Rabbit Monoclonal Antibody Services


ProSci is proud to offer: Custom Rabbit Monoclonal Antibody Development & Production

Rabbits are becoming increasingly popular for monoclonal antibody development because of their ability to generate a plethora of diverse antibodies with 10 to 100 times the binding affinity to that of commonly used animal1 antibodies. Rabbit immunization generates a wide variety of immuglobulins, providing the opportunity for identifying distinct antibodies capable of distinguishing between very similar molecules.

prosci-scientistOur rabbit monoclonal antibodies are developed directly from isolated plasma cells. The development of these specialized antibodies can help researchers avoid common challenges associated with low affinity and non specific antibodies. ProSci’s rabbit monoclonal antibodies continue to exceed client expectations with wide applicability including diagnostics, therapeutics, and ELISA.

The Difficulties of Rabbit Monoclonal Antibody Development

Current rabbit monoclonal antibody development technologies are limited and time consuming. Traditional fusion of B cells with a myeloma line relies on the B cell secreting the antibody of interest to be fused properly and available for selection during screening. Standard phage display technologies rely on in vitro recombination of heavy and light chains, creating screening and antibodies that are not found in vivo. Traditional direct B cell cloning preserves the original heavy and light chain antibody pairs, but shares a limitation with the other: they use the entire pool of B cells for development, ranging from newly differentiated B cells all the way through fully differentiated B cells, also known as plasma cells. Where as, plasma cells comprise only 0.1-1.0% of the B cell population.

The ProSci Advantage:
Isolated Plasma Cell (IPCTM) Technology

ProSci’s Plasma Cell Technology2 isolates plasma cells at the beginning and uses 100% plasma cells as the starting material for antibody development. This reduces screening time and increases the efficiency of antibodies producing high affinity antibodies. Utilizing our powerful cutting-edge patent in progress technology, ProSci is uniquely positioned to offer customized, specific, high affinity rabbit monoclonal antibodies for your specific needs.

Monoclonal Technology Comparison

 HybridomaPhage DisplaySingle B
Cell Cloning
Single Plasma
Cell Cloning
Start Material B Cells B Cells B Cells Plasma Cells
Effiency ≤ 1% Plasma Cells ≤ 1% Plasma Cells ≤ 1% Plasma Cells 100% Plasma Cells
Screening Time 12 Weeks 6 Weeks 3 Weeks 3 Weeks
mAb Diversity Medium Low High High

Single Plasma Cell Cloning Process


Phase I


Immunize rabbits on protocol and bleed

• 3 rabbits
• ELISA screening


Phase II

Plasma Cell Isolation

Isolate plasma cells

• Isolate plasma cells from 1 rabbit
• Plate 1 cell per well

Phase III

Gene Amplification & Cloning

Amplify and clone heavy and light chains

• Amplify heavy & light chains
• Clone into expression vector


Phase IV

Expression & Screening

Express genes & screen with ELISA

• Plasmid DNA & Sequence for 1 final clone
• ELISA report
• 200 μg purified antibody for up to 5 clones

Phase V

Antibody Production

Optional; Produce large quantities of antibody

• Expression and Protein A purification of additional quantities of antibody


Rabbit Monoclonal Phase Services


Phase I - Immunization: 70-105 Days

Service Includes

  • Immunization of 3 rabbits on a 10-week or 15-week protocol using either CFA/IFA or Adjuplex™
  • ELISA on each bleed screened against antigen
  • Final boost and bone marrow isolation for 1 rabbit

Phase II - Plasma Cell Isolation: 2 Days

Service Includes

  • Plasma cell isolation with one cell per well

Phase III - Gene Amplification & Cloning: 7 Days

Service Includes

  • Amplification of heavy and light chains from one 96-well plate of plasma cells
  • Cloning of the heavy and light chains into expression vectors

Phase IV - Expression & Screening: 11 Days

Service Includes

  • Expression of cloned heavy and light chain genes into HEK293 cells
  • Screening of supernatants by indirect ELISA against the antigen
  • Plasmid DNA & sequence for 1 final clone
  • 200 µg of up to 5 clones

Phase V - Antibody Production: 14-28 Days

Service Includes

  • Expression and Protein A purification of rabbit monoclonal antibodies from 1 mg to >300 mg


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