Antibody Phage Display

Phage Display


ProSci Inc utilizes phage display antibody production technology to produce single domain antibodies. The techniques utilized in hybridoma technology and animal immunization have proven effective as classic methods for the production of monoclonal antibodies against a diverse selection of antigens. As time progressed, with the advent of technological advancements particularly in the field of molecular biology, E. coli emerged as targets for recombinant antibody production. Additionally, antibody fragments are not only capable of expression in bacterial cells but may also be displayed through the methods of fusion to phage coat proteins and size restriction. It has been just over 30 years ago since the concept of phage display generated antibodies for short peptide fragments was first introduced.

Continuing Innovation

Today, ProSci Inc continues this legacy of innovation utilizing the specialized technology of antibody phage display to generate high-quality single domain antibodies. The ProSci Inc laboratories are equipped with cutting-edge phage display technology and a team of competent staff skilled in the latests phage display technology methods. As a completely in vitro process, the utility of this approach is further expanded to achieve antibody isolation typically challenged by targets that are difficult to obtain through animal immunization or that are poorly immunogenic in nature.

Our comprehensive antibody phage display library is prepared to meet the demanding and complex needs of your research endeavors. Prosci Inc remains up-to-date with the expertise that discerning researchers have come to trust not only because of our many years of experience but also because of our work as active researchers evidenced by the grants we have received and our selection of publications. It is for these reasons that we not only see our clients as valued customers but also as colleagues. As researchers, our expert team has a thorough understanding that extends beyond maintaining a quality antibody phage display library. We also know that it must be complemented by services providing you with rapid functionality, a wide selection of binders, reliable expression levels, stability and high binding affinities.

Achieving Molecule Diversity

Antibody phage display technology has left a permanent imprint as an effective method of achieving molecule diversity. By harnessing the connection between the encapsulated genotype and the directly related phage phenotype, the library is able to be presented on the phage surface. These techniques have provided researchers with clearer insights into protein-ligand interactions, protein modification, binding affinity and receptor binding sites.  Phage display technology has also been valuable in many areas of research and medicine including immunization therapy and transfusion medicine.  ProSci offers over 20 years of experience and specializes in custom polyclonal, monoclonal, and single domain antibody development and production. High quality technical assistance, competitive pricing, and highly customizable projects qualify ProSci staff as experts in Custom Antibody development and production.

Your Custom Antibody Experts

ProSci specializes in Custom Antibody Services, having completed over 20,000 projects tailored to individual research needs. Services include monoclonal antibody development and production, polyclonal antibody production, single domain antibody development and production, and a range of immunochemistry and other supporting services, which aim to increase the value of our custom packages. Our phage display monoclonal antibody production and other antibodies have been widely published, appearing in the most prestigious journals worldwide.