Custom Rabbit Polyclonal Packages

Rabbit Packages

Rabbits are the most common antibody host species as they are small and easy to handle, but large enough to provide adequate amounts of antiserum. We offer packages for client-provided antigens, single-peptide projects, peptide cocktail projects, and phospho-peptide projects.

Standard Packages Get Quote

Our rabbit polyclonal antibody packages include two New Zealand White rabbits on our standard 8-week production schedule which yields approximately 75 mL serum per rabbit. At the conclusion of the initial protocol you have the option of terminating the project, exsanguinating the rabbits for ~60 mL additional serum, or extending on a monthly basis to obtain an additional ~50 mL serum per rabbit per month Learn more about project extension and termination here.

To simplify ordering, we offer three convenient standard packages from a basic immunization protocol using your own antigen to packages that included peptide antigen design and synthesis through antiserum production and purification.

Guaranteed Packages Get Quote

Two different custom rabbit polyclonal antibody packages with great guarantees.


  • ELISA Guarantee: 1:50,000 (both packages)
  • Affinity Purification Guarantee: 2 mg of total antibody  for Purified Package
  • Western Blot Guarantee: positive band in one of the tissue lysates screened (Purified Package)
  • Satisfaction Guarantee: if any of the guarantees associated with your project fail, ProSci will provide a full refund or start a new project at no cost. Should the project fail a second time, ProSci will provide a full refund.

Phospho Specific PackagesGet Quote

Phosphorylation is the most common amino acid modification used for polyclonal antibody production. Phospho-specific antibodies are produced by immunizing the host animals with a short synthetic peptide containing the phosphorylated amino acid. The animals can produce antibodies that not only recognize the modified amino acid, but also antibodies that do not recognize the modification. In order to isolate phospho-specific antibodies a two-step purification process is needed. This service is included in our custom phospho-specific antibody production Purified Package and is described further below.

Factors for Success:

  • Length: use a peptide with a length of 12 residues or less. Length is important due to the number of epitopes available to the host animal’s immune system. The minimum length of an epitope is 6-8 amino acids; using a sequence with 12 or fewer residues ensures that the phosphorylated residue will be included in all antibodies produced.
  • Position of Phosphorylated Residue: place the phosphorylated residue in the middle of the peptide sequence. This increases the probability that all antibodies produced against the sequence will have epitopes including the phosphorylated residue.
  • Peptide Purity: use a peptide of >90% purity; all of our phospho packages include a phospho peptide of >90% purity to ensure that the antibodies are produced against the exact sequence of interest.
  • Antibody Purification: even using a short, high purity peptide the rabbit polyclonal antiserum will contain antibodies that detect the non-phosphorylated sequence in addition to the phosphorylated sequence. Phospho-specific and non-phospho antibodies can be separated and isolated through a two-step purification process:
    1. Antiserum is cross-absorbed against the non-phospho peptide to remove antibodies that recognize the unphosphorylated peptide.
    2. The cross-absorbed serum is then purified against the phospho peptide, isolating antibodies that recognize the phosphorylation.

Phospho Specific Antibody

This process, which is included in our custom phospho-specific antibody production Purified Package, isolates both phospho-specific antibodies and the non-phospho antibodies for your protein. The corresponding antibodies can be used separately or in conjunction to study your protein’s regulatory pathways.

Peptide Cocktail PackagesGet Quote

Need a quick approach to develop a good polyclonal antibody and don’t have any recombinant protein available? ProSci can produce quality polyclonal using several peptides at competitive prices. We offer packages for synthesizing, conjugating, and immunizing multiple peptides into one set of animals. Benefits of peptide cocktail antibody production include:

  • Ability to characterize four or six antibodies to one protein (antibodies against your choice of two or three peptides per pair of animals)
  • Higher likelihood of finding antibodies that work for multiple applications, particularly epitope-quantity-specific applications such as immunoprecipitation
  • Lower cost than separate protocols

ProSci offers two peptide cocktail antibody production packages, each of which provides a minimum of four antibodies against your protein of interest.

Your Custom Antibody Experts

Similar special rabbit packages involving client-provided antigens, single-peptide projects, peptide cocktail projects, and phospho-peptide projects are also available for other species on request. We also offer extensive antibody services to add to each package and welcome custom schedules to create a custom package for your antibody needs.

Please call us at (858) 513-2638 or email to submit your schedule or visit our Polyclonal Antibodies Page to start your quote order.