Monoclonal Development and Production

When using monoclonal antibodies for your research, it is crucial to have good quality antibodies. ProSci is very proud of their hybridoma fusion success rate of over 95%, a result of techniques developed in-house by skilled technicians at their laboratories. We offer custom monoclonal antibody development for hybridoma development, in vitro production and ascites production.

Hybridoma Development

ProSci’s hybridoma production technology is responsible our specialized monoclonal antibody product lines. Producing hybridoma cells allows us to reliably develop monoclonal antibodies in vitro or in vivo while assuring the reproducibility of the product. The monoclonal antibodies produced from our hybridoma cells offer specific immune response, allowing you to target individual epitopes without worrying about excess noise in your assays or unwanted cross reactivity.

By choosing ProSci's development of hybridoma for monoclonal antibodies, we can provide you with:

  • Reliable and consistent hybridoma development techniques
  • Custom add-on packages for further project specialization
  • Multiple cell-line stabilization
  • High quality, reproducible monoclonal antibodies
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Each phase of hybridoma monoclonal antibody production features ELISA testing and screening. We offer these exclusive hybridoma services if your laboratory cannot perform these functions or you simply prefer the convenience and value of an all-in-one research package. Our hybridoma development process takes about 16-25 weeks, depending on the complexity of your project.

ProSci’s hybridoma development is divided into 3 phases:

Hybridoma development  services 

For more information on the 3 step process, visit our Antibody Basics: Hybridoma Development blog.

Monoclonal Antibody Packages Get Quote

ProSci offers 2 packages for hybridoma development process:

Basic Package

  • Includes our 3 phase hybridoma development process and isotyping of the final antibody clone. For this package, ~50ug of antigen must be provided to ProSci.

Peptide Package

  • ProSci will synthesize a peptide antigen at an additional cost, as well as the 3 phase hybridoma development and isotyping of the final antibody clone.

ProSci provides quality, dependable hybridoma cells and antibodies with accelerated production schedules and outstanding price points. Along with our polyclonal antibodies, custom antibody services and other products, ProSci aims to be your single-source research partner.

In Vitro Production Get Quote

ProSci offers in vitro monoclonal antibody production services. Our methods have demonstrated a 5-25 fold increase in yields over conventional monoclonal antibody cell culture techniques. Serum and serum-free medium formulations are available. Production usually takes 4-6 weeks depending upon the cell line. Purification using protein G or A is also available.

Monoclonal Production  

All client cell lines must be certified Mycoplasma-free before use. If certification is not available, we will quarantine and test cell lines for a fee. This may delay the project for several weeks.

We will adapt the cell lines to our medium and scale them up for production. Please note that once the cell lines are adapted, they can be frozen upon request and will be ready for future cell culture monoclonal antibody production without further adaptation. We offer volume sizes from 500 mL to 10 L.

If you have any questions regarding our in vitro monoclonal antibody production services or you would like a quotation for your project, please contact us at, or by calling toll-free 888-513-9525.

Ascites Production – For Larger Volumes of Monoclonal AntibodiesGet Quote

If producing monoclonal antibodies in vitro is not fast enough, or isn’t producing a large enough volume of product, ascites monoclonal antibody production methods are for you. Ascites production is done by injecting hybridoma cells into the peritoneal cavity of lab mice. This method provides the hybridoma cells with an excess of nutrients required to synthesize antibodies, creating a greater volume of products that can be extracted from the mouse.

ProSci will perform ascites production of any monoclonal antibody. We can utilize cells from our own monoclonal antibody development (ideal for generalized research applications), or we can utilize your laboratory’s unique cell line. Either method allows for the high volume production of monoclonal antibodies.

For all ascites projects, ProSci offers:

  • Mycoplasma screening
  • Cell line amplification
  • Injection of cells into primed BALB/c mice
  • 2-3 taps to obtain ascites fluid Purification of ascites fluid (optional)

Ascites production provides greater value for generating large volumes of monoclonal antibodies than in vitro production overall. The monoclonal antibodies developed through ascites will have equal quality to antibodies produced in vitro, as well as producing more of them, making this process ideal for projects that will require a large amount of a single type of monoclonal antibody.

  Monoclonal Production

Find out how ProSci’s versatile ascites antibody production can benefit your laboratory today. Ascites production is just one element of our Monoclonal Antibody Services, which also includes Hybridoma Development and In-Vitro Production. If you have any questions about ProSci’s ascites production or would like to learn more about generating specific antibodies through ascites, please call today at (888) 513-9525.