With more than 700 cell lysates available, ProSci offers exceptional variety and integrity for your research project. Our lysates are just one part of our complete product line that complements our custom antibody services. ProSci’s entire whole cell lysate line are rigorously tested and used in our research methods.

From immune response to targeted cell membrane breakdown, lysates aid in a vast range of resource applications. It’s easy to find the lysate you’re looking for. Each cell lysate is grouped by species, diagnosis, tissue& cell, tested applications and more.

Whole Cell Lysate Protocol & Much More

The majority of our cell lysates – about 400 in all – are of the human source species. However, we also produce, test & distribute other source species whole cell lysates, including hamster, rhesus monkey, mouse, guinea pig, bovine, rabbit and many others.

A vast assortment of tissue & cell type lysates is also available. From general biotech research to funded projects, our lysates are a crucial part of any enterprise, in any field – medical, therapeutic, pharmaceutical, disease study and more.

Enhanced analysis of certain lipids, proteins and nucleic acids is accelerated with the right lysate. Browse the ProSci catalog of cell lysates – we offer excellent value and verified research results. We can help your source and select reliable, robust and research-ready lysates today. Discover the advantages of high-quality outsourced biotechnology research products with ProSci.

If you need help finding a certain lysate, or if you have any questions about cell lysates in general, call a ProSci representative today. Our lysate specialists will help you locate the product(s) necessary for optimum research efficiency. Please call our laboratory at (888) 513-9525, or visit the ProSci contact page for more information. You can also obtain cell lysate information with an email to info@prosci-inc.com. Thank you for considering ProSci at your preferred whole cell lysate source.

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