonic Cells Is Dependent on Intraepithelial Lipid Droplet Density. Wentao Qi, Philip S. Fitchev, Mona L. Cornwell, Jordan Greenberg, Maleen Cabe, Christopher R. Weber, Hemant K. Roy, Susan E. Crawford, and Suzana D. Savkovic

The Journal of Immunology: June 2013
Genome-wide Analysis of Immune System Genes by Expressed Sequence Tag Profiling. Cosmas C. Giallourakis, Yair Benita, Benoit Molinie, Zhifang Cao, Orion Despo, Henry E. Pratt, Lawrence R. Zukerberg, Mark J. Daly, John D. Rioux, and Ramnik J. Xavier

Journal of Biomolecular Screening: July 2013
A High-Throughput Cell-Based Gaussia Luciferase Reporter Assay for Identifying Modulators of Fibulin-3 Secretion. John D. Hulleman, Steven J. Brown, Hugh Rosen, and Jeffery W. Kelly

The Journal of Biological Chemistry: July 2013
Inactivation of Ceramide Synthase 6 in Mice Results in an Altered Sphingolipid Metabolism and Behavioral Abnormalities. Philipp Ebel, Katharina vom Dorp, Elisabeth Petrasch-Parwez, Armin Zlomuzica, Kiyoka Kinugawa, Jean Mariani, David Minich, Christina Ginkel, Jochen Welcker, Joachim Degen, Matthias Eckhardt, Ekrem Dere, Peter Dörmann, and Klaus Willecke

Journal of Cell Science: July 2013
Phosphorylation of STIM1 at ERK1/2 target sites regulates interaction with the microtubule plus-end binding protein EB1. Eulalia Pozo-Guisado, Vanessa Casas-Rua, Patricia Tomas-Martin, Aida M. Lopez-Guerrero, Alberto Alvarez-Barrientos, and Francisco Javier Martin-Romero

The Journal of Physiology: July 2013
Molecular basis of activation of the arachidonate-regulated Ca2+ (ARC) channel, a store-independent Orai channel, by plasma membrane STIM1. Jill L. Thompson and Trevor J. Shuttleworth

Journal of Virology: July 2013
The CD225 Domain of IFITM3 Is Required for both IFITM Protein Association and Inhibition of Influenza A Virus and Dengue Virus Replication. Sinu P. John, Christopher R. Chin, Jill M. Perreira, Eric M. Feeley, Aaron M. Aker, George Savidis, Sarah E. Smith, Andrew E. H. Elia, Aaron R. Everitt, Mehul Vora, Thomas Pertel, Stephen J. Elledge, Paul Kellam, and Abraham L. Brass

Clinical Cancer Research: August 2013
Contribution of Abcc4-Mediated Gastric Transport to the Absorption and Efficacy of Dasatinib. Brian D. Furmanski, Shuiying Hu, Ken-ichi Fujita, Lie Li, Alice A. Gibson, Laura J. Janke, Richard T. Williams, John D. Schuetz, Alex Sparreboom, and Sharyn D. Baker

Clinical Cancer Research: August 2013
Nimbolide, a Limonoid Triterpene, Inhibits Growth of Human Colorectal Cancer Xenografts by Suppressing the Proinflammatory Microenvironment. Subash C. Gupta, Sahdeo Prasad, Dhanya R. Sethumadhavan, Mangalam S. Nair, Yin-Yuan Mo, and Bharat B. Aggarwal

Journal of The Royal Society Interface: August 2013
Microfluidic one-step synthesis of alginate microspheres immobilized with antibodies. Wanyu Chen, Jong-Hoon Kim, Di Zhang, Kyong-Hoon Lee, G. A. Cangelosi, S. D. Soelberg, C. E. Furlong, Jae-Hyun Chung, and Amy Q. Shen

The Journal of Immunology: August 2013
B Cell–Specific Deficiencies in mTOR Limit Humoral Immune Responses. Shuling Zhang, Margaret Pruitt, Dena Tran, Wendy Du Bois, Ke Zhang, Rushi Patel, Shelley Hoover, R. Mark Simpson, John Simmons, Joy Gary, Clifford M. Snapper, Rafael Casellas, and Beverly A. Mock

PNAS: August 2013
Translational profiling of cardiomyocytes identifies an early Jak1/Stat3 injury response required for zebrafish heart regeneration. Yi Fang, Vikas Gupta, Ravi Karra, Jennifer E. Holdway, Kazu Kikuchi, and Kenneth D. Poss

PNAS: August 2013
Interferon-induced RIP1/RIP3-mediated necrosis requires PKR and is licensed by FADD and caspases. Roshan J. Thapa, Shoko Nogusa, Peirong Chen, Jenny L. Maki, Anthony Lerro, Mark Andrake, Glenn F. Rall, Alexei Degterev, and Siddharth Balachandran

Science Signaling: August 2013
The Tyrosine Kinase Syk Differentially Regulates Toll-like Receptor Signaling Downstream of the Adaptor Molecules TRAF6 and TRAF3. Ying-Cing Lin, Duen-Yi Huang, Ching-Liang Chu, Yi-Ling Lin, and Wan-Wan Lin

Clinical Cancer Research: September 2013
PARP-1 Regulates Resistance of Pancreatic Cancer to TRAIL Therapy. Kaiyu Yuan, Yong Sun, Tong Zhou, Jay McDonald, and Yabing Chen

Human Molecular Genetics: September 2013
A novel function of Ataxin-1 in the modulation of PP2A activity is dysregulated in the spinocerebellar ataxia type 1. Ivelisse Sánchez, Patricia Piñol, Marc Corral-Juan, Massimo Pandolfo, and Antoni Matilla-Dueñas

Physiological Reports: September 2013
Skeletal muscle PLIN3 and PLIN5 are serine phosphorylated at rest and following lipolysis during adrenergic or contractile stimulation. Rebecca E. K. MacPherson, Rene Vandenboom, Brian D. Roy, and Sandra J. Peters

PNAS: September 2013
Mouse model implicates GNB3 duplication in a childhood obesity syndrome. Ian S. Goldlust, Karen E. Hermetz, Lisa M. Catalano, Richard T. Barfield, Rebecca Cozad, Grace Wynn, Alev Cagla Ozdemir, Karen N. Conneely, Jennifer G. Mulle, Shikha Dharamrup, Madhuri R. Hegde, Katherine H. Kim, Brad Angle, Alison Colley, Amy E. Webb, Erik C. Thorland, Jay W. Ellison, Jill A. Rosenfeld, Blake C. Ballif, Lisa G. Shaffer, Laurie A. Demmer, Unique Rare Chromosome Disorder Support Group, and M. Katharine Rudd

Science Signaling: September 2013
The Endoplasmic Reticulum Acts as a Platform for Ubiquitylated Components of Nuclear Factor B Signaling. Catherine Alexia, Konstantinos Poalas, Gabrielle Carvalho, Naima Zemirli, Julie Dwyer, Sonia M. Dubois, Emeline M. Hatchi, Nelia Cordeiro, Sherri S. Smith, Céline Castanier, Armelle Le Guelte, Liling Wan, Yibin Kang, Aimé Vazquez, Julie Gavard, Damien Arnoult, and Nicolas Bidère

Journal of Leukocyte Biology: October 2013
Nucleotide receptor P2RX7 stimulation enhances LPS-induced interferon-β production in murine macrophages. M. L. Gavala, Y.-P. Liu, L. Y. Lenertz, L. Zeng, J. B. Blanchette, A. G. Guadarrama, L. C. Denlinger, P. J. Bertics, and J. A. Smith

Glycobiology: November 2013
Systemic alteration of cell-surface and secreted glycoprotein expression in malignant breast cancer cell lines. Leslie C Timpe, Roger Yen, Nicole V Haste, Christina Litsakos-Cheung, Ten-Yang Yen, and Bruce A Macher

The Journal of Biological Chemistry: November 2013
Azadirone, a Limonoid Tetranortriterpene, Induces Death Receptors and Sensitizes Human Cancer Cells to Tumor Necrosis Factor-related Apoptosis-inducing Ligand (TRAIL) through a p53 Protein-independent Mechanism: EVIDENCE FOR THE ROLE OF THE ROS-ERK-CHOP-DEATH RECEPTOR PATHWAY. Subash C. Gupta, Sajin K. Francis, Mangalam S. Nair, Yin-Yuan Mo, and Bharat B. Aggarwal

The Journal of Biological Chemistry: November 2013
Activated Cdc42-associated Kinase 1 (Ack1) Is Required for Tumor Necrosis Factor-related Apoptosis-inducing Ligand (TRAIL) Receptor Recruitment to Lipid Rafts and Induction of Cell Death. Emma Linderoth, Giulia Pilia, Nupam P. Mahajan, and Ingvar Ferby

The Journal of Biological Chemistry: November 2013
Inositol 1,4,5-Trisphosphate (IP3) Receptor Up-regulation in Hypertension Is Associated with Sensitization of Ca2+ Release and Vascular Smooth Muscle Contractility. Haissam Abou-Saleh, Asif R. Pathan, Arwa Daalis, Satanay Hubrack, Hamda Abou-Jassoum, Hamda Al-Naeimi, Nancy J. Rusch, and Khaled Machaca

Journal of Cell Science: November 2013
Pin1 acts as a negative regulator of the G2/M transition by interacting with the Aurora-A–Bora complex. Yu-Cheng Lee, Jenny Que, Yu-Chia Chen, Jen-Tai Lin, Yih-Cherng Liou, Po-Chi Liao, Yu-Peng Liu, Kuen-Haur Lee, Li-Ching Lin, Michael Hsiao, Liang-Yi Hung, Chi-Ying Huang, and Pei-Jung Lu

American Journal of Physiology: December 2013
Effect of acute acid-base disturbances on ErbB1/2 tyrosine phosphorylation in rabbit renal proximal tubules. Lara A. Skelton and Walter F. Boron

The Journal of Neuroscience: December 2013
FAIM-L Is an IAP-Binding Protein That Inhibits XIAP Ubiquitinylation and Protects from Fas-Induced Apoptosis. Rana S. Moubarak, Laura Planells-Ferrer, Jorge Urresti, Stéphanie Reix, Miguel F. Segura, Paulina Carriba, Fernando Marqués-Fernàndez, Carme Sole, Nuria Llecha-Cano, Joaquin Lopez-Soriano, Daniel Sanchis, Victor J. Yuste, and Joan X. Comella

Rheumatology: December 2013
IL-22/IL-22R1 axis and S100A8/A9 alarmins in human osteoarthritic and rheumatoid arthritis synovial fibroblasts. Mar Carrión, Yasmina Juarranz, Carmen Martínez, Isidoro González-Álvaro, José L. Pablos, Irene Gutiérrez-Cañas, and Rosa P. Gomariz


American Journal of Physiology Cell Physiology: January 2012
PDGF enhances store-operated Ca2+ entry by upregulating STIM1/Orai1 via activation of Akt/mTOR in human pulmonary arterial smooth muscle cells. Aiko Ogawa, Amy L. Firth, Kimberly A. Smith, Mary V. Maliakal, and Jason X.-J. Yuan

Blood: January 2012
Dual mTORC1/mTORC2 inhibition diminishes Akt activation and induces Puma-dependent apoptosis in lymphoid malignancies. Mamta Gupta, Andrea E. Wahner Hendrickson, Seong Seok Yun, Jing Jing Han, Paula A. Schneider, Brian D. Koh, Mary J. Stenson, Linda E. Wellik, Jennifer C. Shing, Kevin L. Peterson, Karen S. Flatten, Allan D. Hess, B. Douglas Smith, Judith E. Karp, Sharon Barr, Thomas E. Witzig, and Scott H. Kaufmann

Development: January 2012
Basolateral rather than apical primary cilia on neuroepithelial cells committed to delamination. Michaela Wilsch-Bräuninger, Jula Peters, Judith T. M. L. Paridaen, and Wieland B. Huttner

Journal of Bacteriology: January 2012
Loss of Elongation Factor P Disrupts Bacterial Outer Membrane Integrity. S. Betty Zou, Steven J. Hersch, Hervé Roy, J. Brad Wiggers, Andrea S. Leung, Stephen Buranyi, Jinglin Lucy Xie, Kiley Dare, Michael Ibba, and William Wiley Navarre

The Journal of Biological Chemistry: January 2012
Wogonin and Related Natural Flavones Overcome Tumor Necrosis Factor-related Apoptosis-inducing Ligand (TRAIL) Protein Resistance of Tumors by Down-regulation of c-FLIP Protein and Up-regulation of TRAIL Receptor 2 Expression. Jie Ding, Gernot Polier, Rebecca Köhler, Marco Giaisi, Peter H. Krammer, and Min Li-Weber

Journal of Virology: January 2012
134.5 Herpes Simplex Viruses Encoding Human Cytomegalovirus IRS1 or TRS1 Induce Interferon Regulatory Factor 3 Phosphorylation and an Interferon-Stimulated Gene Response. Kevin A. Cassady, Ute Saunders, and Masako Shimamura

Molecular Cancer Research: January 2012
WEE1 Inhibition Sensitizes Basal Breast Cancer Cells to TRAIL-Induced Apoptosis. Sireesha V. Garimella, Andrea Rocca, and Stanley Lipkowitz

PNAS: January 2012
TANK-binding kinase 1 (TBK1) controls cell survival through PAI-2/serpinB2 and transglutaminase 2. Mireille Delhase, Soo-Youl Kim, Ho Lee, Aya Naiki-Ito, Yi Chen, Eu-Ree Ahn, Kazuhiro Murata, Se-Jin Kim, Norman Lautsch, Koichi S. Kobayashi, Tomoyuki Shirai, Michael Karin, and Makoto Nakanishi

The Journal of Immunology: February 2012
Intestinal Epithelial Cell-Derived Semaphorin 7A Negatively Regulates Development of Colitis via αvβ1 Integrin. Sujin Kang, Tatsusada Okuno, Noriko Takegahara, Hyota Takamatsu, Satoshi Nojima, Tetsuya Kimura, Yuji Yoshida, Daisuke Ito, Saori Ohmae, Dong-Ju You, Toshihiko Toyofuku, Myoung Ho Jang, and Atsushi Kumanogoh

PNAS: February 2012
Sensitization of BCL-2–expressing breast tumors to chemotherapy by the BH3 mimetic ABT-737. Samantha R. Oakes, François Vaillant, Elgene Lim, Lily Lee, Kelsey Breslin, Frank Feleppa, Siddhartha Deb, Matthew E. Ritchie, Elena Takano, Teresa Ward, Stephen B. Fox, Daniele Generali, Gordon K. Smyth, Andreas Strasser, David C. S. Huang, Jane E. Visvader, and Geoffrey J. Lindeman

American Journal of Physiology Gastrointestinal and Liver Physiology: March 2012
Comparison of effects of a selective 5-HT reuptake inhibitor versus a 5-HT4 receptor agonist on in vivo neurogenesis at the rectal anastomosis in rats. Isao Kawahara, Hiroki Kuniyasu, Hiroko Matsuyoshi, Kei Goto, Koji Obata, Hiromi Misawa, Hisao Fujii, and Miyako Takaki

Blood: March 2012
Heme induces programmed necrosis on macrophages through autocrine TNF and ROS production. Guilherme B. Fortes, Leticia S. Alves, Rosane de Oliveira, Fabianno F. Dutra, Danielle Rodrigues, Patricia L. Fernandez, Thais Souto-Padron, María José De Rosa, Michelle Kelliher, Douglas Golenbock, Francis K. M. Chan, and Marcelo T. Bozza

Blood: March 2012
Novel myeloma-associated antigens revealed in the context of syngeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation. Melinda A. Biernacki, Yu-tzu Tai, Guang Lan Zhang, Anselmo Alonso, Wandi Zhang, Rao Prabhala, Li Zhang, Nikhil Munshi, Donna Neuberg, Robert J. Soiffer, Jerome Ritz, Edwin P. Alyea, Vladimir Brusic, Kenneth C. Anderson, and Catherine J. Wu

Clinical Science: March 2012
STIM1/ORAI1 Contributes to Sex Differences in Vascular Respnses to Calcium in Spontaneously Hypertensive Rats. Fernanda R. C. Giachini, Victor V. Lima, Fernando P. Filgueiras, Anne M. Dorrance, Maria Helena C Carvalhos, Zuleica B. Fortes, R. Clinton WBB, Rita T Tostes

Nucleic Acids Research: March 2012
5'-Triphosphate-RNA-independent activation of RIG-I via RNA aptamer with enhanced antiviral activity. Sun-Young Hwang, Hwa-Young Sun, Kwang-Hoon Lee, Byung-Ha Oh, Yu Jin Cha, Byeang Hyean Kim, and Joo-Yeon Yoo

Science Translational Medicine: March 2012
Colocalization of Inflammatory Response with B7-H1 Expression in Human Melanocytic Lesions Supports an Adaptive Resistance Mechanism of Immune Escape. Janis M. Taube, Robert A. Anders, Geoffrey D. Young, Haiying Xu, Rajni Sharma, Tracee L. McMiller, Shuming Chen, Alison P. Klein, Drew M. Pardoll, Suzanne L. Topalian, and Lieping Chen

American Journal of Physiology Gastrointestinal and Liver Physiology: April 2012
The decreased expression of Beclin-1 correlates with progression to esophageal adenocarcinoma: the role of deoxycholic acid. Heather B. Roesly, Mohammad R. Khan, Hwu Dau Rw Chen, Kimberly A. Hill, Nirushan Narendran, George S. Watts, Xiaoxin Chen, and Katerina Dvorak

American Journal of Physiology Heart and Circulatory Physiology: April 2012
Vena cava and aortic smooth muscle cells express transglutaminases 1 and 4 in addition to transglutaminase 2. Kyle B. Johnson, Humphrey Petersen-Jones, Janice M. Thompson, Kiyotaka Hitomi, Miho Itoh, Erik N. T. P. Bakker, Gail V. W. Johnson, Gozde Colak, and Stephanie W. Watts

Cancer Prevention Research: April 2012
The Novel Akt Inhibitor API-1 Induces c-FLIP Degradation and Synergizes with TRAIL to Augment Apoptosis Independent of Akt Inhibition. Bo Li, Hui Ren, Ping Yue, Mingwei Chen, Fadlo R. Khuri, and Shi-Yong Sun

The Journal of Biological Chemistry: April 2012
Induction of Autophagy by Palmitic Acid via Protein Kinase C-mediated Signaling Pathway Independent of mTOR (Mammalian Target of Rapamycin). Shi Hao Tan, Guanghou Shui, Jing Zhou, Jasmine Jia'En Li, Boon-Huat Bay, Markus R. Wenk, and Han-Ming Shen

The Journal of Biological Chemistry: April 2012
Disabled-2 Protein Facilitates Assembly Polypeptide-2-independent Recruitment of Cystic Fibrosis Transmembrane Conductance Regulator to Endocytic Vesicles in Polarized Human Airway Epithelial Cells. Kristine M. Cihil, Philipp Ellinger, Abigail Fellows, Donna Beer Stolz, Dean R. Madden, and Agnieszka Swiatecka-Urban

Molecular Biology of the Cell: April 2012
Phosphorylation of Stim1 at serine 575 via netrin-2/Cdo–activated ERK1/2 is critical for the promyogenic function of Stim1. Hye-Jin Lee, Gyu-Un Bae, Young-Eun Leem, Hyun-Kyung Choi, Tong Mook Kang, Hana Cho, Seong-Tae Kim, and Jong-Sun Kang

Molecular Human Reproduction: April 2012
Calcium signaling in mouse oocyte maturation: the roles of STIM1, ORAI1 and SOCE. Carolina Gómez-Fernández, Aida M. López-Guerrero, Eulalia Pozo-Guisado, Ignacio S. Álvarez, and Francisco Javier Martín-Romero

Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases: May 2012
Impact of IL-1 signalling on experimental uveitis and arthritis. Stephen R Planck, April Woods, Jenna S Clowers, Martin J Nicklin, James T Rosenbaum, and Holly L Rosenzweig

Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases: May 2012
β-catenin is a central mediator of pro-fibrotic Wnt signaling in systemic sclerosis. Christian Beyer, Amelie Schramm, Alfiya Akhmetshina, Clara Dees, Trayana Kireva, Kolja Gelse, Sonali Sonnylal, Benoit de Crombrugghe, Makoto Mark Taketo, Oliver Distler, Georg Schett, and Jörg H W Distler

Blood: May 2012
Pathologic shear triggers shedding of vascular receptors: a novel mechanism for down-regulation of platelet glycoprotein VI in stenosed coronary vessels. Mohammad Al-Tamimi, Chee Wee Tan, Jianlin Qiao, Gabrielle J. Pennings, Ashkan Javadzadegan, Andy S. C. Yong, Jane F. Arthur, Amanda K. Davis, Jing Jing, Fi-Tjen Mu, Justin R. Hamilton, Shaun P. Jackson, Andreas Ludwig, Michael C. Berndt, Christopher M. Ward, Leonard Kritharides, Robert K. Andrews, and Elizabeth E. Gardiner

Blood: May 2012
Multiple myeloma exhibits novel dependence on GLUT4, GLUT8, and GLUT11: implications for glucose transporter-directed therapy. Samuel K. McBrayer, Javelin C. Cheng, Seema Singhal, Nancy L. Krett, Steven T. Rosen, and Mala Shanmugam

Diabetes: May 2012
The Radioprotective 105/MD-1 Complex Contributes to Diet-Induced Obesity and Adipose Tissue Inflammation. Yasuharu Watanabe, Tomoya Nakamura, Sho Ishikawa, Shiho Fujisaka, Isao Usui, Koichi Tsuneyama, Yoshinori Ichihara, Tsutomu Wada, Yoichiro Hirata, Takayoshi Suganami, Hirofumi Izaki, Shizuo Akira, Kensuke Miyake, Hiro-omi Kanayama, Michio Shimabukuro, Masataka Sata, Toshiyasu Sasaoka, Yoshihiro Ogawa, Kazuyuki Tobe, Kiyoshi Takatsu, and Yoshinori Nagai

The Journal of Biological Chemistry: May 2012
Mammary Epithelial Cell Polarity Is Regulated Differentially by p73 Isoforms via Epithelial-to-mesenchymal Transition. Yanhong Zhang, Wensheng Yan, Yong Sam Jung, and Xinbin Chen

Cancer Research: June 2012
Mcl-1 Phosphorylation Defines ABT-737 Resistance That Can Be Overcome by Increased NOXA Expression in Leukemic B cells. Suparna Mazumder, Gaurav S. Choudhary, Sayer Al-harbi, and Alexandru Almasan

The Journal of Immunology: June 2012
Stromal Endothelial Cells Establish a Bidirectional Crosstalk with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia Cells through the TNF-Related Factors BAFF, APRIL, and CD40L. Montserrat Cols, Carolina M. Barra, Bing He, Irene Puga, Weifeng Xu, April Chiu, Wayne Tam, Daniel M. Knowles, Stacey R. Dillon, John P. Leonard, Richard R. Furman, Kang Chen, and Andrea Cerutti

Toxicological Sciences: June 2012
Role of Galectin-3 in Acetaminophen-Induced Hepatotoxicity and Inflammatory Mediator Production. Ana-Cristina Dragomir, Richard Sun, Vladimir Mishin, LeRoy B. Hall, Jeffrey D. Laskin, and Debra L. Laskin

The Journal of Biological Chemistry: July 2012
Tumor Necrosis Factor-related Apoptosis-inducing Ligand (TRAIL) Protein-induced Lysosomal Translocation of Proapoptotic Effectors Is Mediated by Phosphofurin Acidic Cluster Sorting Protein-2 (PACS-2). Nathan W. Werneburg, Steve F. Bronk, Maria Eugenia Guicciardi, Laurel Thomas, Jimmy D. Dikeakos, Gary Thomas, and Gregory J. Gores

The Journal of Biological Chemistry: July 2012
Rap80 Protein Recruitment to DNA Double-strand Breaks Requires Binding to Both Small Ubiquitin-like Modifier (SUMO) and Ubiquitin Conjugates. Xin Hu, Atanu Paul, and Bin Wang

Molecular and Cellular Biology: July 2012
Regulation of Nucleocytoplasmic Shuttling of Bruton's Tyrosine Kinase (Btk) through a Novel SH3-Dependent Interaction with Ankyrin Repeat Domain 54 (ANKRD54). Manuela O. Gustafsson, Alamdar Hussain, Dara K. Mohammad, Abdalla J. Mohamed, Vivian Nguyen, Pavel Metalnikov, Karen Colwill, Tony Pawson, C. I. Edvard Smith, and Beston F. Nore

The Journal of Biological Chemistry: August 2012
The c-Jun N-terminal Kinase (JNK)-binding Protein (JNKBP1) Acts as a Negative Regulator of NOD2 Protein Signaling by Inhibiting Its Oligomerization Process. Aurore Lecat, Emmanuel Di Valentin, Joan Somja, Samuel Jourdan, Marianne Fillet, Thomas A. Kufer, Yvette Habraken, Catherine Sadzot, Edouard Louis, Philippe Delvenne, Jacques Piette, and Sylvie Legrand-Poels

Journal of Virology: August 2012
Human Respiratory Syncytial Virus Nucleoprotein and Inclusion Bodies Antagonize the Innate Immune Response Mediated by MDA5 and MAVS. Aaron W. Lifland, Jeenah Jung, Eric Alonas, Chiara Zurla, James E. Crowe, Jr., and Philip J. Santangelo

American Journal of Physiology Gastrointestinal and Liver Physiology: September 2012
Hepatocyte-specific ablation of spermine/spermidine-N1-acetyltransferase gene reduces the severity of CCl4-induced acute liver injury. Kamyar Zahedi, Sharon L. Barone, Jie Xu, Nora Steinbergs, Rebecca Schuster, Alex B. Lentsch, Hassane Amlal, Jiang Wang, Robert A. Casero, Jr, and Manoocher Soleimani

Brain: September 2012
Immunoglobulin G Fc receptor deficiency prevents Alzheimer-like pathology and cognitive impairment in mice. Paula Fernandez-Vizarra, Oscar Lopez-Franco, Beñat Mallavia, Alejandro Higuera-Matas, Virginia Lopez-Parra, Guadalupe Ortiz-Muñoz, Emilio Ambrosio, Jesus Egido, Osborne F. X. Almeida, and Carmen Gomez-Guerrero

Diabetes: September 2012
Hyperglycemia Causes Renal Cell Damage via CCN2-Induced Activation of the TrkA Receptor: Implications for Diabetic Nephropathy. Maria Fragiadaki, Nicola Hill, Reiko Hewitt, George Bou-Gharios, Terence Cook, Frederick W. Tam, Jan Domin, and Roger M. Mason

Experimental Biology and Medicine: September 2012
Stearoyl-CoA desaturase activity modulates the activation of epidermal growth factor receptor in human lung cancer cells. Mary Nashed, Jeffrey W Chisholm, and R Ariel Igal

The Journal of Biological Chemistry: September 2012
Curcumin Inhibits Rift Valley Fever Virus Replication in Human Cells. Aarthi Narayanan, Kylene Kehn-Hall, Svetlana Senina, Lindsay Lundberg, Rachel Van Duyne, Irene Guendel, Ravi Das, Alan Baer, Laura Bethel, Michael Turell, Amy Lynn Hartman, Bhaskar Das, Charles Bailey, and Fatah Kashanchi

Journal of Histochemistry & Cytochemistry: September 2012
Endothelial Lipase Is Localized to Follicular Epithelial Cells in the Thyroid Gland and Is Moderately Expressed in Adipocytes. Margery A. Connelly, Michael R. D’Andrea, Jenson Qi, Keli C. Dzordzorme, and Bruce P. Damiano

Human Molecular Genetics: October 2012
Proteomic, genomic and translational approaches identify CRMP1 for a role in schizophrenia and its underlying traits. Verian Bader, Liisa Tomppo, Svenja V. Trossbach, Nicholas J. Bradshaw, Ingrid Prikulis, S. Rutger Leliveld, Chi-Ying Lin, Koko Ishizuka, Akira Sawa, Adriana Ramos, Isaac Rosa, Ángel García, Jesús R. Requena, Maria Hipolito, Narayan Rai, Evaristus Nwulia, Uwe Henning, Stefano Ferrea, Christian Luckhaus, Jesper Ekelund, Juha Veijola, Marjo-Riitta Järvelin, William Hennah, and Carsten Korth

The Journal of Physiology: October 2012
Signalling to contractile proteins by muscarinic and purinergic pathways in neurally stimulated bladder smooth muscle. Ming-Ho Tsai, Kristine E. Kamm, and James T. Stull

Journal of Histochemistry & Cytochemistry: October 2012
Prolonged Expression of Puma in Cholinergic Amacrine Cells During the Development of Rat Retina. Taketoshi Wakabayashi, Jun Kosaka, Tetsuji Mori, and Hisao Yamada

Molecular Cancer Therapeutics: October 2012
PKC Regulates Death Receptor 5 Expression Induced by PS-341 through ATF4–ATF3/CHOP Axis in Human Lung Cancer Cells. Linyan Xu, Ling Su, and Xiangguo Liu

Molecular Cancer Therapeutics: October 2012
Targeting the Glyoxalase Pathway Enhances TRAIL Efficacy in Cancer Cells by Downregulating the Expression of Antiapoptotic Molecules. Hiroya Taniguchi, Mano Horinaka, Tatsushi Yoshida, Kimihiro Yano, Ahmed E. Goda, Shusuke Yasuda, Miki Wakada, and Toshiyuki Sakai

The Journal of Biological Chemistry: November 2012
Studies on the Substrate and Stereo/Regioselectivity of Adipose Triglyceride Lipase, Hormone-sensitive Lipase, and Diacylglycerol-O-acyltransferases. Thomas O. Eichmann, Manju Kumari, Joel T. Haas, Robert V. Farese, Jr., Robert Zimmermann, Achim Lass, and Rudolf Zechner

The Journal of Immunology: November 2012
Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress Regulates the Innate Immunity Critical Transcription Factor IRF3. Yi-Ping Liu, Ling Zeng, Austin Tian, Ashley Bomkamp, Daniel Rivera, Delia Gutman, Glen N. Barber, Julie K. Olson, and Judith A. Smith

Journal of Leukocyte Biology: November 2012
Magnitude of stimulation dictates the cannabinoid-mediated differential T cell response to HIVgp120. Weimin Chen, Barbara L. F. Kaplan, Schuyler T. Pike, Lauren A. Topper, Nicholas R. Lichorobiec, Steven O. Simmons, Ram Ramabhadran, and Norbert E. Kaminski

Journal of Inflammation: November 2012

Elevated expression of the toll like receptors 2 and 4 in obese individuals: its significance for obesity-induced inflammation. Rasheed Ahmad, Anfal Al-Mass, Valerie Atizado, Asma Al-Hubail, Fahad Al-Ghimlas, Monira Al-Arouj, Abdullah Bennakhi, Said Dermime, and Kazem Behbehani


PNAS: November 2012
Maintenance of gene silencing by the coordinate action of the H3K9 methyltransferase G9a/KMT1C and the H3K4 demethylase Jarid1a/KDM5A. Chandra-Prakash Chaturvedi, Brinda Somasundaram, Kulwant Singh, Richard L. Carpenedo, William L. Stanford, F. Jeffrey Dilworth, and Marjorie Brand

American Journal of Physiology Cell Physiology: December 2012
TRPC1 and Orai1 interact with STIM1 and mediate capacitative Ca2+ entry caused by acute hypoxia in mouse pulmonary arterial smooth muscle cells. Lih Chyuan Ng, Kathryn G. O'Neill, Dominique French, Judith A. Airey, Cherie A. Singer, Honglin Tian, Xiao-Ming Shen, and Joseph R. Hume

American Journal of Physiology : December 2012
Increased production of superoxide anion contributes to dysfunction of the arteriovenous fistula. Mykola V. Tsapenko, Livius V. d'Uscio, Joseph P. Grande, Anthony J. Croatt, Melissa C. Hernandez, Allan W. Ackerman, Zvonimir S. Katusic, and Karl A. Nath

The Journal of Immunology: December 2012
Role of Galectin-3 in Classical and Alternative Macrophage Activation in the Liver following Acetaminophen Intoxication. Ana-Cristina Docan Dragomir, Richard Sun, Hyejeong Choi, Jeffrey D. Laskin, and Debra L. Laskin

The Journal of Neuroscience: December 2012
Dynamic Changes in Heat Transducing Channel TRPV1 Expression Regulate Mechanically Insensitive, Heat Sensitive C-Fiber Recruitment after Axotomy and Regeneration. Michael P. Jankowski, Deepak J. Soneji, Katrina M. Ekmann, Collene E. Anderson, and H. Richard Koerber


Blood: January 2011
Constitutive BR3 receptor signaling in diffuse, large B-cell lymphomas stabilizes nuclear factor-B–inducing kinase while activating both canonical and alternative nuclear factor-B pathways. Lan V. Pham, Lingchen Fu, Archito T. Tamayo, Carlos Bueso-Ramos, Elias Drakos, Francisco Vega, L. Jeffrey Medeiros, and Richard J. Ford

The Journal of Biological Chemistry: January 2011
Nimbolide Sensitizes Human Colon Cancer Cells to TRAIL through Reactive Oxygen Species- and ERK-dependent Up-regulation of Death Receptors, p53, and Bax. Subash C. Gupta, Simone Reuter, Kanokkarn Phromnoi, Byoungduck Park, Padmanabhan S. Hema, Mangalam Nair, and Bharat B. Aggarwal

Journal of Leukocyte Biology: January 2011
Store-operated Ca2+ signaling in dendritic cells occurs independently of STIM1. Bidhan C. Bandyopadhyay, Sandeep C. Pingle, and Gerard P. Ahern

Neuro Oncology: January 2011
Therapeutic efficacy and safety of TRAIL-producing human adipose tissue–derived mesenchymal stem cells against experimental brainstem glioma. Seung Ah Choi, Sung-Kyun Hwang, Kyu-Chang Wang, Byung-Kyu Cho, Ji Hoon Phi, Ji Yeoun Lee, Hee Won Jung, Do-Hun Lee, and Seung-Ki Kim

Nucleic Acids Research: January 2011
The cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor p21 is regulated by RNA-binding protein PCBP4 via mRNA stability. Ariane Scoumanne, Seong Jun Cho, Jin Zhang, and Xinbin Chen

Blood: February 2011
Disruption of Src function potentiates Chk1-inhibitor–induced apoptosis in human multiple myeloma cells in vitro and in vivo. Yun Dai, Shuang Chen, Rena Shah, Xin-Yan Pei, Li Wang, Jorge A. Almenara, Lora B. Kramer, Paul Dent, and Steven Grant

The Journal of Biological Chemistry: February 2011
Akt Requires Glucose Metabolism to Suppress Puma Expression and Prevent Apoptosis of Leukemic T Cells. Jonathan L. Coloff, Emily F. Mason, Brian J. Altman, Valerie A. Gerriets, Tingyu Liu, Amanda N. Nichols, Yuxing Zhao, Jessica A. Wofford, Sarah R. Jacobs, Olga Ilkayeva, Sean P. Garrison, Gerard P. Zambetti, and Jeffrey C. Rathmell

The Journal of Immunology: February 2011
Selenoprotein K Knockout Mice Exhibit Deficient Calcium Flux in Immune Cells and Impaired Immune Responses. Saguna Verma, FuKun W. Hoffmann, Mukesh Kumar, Zhi Huang, Kelsey Roe, Elizabeth Nguyen-Wu, Ann S. Hashimoto, and Peter R. Hoffmann

Journal of Virology: February 2011
Pandemic Swine-Origin H1N1 Influenza A Virus Isolates Show Heterogeneous Virulence in Macaques. David Safronetz, Barry Rockx, Friederike Feldmann, Sarah E. Belisle, Robert E. Palermo, Douglas Brining, Don Gardner, Sean C. Proll, Andrea Marzi, Yoshimi Tsuda, Rachel A. LaCasse, Lisa Kercher, Anthony York, Marcus J. Korth, Dan Long, Rebecca Rosenke, W. Lesley Shupert, Celia Alpuche Aranda, John S. Mattoon, Darwyn Kobasa, Gary Kobinger, Yan Li, Jeffery K. Taubenberger, Jürgen A. Richt, Michael Parnell, Hideki Ebihara, Yoshihiro Kawaoka, Michael G. Katze, and Heinz Feldmann

PNAS: February 2011
Cognitive dysfunction and prefrontal synaptic abnormalities in a mouse model of fragile X syndrome. Dilja D. Krueger, Emily K. Osterweil, Stephanie P. Chen, Lynne D. Tye, and Mark F. Bear

PNAS: February 2011
Self-organization is a dynamic and lineage-intrinsic property of mammary epithelial cells. Lea Chanson, Douglas Brownfield, James C. Garbe, Irene Kuhn, Martha R. Stampfer, Mina J. Bissell, and Mark A. LaBarge

Blood: March 2011
Antiviral memory CD8 T-cell differentiation, maintenance, and secondary expansion occur independently of MyD88. Adeeb H. Rahman, Ruan Zhang, Christopher D. Blosser, Baidong Hou, Anthony L. DeFranco, Jonathan S. Maltzman, E. John Wherry, and Laurence A. Turka

Journal of Radiation Research: March 2011
Ascorbic Acid Enhances Radiation-induced Apoptosis in an HL60 Human Leukemia Cell Line. Koji Shinozaki, Yoichiro Hosokawa, Masakatsu Hazawa, Ikuo Kashiwakura, Kazuhiko Okumura, Tohru Kaku, and Eiji Nakayama

The Journal of Biological Chemistry: March 2011
T Cell Receptor (TCR)-induced Tyrosine Phosphorylation Dynamics Identifies THEMIS as a New TCR Signalosome Component. Claudia Brockmeyer, Wolfgang Paster, David Pepper, Choon P. Tan, David C. Trudgian, Simon McGowan, Guo Fu, Nicholas R. J. Gascoigne, Oreste Acuto, and Mogjiborahman Salek

The Journal of Neuroscience: March 2011
Store-Operated Ca2+ Entry in Sensory Neurons: Functional Role and the Effect of Painful Nerve Injury. Geza Gemes, Madhavi Latha Yadav Bangaru, Hsiang-En Wu, Qingbo Tang, Dorothee Weihrauch, Andrew S. Koopmeiners, James M. Cruikshank, Wai-Meng Kwok, and Quinn H. Hogan

The Journal of Nutrition: March 2011
Moderate Zinc Deficiency Reduces Testicular Zip6 and Zip10 Abundance and Impairs Spermatogenesis in Mice. Thomas P. Croxford, Nicholas H. McCormick, and Shannon L. Kelleher

Journal of Virology: March 2011
The Herpes Simplex Virus Type 1 Latency-Associated Transcript Can Protect Neuron-Derived C1300 and Neuro2A Cells from Granzyme B-Induced Apoptosis and CD8 T-Cell Killing. Xianzhi Jiang, Aziz Alami Chentoufi, Chinhui Hsiang, Dale Carpenter, Nelson Osorio, Lbachir BenMohamed, Nigel W. Fraser, Clinton Jones, and Steven L. Wechsler

Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation: March 2011
Impact of Toll-like receptor 2 expression in renal allograft rejection. Ute Hoffmann, Tobias Bergler, Munhie Rihm, Claudia Pace, Bernd Krüger, Bettina Jung, Stephan W. Reinhold, Stefan Farkas, Petra Rümmele, Bernhard K. Krämer, and Bernhard Banas

Cancer Research: April 2011
MicroRNA-301 Mediates Proliferation and Invasion in Human Breast Cancer. Wei Shi, Kate Gerster, Nehad M. Alajez, Jasmine Tsang, Levi Waldron, Melania Pintilie, Angela B. Hui, Jenna Sykes, Christine P'ng, Naomi Miller, David McCready, Anthony Fyles, and Fei-Fei Liu

Cancer Research: April 2011
Cancer-Associated Loss-of-Function Mutations Implicate DAPK3 as a Tumor-Suppressing Kinase. John Brognard, You-Wei Zhang, Lorena A. Puto, and Tony Hunter

The EMBO Journal: April 2011
Mitochondrial BCL-2 inhibits AMBRA1-induced autophagy. Flavie Strappazzon, Matteo Vietri-Rudan, Silvia Campello, Francesca Nazio, Fulvio Florenzano, Gian Maria Fimia, Mauro Piacentini, Beth Levine, and Francesco Cecconi

The Journal of Biological Chemistry: April 2011
β-Agonist-associated Reduction in RGS5 Expression Promotes Airway Smooth Muscle Hyper-responsiveness. Zhao Yang, Philip R. Cooper, Gautam Damera, Indranil Mukhopadhyay, Hyeseon Cho, John H. Kehrl, Reynold A. Panettieri, Jr, and Kirk M. Druey

The Journal of Biological Chemistry: April 2011
NBA1/MERIT40 and BRE Interaction Is Required for the Integrity of Two Distinct Deubiquitinating Enzyme BRCC36-containing Complexes. Xin Hu, Jin Ah Kim, Andy Castillo, Michael Huang, Jianxin Liu, and Bin Wang

The Journal of Biological Chemistry: April 2011
Oxidized Low Density Lipoprotein Induces Bone Morphogenetic Protein-2 in Coronary Artery Endothelial Cells via Toll-like Receptors 2 and 4. Xin Su, Lihua Ao, Yi Shi, Thomas R. Johnson, David A. Fullerton, and Xianzhong Meng

The Journal of Biological Chemistry: April 2011
Bit-1 Mediates Integrin-dependent Cell Survival through Activation of the NFB Pathway. Genevieve S. Griffiths, Melanie Grundl, Anna Leychenko, Silke Reiter, Shirley S. Young-Robbins, Florian J. Sulzmaier, Maisel J. Caliva, Joe W. Ramos, and Michelle L. Matter

Journal of Clinical Onoclogy: April 2011
Canonical Nuclear Factor B Pathway Links Tumorigenesis of Synchronous Mantle-Cell Lymphoma, Clear-Cell Renal-Cell Carcinoma, and GI Stromal Tumor. Robin Guo, Lufen Chang, Zheng Liu, Arthur X. Li, Qin Huang, David K. Ann, Hao-Chien Wang, Chung-Wu Lin, Xiwei Wu, Yate-Ching Yuan, and Yun Yen

The Journal of Experiemental Medicine: April 2011
Mechanisms of necroptosis in T cells. Irene L. Ch’en, Jennifer S. Tsau, Jeffery D. Molkentin, Masaaki Komatsu, and Stephen M. Hedrick

Journal of Dental Research: April 2011
Microgenomics of Ameloblastoma. P. DeVilliers, C. Suggs, D. Simmons, V. Murrah, and J.T. Wright

PNAS: April 2011
Deletion of the Slo3 gene abolishes alkalization-activated K+ current in mouse spermatozoa. Xu-Hui Zeng, Chengtao Yang, Sung Tae Kim, Christopher J. Lingle, and Xiao-Ming Xia

Carcinogenesis: May 2011
Lipid raft-dependent death receptor 5 (DR5) expression and activation are critical for ursodeoxycholic acid-induced apoptosis in gastric cancer cells. Sung-Chul Lim, Hong-Quan Duong, Jeong Eun Choi, Tae-Bum Lee, Ju-Hee Kang, Seung Hyun Oh, and Song Iy Han

Clinical Cancer Research: May 2011
Drozitumab, a Human Antibody to Death Receptor 5, Has Potent Antitumor Activity against Rhabdomyosarcoma with the Expression of Caspase-8 Predictive of Response. Zhigang Kang, Jun-Jie Chen, Yunkai Yu, Bo Li, Shi-Yong Sun, Baolin Zhang, and Liang Cao

The Journal of Biological Chemistry: May 2011
Mutant p53 Protein Is Targeted by Arsenic for Degradation and Plays a Role in Arsenic-mediated Growth Suppression. Wensheng Yan, Yanhong Zhang, Jin Zhang, Shou Liu, Seong Jun Cho, and Xinbin Chen

The Journal of Biological Chemistry: May 2011
Epstein-Barr Virus Latent Membrane Protein 1 Increases Calcium Influx through Store-operated Channels in B Lymphoid Cells. Olivier Dellis, Atousa Arbabian, Béla Papp, Martin Rowe, Irène Joab, and Christine Chomienne

Molecular Cancer Therapeutics: May 2011
Therapeutic Potential and Molecular Mechanism of a Novel, Potent, Nonpeptide, Smac Mimetic SM-164 in Combination with TRAIL for Cancer Treatment. Jianfeng Lu, Donna McEachern, Haiying Sun, Longchuan Bai, Yuefeng Peng, Su Qiu, Rebecca Miller, Jinhui Liao, Han Yi, Meilan Liu, Anita Bellail, Chunhai Hao, Shi-Yong Sun, Adrian T. Ting, and Shaomeng Wang

American Journal of Physiology Cell Physiology: June 2011
Dysregulation of Ca2+ signaling in astrocytes from mice lacking amyloid precursor protein. Cristina I. Linde, Sergey G. Baryshnikov, A. Mazzocco-Spezzia, and Vera A. Golovina

American Journal of Physiology Regulatory, Integrative and Comparative Physiology: June 2011
Upregulation of the CaV 1.1-ryanodine receptor complex in a rat model of critical illness myopathy. Susan D. Kraner, Qingbo Wang, Kevin R. Novak, Dongmei Cheng, David R. Cool, Junmin Peng, and Mark M. Rich

Blood: June 2011
Proteomic analysis identifies galectin-1 as a predictive biomarker for relapsed/refractory disease in classical Hodgkin lymphoma. Peter Kamper, Maja Ludvigsen, Knud Bendix, Stephen Hamilton-Dutoit, Gabriel A. Rabinovich, Michael Boe Møller, Jens R. Nyengaard, Bent Honoré, and Francesco d'Amore

The Journal of Immunology: June 2011
Painful Pathways Induced by TLR Stimulation of Dorsal Root Ganglion Neurons. Jia Qi, Krisztina Buzas, Huiting Fan, Jeffrey I. Cohen, Kening Wang, Erik Mont, Dennis Klinman, Joost J. Oppenheim, and O. M. Zack Howard

Journal of Histochemistry & Cytochemistry: June 2011
Effect of Immunohistochemistry on Molecular Analysis of Tissue Samples: Implications for Microdissection Technologies. Michael A. Tangrea, Sumana Mukherjee, Bing Gao, Sanford P. Markey, Qiang Du, Michael Armani, Matthew S. Kreitman, Alex M. Rosenberg, Benjamin S. Wallis, Franziska C. Eberle, Francesca C. Duncan, Jeffrey C. Hanson, Rodrigo F. Chuaqui, Jaime Rodriguez-Canales, and Michael R. Emmert-Buck

PNAS: June 2011
PTEN-inducible kinase 1 (PINK1)/Park6 is indispensable for normal heart function. Filio Billia, Ludger Hauck, Filip Konecny, Vivek Rao, Jie Shen, and Tak Wah Mak

American Journal of Physiology Lung Cellular and Molecular Physiology: July 2011
Filamin A is a phosphorylation target of membrane but not cytosolic adenylyl cyclase activity. Sarah L. Sayner, Ron Balczon, Dara W. Frank, Dermot M. F. Cooper, and Troy Stevens

Blood: July 2011
Proteomic analysis identifies galectin-1 as a predictive biomarker for relapsed/refractory disease in classical Hodgkin lymphoma. Peter Kamper, Maja Ludvigsen, Knud Bendix, Stephen Hamilton-Dutoit, Gabriel A. Rabinovich, Michael Boe Møller, Jens R. Nyengaard, Bent Honoré, Francesco d'Amore

Clinical Cancer Research: July 2011
Killing of Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia by the Combination of Fludarabine and Oxaliplatin Is Dependent on the Activity of XPF Endonuclease. Alma Zecevic, Deepa Sampath, Brett Ewald, Rong Chen, William Wierda, and William Plunkett

The Journal of Biological Chemistry: July 2011
Sialylation of the Fas Death Receptor by ST6Gal-I Provides Protection against Fas-mediated Apoptosis in Colon Carcinoma Cells. Amanda F. Swindall and Susan L. Bellis

The Journal of Cell Biology: July 2011
STIM1L is a new actin-binding splice variant involved in fast repetitive Ca2+ release. Basile Darbellay, Serge Arnaudeau, Charles R. Bader, Stephane Konig, and Laurent Bernheim

The Journal of Neuroscience: July 2011
MeCP2 Is Critical within HoxB1-Derived Tissues of Mice for Normal Lifespan. Christopher S. Ward, E. Melissa Arvide, Teng-Wei Huang, Jong Yoo, Jeffrey L. Noebels, and Jeffrey L. Neul

The Journal of Physiology: July 2011
Protective effect of caspase inhibition on compression-induced muscle damage. Bee T. Teng, Eric W. Tam, Iris F. Benzie, and Parco M. Siu

Journal of Virology: July 2011
Ambivalent Role of the Innate Immune Response in Rabies Virus Pathogenesis. Damien Chopy, Julien Pothlichet, Mireille Lafage, Françoise Mégret, Laurence Fiette, Mustapha Si-Tahar, and Monique Lafon

Molecular and Cellular Biology: July 2011
NF-B Protects Cells from Gamma Interferon-Induced RIP1-Dependent Necroptosis. Roshan J. Thapa, Suresh H. Basagoudanavar, Shoko Nogusa, Krishna Irrinki, Karthik Mallilankaraman, Michael J. Slifker, Amer A. Beg, Muniswamy Madesh, and Siddharth Balachandran

American Journal of Physiology Cell Physiology: August 2011
Enhanced survival of skeletal muscle myoblasts in response to overexpression of cold shock protein RBM3. Amy L. Ferry, Peter W. Vanderklish, and Esther E. Dupont-Versteegden

American Journal of Physiology Endocrinology and Metabolism: August 2011
Pharmacological inhibition of Kv1.3 fails to modulate insulin sensitivity in diabetic mice or human insulin-sensitive tissues. Stephen V. Straub, Sylvie M. Perez, Beijing Tan, Kimberly A. Coughlan, Catherine E. Trebino, Patricia Cosgrove, Joanne M. Buxton, John M. Kreeger, and V. Margaret Jackson

Cancer Research: August 2011
Retinoic Acid Enhances TRAIL-Induced Apoptosis in Cancer Cells by Upregulating TRAIL Receptor 1 Expression. Latha Dhandapani, Ping Yue, Suresh S. Ramalingam, Fadlo R. Khuri, and Shi-Yong Sun

investigative opthamology & visual science: August 2011
Contrasting Ocular Effects of Local versus Systemic Endotoxin. James T. Rosenbaum, April Woods, Jelena Kezic, Stephen R. Planck, and Holly L. Rosenzweig

Journal of Molecular Cell Biology: August 2011
SOX2 promotes tumorigenesis and increases the anti-apoptotic property of human prostate cancer cell. Xianpei Jia, Xuefei Li, Yingxi Xu, Shu Zhang, Wenjun Mou, Yanhua Liu, Yin Liu, Dan Lv, Cheng-Hu Liu, Xiaoyue Tan, Rong Xiang, and Na Li

Journal of Endocrinology: September 2011
Identification of estradiol/ERα-regulated genes in the mouse pituitary. Hyun Joon Kim, Mary C Gieske, Kourtney L Trudgen, Susan Hudgins-Spivey, Beob Gyun Kim, Andree Krust, Pierre Chambon, Jae-Wook Jeong, Eric Blalock, and CheMyong Ko

Journal of General Virology: September 2011
Alleles A and B of non-structural protein 1 of avian influenza A viruses differentially inhibit beta interferon production in human and mink lung cells. Muhammad Munir, Siamak Zohari, Giorgi Metreveli, Claudia Baule, Sándor Belák, and Mikael Berg

PNAS: September 2011
Calcium store sensor stromal-interaction molecule 1-dependent signaling plays an important role in cervical cancer growth, migration, and angiogenesis. 

American Journal of Physiology Heart and Circulatory Physiology: October 2011
microRNA-210 is upregulated in hypoxic cardiomyocytes through Akt- and p53-dependent pathways and exerts cytoprotective effects. R. Kannan Mutharasan, Varun Nagpal, Yoshihiko Ichikawa, and Hossein Ardehali

Anticancer Research : October 2011

The Journal of Neuroscience: October 2011
Change in MicroRNAs Associated with Neuronal Adaptive Responses in the Nucleus Accumbens under Neuropathic Pain. Satoshi Imai, Mai Saeki, Makoto Yanase, Hiroshi Horiuchi, Minako Abe, Michiko Narita, Naoko Kuzumaki, Tsutomu Suzuki, and Minoru Narita

Journal of Virology: October 2011
Creation of a Recombinant Rift Valley Fever Virus with a Two-Segmented Genome. Benjamin Brennan, Stephen R. Welch, Angela McLees, and Richard M. Elliott

Journal of Virology: October 2011
Anti-Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus Spike Antibodies Trigger Infection of Human Immune Cells via a pH- and Cysteine Protease-Independent FcR Pathway. Martial Jaume, Ming S. Yip, Chung Y. Cheung, Hiu L. Leung, Ping H. Li, Francois Kien, Isabelle Dutry, Benoît Callendret, Nicolas Escriou, Ralf Altmeyer, Beatrice Nal, Marc Daëron, Roberto Bruzzone, and J. S. Malik Peiris

Molecular Cancer Research: October 2011
Suppression of IRF4 by IRF1, 3, and 7 in Noxa Expression Is a Necessary Event for IFN-–Mediated Tumor Elimination. Sujan Piya, Ae Ran Moon, Peter I. Song, John Hiscott, Rongtuan Lin, Dai-Wu Seol, and Tae-Hyoung Kim

PNAS: October 2011
Galectin-3 (Gal-3) induced by leukemia microenvironment promotes drug resistance and bone marrow lodgment in chronic myelogenous leukemia. Mio Yamamoto-Sugitani, Junya Kuroda, Eishi Ashihara, Hisao Nagoshi, Tsutomu Kobayashi, Yosuke Matsumoto, Nana Sasaki, Yuji Shimura, Miki Kiyota, Ryuko Nakayama, Kenichi Akaji, Tomohiko Taki, Nobuhiko Uoshima, Yutaka Kobayashi, Shigeo Horiike, Taira Maekawa, and Masafumi Taniwaki

Blood: November 2011
HIV envelope-mediated, CCR5/α4β7-dependent killing of CD4-negative T cells which are lost during progression to AIDS. Haishan Li and C. David Pauza

The Journal of Biological Chemistry: November 2011
Death Receptor 5 Signaling Promotes Hepatocyte Lipoapoptosis. Sophie C. Cazanave, Justin L. Mott, Steven F. Bronk, Nathan W. Werneburg, Christian D. Fingas, X. Wei Meng, Niklas Finnberg, Wafik S. El-Deiry, Scott H. Kaufmann, and Gregory J. Gores

Molecular Biology of the Cell: November 2011
Nesprin-3 regulates endothelial cell morphology, perinuclear cytoskeletal architecture, and flow-induced polarization. Joshua T. Morgan, Emily R. Pfeiffer, Twanda L. Thirkill, Priyadarsini Kumar, Gordon Peng, Heidi N. Fridolfsson, Gordon C. Douglas, Daniel A. Starr, and Abdul I. Barakat

PNAS: November 2011
LRRC52 (leucine-rich-repeat-containing protein 52), a testis-specific auxiliary subunit of the alkalization-activated Slo3 channel. Chengtao Yang, Xu-Hui Zeng, Yu Zhou, Xiao-Ming Xia, and Christopher J. Lingle

Brain: December 2011
Cerebrovascular lesions induce transient β-amyloid deposition. Monica Garcia-Alloza, Julia Gregory, Kishore V. Kuchibhotla, Sara Fine, Ying Wei, Cenk Ayata, Matthew P. Frosch, Steven M. Greenberg, and Brian J. Bacskai

The Journal of Biological Chemistry: December 2011
Terminal Uridyltransferase Enzyme Zcchc11 Promotes Cell Proliferation Independent of Its Uridyltransferase Activity. Matthew T. Blahna, Matthew R. Jones, Lee J. Quinton, Kori Y. Matsuura, and Joseph P. Mizgerd

Molecular Cancer Therapeutics: December 2011
The NEDD8-Activating Enzyme Inhibitor, MLN4924, Cooperates with TRAIL to Augment Apoptosis through Facilitating c-FLIP Degradation in Head and Neck Cancer Cells. Liqun Zhao, Ping Yue, Sagar Lonial, Fadlo R. Khuri, and Shi-Yong Sun

PNAS: December 2011
Toll-like receptors activate programmed necrosis in macrophages through a receptor-interacting kinase-3–mediated pathway. Sudan He, Yuqiong Liang, Feng Shao, and Xiaodong Wang

PNAS: December 2011
The inflammatory cytokine IL-18 induces self-reactive innate antibody responses regulated by natural killer T cells. Sara Lind Enoksson, Emilie K. Grasset, Thomas Hägglöf, Nina Mattsson, Ylva Kaiser, Susanne Gabrielsson, Tracy L. McGaha, Annika Scheynius, and Mikael C. I. Karlsson

Reproduction: December 2011
Possible involvement of IFNT in lymphangiogenesis in the corpus luteum during the maternal recognition period in the cow. Akane Nitta, Koumei Shirasuna, Shingo Haneda, Motozumi Matsui, Takashi Shimizu, Shuichi Matsuyama, Koji Kimura, Heinrich Bollwein, and Akio Miyamoto


The Journal of Immunology: February 2010
Stromal Interaction Molecules 1 and 2 are key regulators of autoreactive T cell activation in murine autoimmune centra nervous system inflammation. Michael K. Schuhmann, David Stegner, Alejandro Berna-Erro, Stefan Bittner, Attila Braun, Christoph Kleinschnitz, Guido Stoll, Heinz Wiendl, Sven G Meuth, Bernhard Nieswandt

The Journal of Biological Chemistry: June 2010
p53 Up-regulated Modulator of Apoptosis (PUMA) Activation Contributes to Pancreatic β-Cell Apoptosis Induced by Proinflammatory Cytokines and Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress. Esteban N. Gurzov, Carla M. Germano, Daniel A. Cunha, Fernanda Ortis, Jean-Marie Vanderwinden, Piero Marchetti, Lin Zhang, and Decio L. Eizirik

The Journal of Biological Chemistry: June 2010
Caspase Recruitment Domain-containing Protein 8 (CARD8) Negatively Regulates NOD2-mediated Signaling. Oliver von Kampen, Simone Lipinski, Andreas Till, Seamus J. Martin, Wilfried Nietfeld, Hans Lehrach, Stefan Schreiber, and Philip Rosenstiel

American Journal of Physiology Endocrinology and Metabolism: July 2010
An AP-3-dependent mechanism drives synaptic-like microvesicle biogenesis in pancreatic islet β-cells. Arthur T. Suckow, Branch Craige, Victor Faundez, William J. Cain, and Steven D. Chessler

The Journal of Biological Chemistry: July 2010
Roles of Fragile X Mental Retardation Protein in Dopaminergic Stimulation-induced Synapse-associated Protein Synthesis and Subsequent -Amino-3-hydroxyl-5-methyl-4-isoxazole-4-propionate (AMPA) Receptor Internalization. Hansen Wang, Susan S. Kim, and Min Zhuo

The Journal of Biological Chemistry: July 2010
Human Muscle Economy Myoblast Differentiation and Excitation-Contraction Coupling Use the Same Molecular Partners, STIM1 and STIM2. Basile Darbellay, Serge Arnaudeau, Dimitri Ceroni, Charles R. Bader, Stephane Konig, and Laurent Bernheim

The Journal of Biological Chemistry: July 2010
Deregulation of Mitochondrial Membrane Potential by Mitochondrial Insertion of Granzyme B and Direct Hax-1 Cleavage. Jie Han, Leslie A. Goldstein, Wen Hou, Christopher J. Froelich, Simon C. Watkins, and Hannah Rabinowich

The Journal of Biological Chemistry: July 2010
Regulation of Mitochondrial Apoptotic Events by p53-mediated Disruption of Complexes between Antiapoptotic Bcl-2 Members and Bim. Jie Han, Leslie A. Goldstein, Wen Hou, Brian R. Gastman, and Hannah Rabinowich

The Journal of Immunology: July 2010
IFN- Primes Intact Human Coronary Arteries and Cultured Coronary Smooth Muscle Cells to Double-Stranded RNA- and Self-RNA–Induced Inflammatory Responses by Upregulating TLR3 and Melanoma Differentiation-Associated Gene 5. Usman Ahmad, Rahmat Ali, Amir H. Lebastchi, Lingfeng Qin, Sheng-fu L. Lo, Alexander O. Yakimov, Salman F. Khan, Jonathan C. Choy, Arnar Geirsson, Jordan S. Pober, and George Tellides

The Journal of Immunology: July 2010
TLR2- and Nucleotide-Binding Oligomerization Domain 2-Dependent Krüppel-Like Factor 2 Expression Downregulates NF-B–Related Gene Expression. Janine Zahlten, Robert Steinicke, Bastian Opitz, Julia Eitel, Philippe Dje N’Guessan, Maya Vinzing, Martin Witzenrath, Bernd Schmeck, Sven Hammerschmidt, Norbert Suttorp, and Stefan Hippenstiel

PNAS: July 2010
E3 ubiquitin ligase Mule ubiquitinates Miz1 and is required for TNF-induced JNK activation. Yi Yang, HanhChi Do, Xuejun Tian, Chaozheng Zhang, Xinyuan Liu, Laura A. Dada, Jacob I. Sznajder, and Jing Liu

American Journal of Physiology Endocrinology and Metabolism: August 2010
Exercise training increases sarcolemmal and mitochondrial fatty acid transport proteins in human skeletal muscle. Jason L. Talanian, Graham P. Holloway, Laelie A. Snook, George J. F. Heigenhauser, Arend Bonen, and Lawrence L. Spriet

Biology of Reproduction: August 2010
MicroRNA 21 Blocks Apoptosis in Mouse Periovulatory Granulosa Cells. Martha Z. Carletti, Stephanie D. Fiedler, and Lane K. Christenson

Toxicological Sciences: August 2010
Benzo[a]pyrene Increases the Nrf2 Content by Downregulating the Keap1 Message. Phuong Minh Nguyen, Miki Susanto Park, Marilynn Chow, Jae H. Chang, Lisa Wrischnik, and William K. Chan

American Journal of Physiology Gastrointestinal and Liver Physiology: September 2010
Epidermal growth factor reduces autophagy in intestinal epithelium and in the rat model of necrotizing enterocolitis. Andrew A. Maynard, Katerina Dvorak, Ludmila Khailova, Holly Dobrenen, Kelly M. Arganbright, Melissa D. Halpern, Ashish R. Kurundkar, Akhil Maheshwari, and Bohuslav Dvorak

Applied and Environmental Microbiology: September 2010
In Vivo Biotinylation of Bacterial Magnetic Particles by a Truncated Form of Escherichia coli Biotin Ligase and Biotin Acceptor Peptide. Yoshiaki Maeda, Tomoko Yoshino, and Tadashi Matsunaga

Journal of Cell Science: September 2010
Phosphorylation of STIM1 at ERK1/2 target sites modulates store-operated calcium entry. Eulalia Pozo-Guisado, David G. Campbell, Maria Deak, Alberto Álvarez-Barrientos, Nicholas A. Morrice, Ignacio S. Álvarez, Dario R. Alessi, and Francisco Javier Martín-Romero

Molecular Cancer Therapeutics: September 2010
Dihydroartemisinin Induces Apoptosis by a Bak-Dependent Intrinsic Pathway. René Handrick, Teona Ontikatze, Kerstin-Daniela Bauer, Florian Freier, Amelie Rübel, Jan Dürig, Claus Belka, and Verena Jendrossek

Neuro Oncology: September 2010
HDMX regulates p53 activity and confers chemoresistance to 3-Bis(2-chloroethyl)-1-nitrosourea. Genglin Jin, Stephen Cook, Bo Cui, William C. Chen, Stephen T. Keir, Patrick Killela, Chunhui Di, Cathy A. Payne, Simon G. Gregory, Roger McLendon, Darell D. Bigner, and Hai Yan

Brain: October 2010
Strumpellin is a novel valosin-containing protein binding partner linking hereditary spastic paraplegia to protein aggregation diseases. Christoph S. Clemen, Karthikeyan Tangavelou, Karl-Heinz Strucksberg, Steffen Just, Linda Gaertner, Hanna Regus-Leidig, Maria Stumpf, Jens Reimann, Roland Coras, Reginald O. Morgan, Maria-Pilar Fernandez, Andreas Hofmann, Stefan Müller, Benedikt Schoser, Franz-Georg Hanisch, Wolfgang Rottbauer, Ingmar Blümcke, Stephan von Hörsten, Ludwig Eichinger, and Rolf Schröder

The Journal of Biological Chemistry: October 2010
The Lys63-specific Deubiquitinating Enzyme BRCC36 Is Regulated by Two Scaffold Proteins Localizing in Different Subcellular Compartments. Lin Feng, Jiadong Wang, and Junjie Chen

The Journal of Cell Biology: October 2010
The dynamic interaction of AMBRA1 with the dynein motor complex regulates mammalian autophagy. Sabrina Di Bartolomeo, Marco Corazzari, Francesca Nazio, Serafina Oliverio, Gaia Lisi, Manuela Antonioli, Vittoria Pagliarini, Silvia Matteoni, Claudia Fuoco, Luigi Giunta, Marcello D'Amelio, Roberta Nardacci, Alessandra Romagnoli, Mauro Piacentini, Francesco Cecconi, and Gian Maria Fimia

American Journal of Physiology Cell Physiology: November 2010
Orai1 interacts with STIM1 and mediates capacitative Ca2+ entry in mouse pulmonary arterial smooth muscle cells. Lih Chyuan Ng, Deepa Ramduny, Judith A. Airey, Cherie A. Singer, Phillip S. Keller, Xiao-Ming Shen, Honglin Tian, Maria Valencik, and Joseph R. Hume

Blood: November 2010
Carbon Nanotubes Activate Store Operated Calcium Entry (SOCE) In Human Platelets Manifested by STIM1 Capping. Silvia H. Lacerda, Jana Semberova, Karel Holada, Olga Simakova, and Jan Simak

The Journal of Biological Chemistry: November 2010
Enhanced Anti-tumor Activity by the Combination of the Natural Compounds (–)-Epigallocatechin-3-gallate and Luteolin: POTENTIAL ROLE OF p53. A. R. M. Ruhul Amin, Dongsheng Wang, Hongzheng Zhang, Shifang Peng, Hyung Ju C. Shin, Johann C. Brandes, Mourad Tighiouart, Fadlo R. Khuri, Zhuo Georgia Chen, and Dong M. Shin

The Journal of Biological Chemistry: November 2010
Gossypol Induces Death Receptor-5 through Activation of the ROS-ERK-CHOP Pathway and Sensitizes Colon Cancer Cells to TRAIL. Bokyung Sung, Jayaraj Ravindran, Sahdeo Prasad, Manoj K. Pandey, and Bharat B. Aggarwal

Journal of Leukocyte Biology: November 2010
B cell receptor triggering sensitizes human B cells to TRAIL-induced apoptosis. Andre Ortlieb Guerreiro-Cacais, Jelena Levitskaya, and Victor Levitsky

The Journal of Biological Chemistry: December 2010
The Role of cis Dimerization of Signal Regulatory Protein (SIRP) in Binding to CD47. Winston Y. Lee, Dominique A. Weber, Oskar Laur, Sean R. Stowell, Ingrid McCall, Rakieb Andargachew, Richard D. Cummings, and Charles A. Parkos

The Journal of Neuroscience: December 2010
Neuronal Apoptosis Induced by Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress Is Regulated by ATF4–CHOP-Mediated Induction of the Bcl-2 Homology 3-Only Member PUMA. Zohreh Galehdar, Patrick Swan, Benjamin Fuerth, Steven M. Callaghan, David S. Park, and Sean P. Cregan

The Journal of Pharmacology: December 2010
Naturally Occurring Variants of Human Aldo-Keto Reductases with Reduced In Vitro Metabolism of Daunorubicin and Doxorubicin. Onkar S. Bains, Thomas A. Grigliatti, Ronald E. Reid, and K. Wayne Riggs

Molecular and Cellular Biology: December 2010
Characterization of Puma-Dependent and Puma-Independent Neuronal Cell Death Pathways following Prolonged Proteasomal Inhibition. Liam P. Tuffy, Caoimhín G. Concannon, Beatrice D'Orsi, Matthew A. King, Ina Woods, Heinrich J. Huber, Manus W. Ward, and Jochen H. M. Prehn


Hypertension: February 2009
Increased activation of stromal interaction molecule-1/orai-1 in aorta form hypertensive rats a novel insight into vascular dysfunction. Fernanda R.C. Gianchini, Chin-Wei Chiao, Fernando S Carneiro, Victor V Lima, Zidonia N. carneiro, Anne M. Dorrance, Rita C. Tostes, R. Clinton Webb

Molecular and Cellular Biology: October 2009
Bim upregulation by histone deacetylase inhibitors mediates interactions with the Bcl-2 antagonist ABT-737: evidence for distinct roels for Bcl-2, Bcl-xL, and Mcl-1. Shuang Chem, Yun Dai, Xin-Yan Pei, Steven Grant


Molecular Cancer Theraputics : June 2008
BH3-only protein mimetic obatoclax sensitizes cholangiocarcinoma cells to Apo2L\TRAIL-induced apoptosis . Justin L Mott, Steve F Bronk, Ruben A Mesa, Scott H Kaufmann, Gregory J Gores

Annals of Surgical Oncology: December 2008
Disturbed XIAP and XAF1 Expression Balance is an independent prognostic factor in gastric adenocarcinomas. Tomotaka Shibata, Tsuyoshi Noguchi, Shinsuke Takeno, Helmut E. Gabbert, Uwe Tamp, Katsunobu Kawahara


Stroke: March 2007
BNIP3 Upregulation and EngdoG Translocation in Delayed Neuronal Death in Stroke and in Hypoxia. Zhengfeng Zhang, Xuefen Yang, Surong Zhang, Xiuli Ma, Jiming Kong

Gut: April 2007
Free fatty acids sensitise hepatocytes to TRAIL mediated cytotoxicity . Harmeet Malhi, Fernando J Barreyro, Hajime Isomoto, Steven F Bronk, Gregory J Gores

Clinical Cancer Research: June 2007
Bortezomib sensitizes primary human astrocytoma cells of WHO grades I to IV for Tumor Necrosis Factor- Related Apoptosis- Inducing Ligand - Induced Apoptosis. Ronald Konschny, Heidrun Holland, Jaromir Sykora, Tobias L. Haas, Martin R. Sprick, Tom M. Ganten, Wolfgang Krupp, Manfred Bauer, Peter Ahnert, Jurgen Meixensberger and Henning Walczak


Stem Cells: March 2006
Epidermal Growth Factor as a Candidate for Ex Vivo Expansion of Bown Marrow-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells. Kenichi Tamama, vivian H. Fan, Linda G. Griffith, Harry C. Blair and Alan Wells M.D.

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications: October 2006
Effect of F-spondin on cementoblastic differentiation of human periodontal ligament cells. Masae Kitagawa, Yasusei Kudo, Shinji Lizuka, Ikuko Ogawa, Yoshimitsu Abiko, Mutsumi Miyauchi, Takashi takata


The Journal of Biological Chemistry: April 2003
The Cell Adhesion Protein P-Selectin Glycoprotein Ligand-1 is a substrate for the aspartyl protease BACE1. Stefan F. Lichtenthaler, Diana-ines Dominguez, Gil G. Westmeyer, Karina Reiss, Christian Haass, Paul Saftig, Bart De Strooper and Brian Seed