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ProSci’s Flow Cytometry Service

ProSci’s Flow Cytometry Service provides screening for flow positive antibodies during monoclonal antibody development for hybridoma development, rabbit monoclonal antibodies and single domain antibodies. Each screen involves one 96 well plate per cell line for up to 2 cell lines including controls.

Flow Screening for Hybridoma Development

Flow cytometry screening is an add-on service to hybridoma development which includes screening by ELISA. In addition to our standard mouse moncolonal development pricing and deliverables. Below is the pricing for adding flow service at each phase that can be ordered seperately.

Flow Cytometry Service

 Standard Flow ScreeningPrice
Phase I
  • Immunization of 5 balb/c mice
  • ELISA screening
  • Flow cytometry analysis of sera

2 Screens


Phase II
  • Fusion of 1 mouse spleen
  • ELISA screening
  • Flow cytometry of ELISA positive hybridomas

1 Screens


Phase III
    • 1st Subcloning
      • ELISA screening
      • Flow cytometry
    • 2nd Subcloning
      • ELISA screening
      • Flow cytometry

    2 Screens


    Total  Screening Price
    $3,000  for up to 2 cell lines

    Hybridoma Development Milestones: Moving to Next Phase

    To ensure development of flow positive clones for the packages above, a visible shift and/or "tail" in flow histogram must be seen before moving to the next phase of hybridoma development.

    Flow Analysis Example 1

    Flow Analysis Example 2

    Control Mouse IgG Flow Analysis


    • ELISA reports
    • Flow histogram reports
    • Upto 2 cell lines screened additional hybridoma cell lines are available however they will incur additional costs of $700 per each additional hybridoma
    • Note: While ProSci will use its extensive experience to develop antibodies that work in flow cytometry, there are no guarantees that such antibodies will be developed.

    Materials Required

    The quantities listed for the following materials are for each screening(up to one 96 well plate):

    • Screening Material:
      • 2 vials of cells over expressing the protein of interest
        • 1 x 107 cells with >90% viability
        • Cyropreserved
    • Positive Control:
      • Fluorescently labeled positive control antibody
      •  If primary antibody is unlabeled additional fluorescently labeled secondary antibody
      • Fluorescently labeled ligands that bind to the desired receptor target.
        • The following forms of labeled antibodies or ligands are prefered:
          • PE
          • Alexa Fluor 488
          • FITC
    • Negative Control (optional but preferred):
      • 2 vials of cells that do not express the protein of interest
        • 1 x 107 cells with >90% viability
        • Cyropreserved
    • Quality Control of  Over Expressing Cells by:
      • Western blot
      • Flow
      • Functional assays

    *Quality control of cells service with customer provided positive control antibody is available for additional cost.

    Having trouble providing the material above? ProSci also provides antibody labeling, stable or transient cell line development, and recombinant protein production services. Contact for more information.

    Additional Flow Cytometry Service

    Flow Cytometry screening is a fee for service and does not gurantee positive flow antibodies. Additional service is available to confirm positive flow antibodies upon request. Inquire below.

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