Polyclonal Antibody Services

ProSci's polyclonal antibodies are available in a wide variety of custom configurations and standard packages to optimize research experience. A polyclonal antibody from ProSci is flexible, reliable and easy to use which enables good results for any experiment; Outsourcing polyclonal antibody production to ProSci antibody experts allows researchers to focus on optimizing other aspect of experiments that require more attention.

What is a polyclonal antibody?

A polyclonal antibody is an antibody from a pool of immunoglobulins that recognizes multiple epitopes on a given antigen. For proteins with low expression levels using polyclonal antibodies is an advantage since a higher affinity would help amplify the protein’s signal. This differs from a monoclonal antibody which is highly specific and recognizes a single epitope on a given antigen needed for quantification experiments such as flow cytometry.


Features and Benefits of Polyclonal Antibodies

Our polyclonal antibody production service offers many advantages from both a practical standpoint and your bottom line. ProSci polyclonal antibodies feature:

  • Recognition of many epitopes on any single antigen
  • Easier detection of denatured proteins
  • Superior IP/ChIP results
  • Enhanced target protein signal amplification
  • Better management of antigen modifications

From ordering to shipping, our polyclonal antibody service is expedited to fulfill time sensitive conditions.

Polyclonal Antibody Service

Polyclonal antibodies are a mixture of immunoglobulins that recognize different epitopes on a specific antigen. ProSci produces polyclonal antibodies in rabbits, mice, rats, guinea pigs, chickens, goats, or llamas. The antibodies are isolated from the serum of mammalian hosts or from the yolks of chicken eggs. Serum can be used directly or further purified, but yolks are further purified prior to use to remove the lipids that can interfere in assays. Go to our Polyclonal Animal Selector to learn more about our services for each specie!

Standard Packages

An overview of our standard packages includes:

Serum PackagePeptide PackagePurified Package

Antibody Production using Client-Provided Antigen

Antibody Production using peptide synthesized by ProSci

Antibody Production using peptide synthesized by ProSci

  • Immunization protocol in desired host species
  • See each host species’ web page for more details
  • Synthesis of peptide up to 15 residues (5 mg for customer)
  • Conjugation of peptide to carrier protein
  • Immunization of conjugate into desired host species
  • ELISA on Bleed #1 to verify titers using unconjugated peptide
  • Synthesis of peptide up to 15 residues (5 mg for customer)
  • Conjugation of peptides to carrier protein
  • Immunization of conjugate into desired host species
  • ELISA on Bleed #1 to verify titers using unconjugated peptide
  • Immuno-Affinity Purification of up to 25 mL serum on last scheduled bleed (includes re-usable column)

Custom Rabbit Polyclonal Packages

Our packages include two New Zealand White rabbits on our standard 8-week production schedule:

Phospho Specific PackagesPeptide Cocktail Packages

Two packages, each of which produce antibodies that recognize phosphorylated proteins

Peptide Package - $2,330
Purified Package - $3,980

Two packages, using multiple immunogenic peptides against your protein of interest

Peptide Package - $2,150
Purified Package - $3,350

Additional Rabbit Package Information

ProSci offer a standard antibody production protocols that balance fast turnaround time with quality for each host species. Similar special rabbit packages involving client-provided antigens, single-peptide projects, peptide cocktail projects, and phospho-peptide projects are also available for other species on request.

Project Extension/Termination

Upon completion of the initial immunization protocol included in the above packages there are several options to select from:


  • Smaller species are euthanized and goats and llamas are retired without any additional services


Add-on service for chickens only; included in rabbit, mouse, rat and guinea pig schedule

  • Chicken: single bleed that yields ~15 mL serum

*Note: Rabbit, mice, rat, and guinea pig final production bleeds are terminal bleeds; if extension is desired it must be requested 1 week prior to the terminal bleed.

Monthly Extension

  • 1 immunization
  • 2 bleeds

*Note: For projects with exsanguination included, scheduled final bleed is replaced with a production bleed and rescheduled to take place after additional bleeds taken.

  Polyclonal Rabbit

We offer extensive antibody services to add to each package and welcome custom schedules to create a custom package for your antibody needs. Please call us at (858) 513-2638 or email abservices@prosci-inc.com to submit your schedule and obtain a quotation.

ProSci is the Source for any Polyclonal Antibody

One specific polyclonal antibody or an entire collection of polyclonal antibodies – whatever your clinical requirements are, ProSci’s polyclonal antibody service delivers dependable, high-quality, research-ready antibodies – all at affordable prices that fit any budget, public or private-funded. Leverage our advanced antibody research in your favor today!

Contact ProSci today! Fill out the following form, or speak directly with a polyclonal antibody consultant at (888) 513-9525. Thanks for visiting ProSci!


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