Risk-Free™ Immune Checkpoints:
Sample Sets for Academia

As part of academia, you qualify for a FREE Immune Checkpoint Monoclonal Antibodies! Read our Terms & Conditions below to learn more about what is needed to obtain your free immune checkpoint set. Limitations apply.

Features of ProSci's Risk-Free™ mAbs

Recombinant Proteins

Developed with recombinant proteins expressed in mammalian cells to best recognize the native proteins.

Multiple mAbs

For each target there are several 20μg trial size mAbs with different binding features allowing selection of the best clone.

Rigorously Tested Monoclonal Antibodies

Risk-Free™ means these mAb sets are rigorously tested and guaranteed to work
for their designated applications.


Risk-Free™ Immune Checkpoint Mouse Monoclonal Antibodies

PD-1 5                     
PD-L1 6                     
PD-L2 5                   TBD
CTLA-4 3                     
CD80 6                   TBD
TIGIT 2                   TBD

Risk-Free™ Immune Checkpoint Llama Single Domain Antibodies

PD-1 4                        
PD-L1 4                        

How It Works

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Terms & Conditions

1 Promotion applies to risk free monoclonal antibodies contact marketing@prosci-inc.com for more information.
2 Customers must fill out form to participate in promotion.
3 Promotional offer applies to one sample contact marketing@prosci-inc.com for more information.