Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Research Reagents

HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) research reagents - antibodies and proteins from ProSci Inc. 

HIV Basics

HIV infections in the United States continue to be a major public health concern. There are an estimated 1.2 million American people living with HIV (PLWH), and 1 out of 8 people with HIV do not know they have it. HIV also remains one of the world’s most serious health and development challenges. The UNAIDS 2019 Report stated that there were 37.9 million PLWH globally with 1.7 million new HIV diagnoses and 770,000 deaths associated with AIDS-related illness during that year. Major global efforts have been mounted to address the HIV epidemic in the last 20 years and significant progress has been made. The number of people newly infected with HIV, and the number of deaths associated with AIDS-related illness have declined over the years, and the number of PLWH receiving treatment increased to 25.4 million in 2019.

HIV attacks the body’s immune system and if not treated, can lead to AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome). HIV and tuberculosis (TB) are the world’s two most deadly infectious diseases. Tragically, these two epidemics are interconnected, as TB is the leading cause of death for those living with HIV. The SARS-coronavirus-2 pandemic has focused research away from these other pathogens (Funding Opportunity Announcement Number: NOT-AI-21-057 – When pandemics collide).

Where did HIV come from?

The HIV infection came from a species of chimpanzee in Central Africa. The chimpanzee version of the virus is called SIV, or simian immunodeficiency virus, and was speculated to have passed to humans when humans hunted these chimpanzees for their meat and came in contact with their blood.

HIV Research

ProSci offers research reagents for HIV, including antibodies and recombinant proteins to support the ongoing study of HIV.

Explore our HIV antibodies and recombinant proteins below:


ProductCat. No.ApplicationClonalitySpecies
HIV-1 p24 Antibody [8G9] PM-6335, PM-6335-biotin, PM-6335-HRP E, WB Monoclonal Mouse
HIV-1 p24 Antibody [7F4] PM-6585, PM-6585-biotin, PM-6585-HRP E, WB Monoclonal Mouse
HIV-1 p24 Antibody 7313 E, WB Polyclonal Rabbit
HIV1 p24 Antibody 35-269, 35-270 (FITC), 35-271 (HRP), 35-272 (biotin) WB Polyclonal Goat
gp120 Antibody 4641 E, WB Polyclonal Rabbit
gp120 Antibody 4777 E, WB Polyclonal Goat
HIV1 gp120 Antibody 35-261, 35-263 (HRP), 35-264 (biotin) WB Polyclonal Goat
HIV-1 (HTLV-3) Antibody 35-257, 35-258 (FITC), 35-259 (HRP), 35-260 (biotin) WB Polyclonal Goat
HIV1 gp41 Antibody 35-265, 35-267 (HRP), 35-268 (biotin) WB Polyclonal Goat
HIV-Rev Antibody XW-8152 WB Polyclonal Chicken
Gag polyprotein Antibody XW-8151 WB Polyclonal Chicken
HIV Antibody [1911] 35-542 E, WB Monoclonal Mouse
HIV Antibody [1941] 35-543, 35-544 (FITC) E, WB, IHC, IF Monoclonal Mouse
HIV Antibody [1946-1949] 35-545, 35-546, 35-548 E, IF Monoclonal Mouse

Recombinant Proteins (RP)

ProductCat. No.SourceFusion TagSequence
HIV-1 p24 Recombinant Protein 95-153 S. cerevisiae N-His Tag Amino Acids 133 - 364
HIV-1 gag Recombinant Protein 53-338 E. coli Beta-galactosidase Amino Acids 77 - 436
HIV-1 nef Recombinant Protein 53-339 E. coli Beta-galactosidase Amino Acids 3 - 190
HIV-1 gp4l Recombinant Protein 53-340 E. coli Beta-galactosidase Full Length
HIV-1 p24 Recombinant Protein 53-341 P. pastoris None Full Length
HIV-1 gp41 Recombinant Protein 53-342 P. pastoris None Amino Acids 546 - 682 of HxB2
HIV-2 gp36 Recombinant Protein 53-343 P. pastoris None A portion of GP 36
HIV-2 gp36 Recombinant Protein 53-344 E. coli Beta-galactosidase Full Length
HIV GP120 Recombinant Protein 96-365 HEK293 Cells His Tag Thr36 - Lys511
HIV GP120 Recombinant Protein 96-366 HEK293 Cells His Tag Thr23 - Thr652
HIV GP120 Recombinant Protein 96-367 HEK293 Cells His Tag Thr34 - Arg506