Primary Antibodies

Polyclonal Antibodies, Monoclonal Antibodies & More

Thanks to years of painstaking antibody research, ProSci has created an impressive primary antibody production catalog of research-ready primary antibodies for a wide range of clinical applications. Primary antibodies are the key links to detect, analyze and manipulate specific antigens. Without primary antibodies (whether polyclonal or monoclonal), the opportunity for further research involving secondary antibodies is non-existent. Thus, there’s a reason primary antibodies are of primary importance for many researchers.

With a primary antibody production line for practically any research area, ProSci offers robust, results-oriented primary antibodies for the following studies (these are just some of the applications available):

Our primary antibody selection can benefit your research endeavors, no matter your targeted study area. With multiple host species sources, modification, and tested application areas, our primary antibodies are ideal for the following applications:

  • Therapeutic
  • Diagnostic
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Advanced & general research
  • And many more

Prepared to Elevate Your Research Capability? Choose ProSci’s Primary Antibodies & Primary Antibody Products

Our in-house team doesn’t take a hands-off approach to support your goals. We’re researchers ourselves, with years of lab and clinical experience backing our primary antibody production catalog. We know the steady, persistent efforts involved with all research, from minute details to the “big-picture” aspects of multi-team projects. ProSci’s primary antibody product line offers a wide-ranging selection of antibodies backed by science – and well-regarded by our growing client base.

To expand your research capability and broaden your clinical potential, see how ProSci’s primary antibodies can benefit your lab today. Call a ProSci primary antibody expert at (888) 513-9525, or visit our contact page for department-based email contacts and a secure message portal. We look forward to assisting with your research project today!

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