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ProSci Inc offers primary antibodies for a wide range of research areas. We offer antibodies that can be used in the research of apoptosis, autophagy, cancer, cell cycle, chemokines and cytokines, growth factors, infectious diseases, innate immunity, neurobiology, signal transduction, and stem cell, transcription. Our antibodies are quality controlled and tested in the application they are designed for. The following applications include western blotting, ELISA, IF, IHC, ICC, and more. Join the many satisfied customers that have made ProSci their preferred partner in antibody research.

SARS-CoV-2 Antibodies

ProSci has developed and manufactured SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) antibodies, antigens, and other reagents related to cellular entry including ACE2 receptor reagents, TMPRSS2, and furin enzyme. ProSci is continuously adding new SARS-CoV-2 reagents for spike, spike s1, spike s2, nucleocapsid, membrane, and envelope structural proteins.

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Apoptosis Antibodies

Apoptosis Antibodies help to illuminate the conserved and highly regulated pathway of apoptosis which is critical to various biological processes such as embryonic development, normal cell turnover, and immune system development and functioning. The ability to mediate cell life and death has much therapeutic potential; however, further research is required to elucidate the cellular mechanisms, which influence apoptosis and cell survival. ProSci offers apoptosis antibodies such as AIF and BIM and other related reagents to assist researchers.

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Autophagy antibodies

Autophagy is the process responsible for delivering cytoplasmic constituents to the lysosome. As a system of intracellular degradation that is more complex than once thought. ProSci offers a variety of key autophagy antibodies such as ATG3 or LAMP-2, to help researchers reveal new details about autophagy and the role it plays in both pathophysiological and physiological processes.

Cancer antibodies

Cancer is one of the most critical diseases to emerge in recent decades, and encompasses a large family of diseases, and is characterized by unregulated cell growth and metastasis. Current research focuses on elucidating the causes and biological mechanisms associated with cancer. ProSci has intimate research experience with the development of cancer antibodies and with Cancer antibodies like PUMA or our latest Risk-Free Immune Checkpoint mAbs, researchers are ensured high-quality cancer antibodies.

Cell Cycle Antibodies

Critical changes occur at each stage of the cell cycle, each helping to shape the next step ahead. In cell cycle research, cell cycle antibodies help researchers grasp a more intimate understanding of the inner-workings at the cellular level and how it influences tissue development.

Chemokines and Cytokines

These cell-signaling proteins are multifaceted and are involved in multiple processes from inflammation to tissue maintenance and development. ProSci’s array of Chemokine receptor antibodies such as CXCR4 help scientists discover a new way to interpret data on how chemokines and cytokines influence cell behavior.

Growth Factor Antibodies

From single-cell to full multicellular development, growth factors influence the growth and/or inhibition of cells. ProSci’s vast suite of primary antibodies such as EGFR antibodies is conducive to robust growth factor antibody research.

Infectious disease antibody

Infectious diseases are illnesses caused by viruses, bacteria, fungi, protozoa, or parasites. ProSci equips researchers with infectious disease antibodies such as our H1N1 antibodies to help to answer the tough questions when it comes to understanding infectious diseases and how we can better protect the health of our population.

Innate immunity antibodies

Innate immunity is an important defense against foreign substances which may lead to disease. As researchers learn how to better protect and enhance innate immunity, ProSci offers innate immunity antibodies to help scientists reach their goals.

Neurobiology research

Arguably the most complex organ, the brain continues to be a research area of robust innovation and complexity. ProSci’s tools and products including phosphospecific antibodies, Slit and NTRK-like antibodies, and neurodegenerative disease antibodies help meet neurobiology researchers at every step of the research process, helping to support new discoveries.

Signal transduction antibodies

Cell-to-cell communication necessarily involves highly intricate and complex communication channels involving proteins. ProSci’s transduction antibodies help to quantify and assess these communication signals, helping to deduce what goes wrong in disease states and reveal lesser-known signal transduction pathways.

Stem Cell Antibodies

The vast potential of stem cells has led scientists to implement them in multiple research sectors. ProSci’s stem cell antibodies help to provide greater perspective and clarity on the cell differentiation process allowing researchers to manipulate and reimagine how stem cells can be both manipulated and implemented in various processes.

Transcription antibodies

Arguably, the heartbeat of the Central Dogma, transcription practically underlies every single biological process. ProSci’s transcription antibodies such as BCL2 antibody help researchers trace the journey of gene regulation throughout the transcription process.

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