Rabbit Production Bleeds

Why do we do 3 production bleeds?

Performing 3 bleeds on the 5th, 7th and 9th week of the project provides 3 serum samples containing the antibodies of interest with slightly different characteristic. Antibody titer increases with time and once it plateaus, affinity increases. The timing of these events varies by individual host and antigen.

Bleeding on the 5th week allows for us to see whether there is an immune response and provides antiserum earlier than other production schedules. These antibodies are often not very specific, but are in high concentration.

The 7th and 9th week bleeds are what we will provide you with if you ask for serum, and the 9th week bleed would be used for antibody purification if requested. The antibodies in these bleeds will be of higher affinity to the desired target and are at the high titer when measured by ELISA.

Why 7mL to 20mL of Serum?

We estimate 7mL to 20mL of serum can be collected safely by taking 10% of the estimated total blood volume based on the rabbit's weight. This allows ProSci to stay within USDA regulations. By limiting the amount of blood we take, the rabbits are able to stay healthier and stronger throughout the antibody development process.

Need a different bleed schedule?

ProSci is able to accommodate if you would prefer a different immunization and/or bleed schedule. We are also willing to extend projects and continue immunizations and bleeds for an additional fee.