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The Single Doman Antibody (sdAb) from camelid, also known as VHH antibodies, is at the forefront of antibody research in HIV, cancer, and other cellular diseases. sdAbs lack light chains and are smaller and more stable than conventional antibodies, yet they possess fully functional antigen-binding capacity. Due to its size (a mere 15 kDa), a single domain antibody is adept at reaching otherwise inaccessible epitopes that may play a crucial role in the molecular mechanisms of disease.

single domain antibody  

The camelid variable region is contained within one domain on the heavy chain, in contrast to conventional mammalian antibodies which contain both the heavy and light chains.

The camelid heavy-chain antibodies (hcAbs) were first discovered by an unwitting group of practical biology students more than 20 years ago. Over the years, the single domain antigen binding fragment of hcAbs has attracted growing interest; its unique properties make it a highly valuable tool in fundamental research, diagnostic, and therapeutic applications. With the recent expiration of the original patents surrounding single domain antibody development, we can expect to see further innovations in the application of single domain antibodies by both academia and industry. The usage of VHH antibodies is becoming a common contributor to research methods, partly due to its extremely versatile composition and incredibly robust characteristics. The single domain antibody has made significant strides in the past decade, and future prospects appear promising.

Features and Benefits of Single Domain Antibodies

• Smallest functional antibody unit at ~15kDa; conventional antibody is ~150kDa
• Enhanced tissue penetration, can cross blood-brain barrier
• Unique binding capacity to small cavities or clefts
• High affinity and specificity
• Highly stable under extreme temperature and pH
• High solubility, great imaging agents due to rapid clearance in vivo
• Cost-effective, large-scale production

  Llama VHH Antibody

Schematic Overview of Single Domain Antibody Development

Llama Single Domain Antibody Development Process

ProSci Offers Single Domain Antibody Services from Immunization to Production

Single domain antibody development is currently offered in the following phases:

Single Domain Phases


Single Domain Antibody Development and Production Services

Throughout all four phases (from immunization to production), single domain integrity is ensured with ProSci’s unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction and multiple quality control checks. If your clinical application calls for a single domain antibody (VHH antibodies), purchase ProSci single domain antibodies with confidence! We’ve earned the trust from both private and public research sectors, working in a variety of research applications – therapeutic, general research, diagnostic, pharmaceutical and many more.

To learn more about our exclusive single domain production, from initial phase to final purification, contact ProSci today. Our single domain antibody development specialists can be reached by filling out the following form, and you can also call us directly at (888) 513-9525.


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