Monoclonal Antibody Services

Monoclonal antibodies are produced from immoral cell lines typically derived from spleen cells fused with a myeloma cell line called a hybridoma which can be maintained and cultured indefinitely. Using techniques developed in house, ProSci’s fusion success rate for custom monoclonal antibody development is greater than 95%.

Monoclonal antibodies are highly specific and recognize only one epitope on an antigen which generates consistent performance in quantitative detection applications regardless of production batch. Our custom monoclonal antibody service offers in vitro and invivo ascites hybridoma production.

ProSci helps develop custom monoclonal antibodies and understands researchers have varying needs for levels of involvement, depending on the target. We offer custom monoclonal antibody development packages for both protein and peptide antigens and add-on services for customization.

Monoclonal Antibodies from ProSci – Rigorous Screening


Our screening options include:

  • ProSci screening by ELISA and delivery ELISA positive final clones.
  • Researcher screening of positive wells following fusion.
  • Western blot screening:
    Screening for WB positive clones during Phase II (Fusion) and Phase III (Subcloning).
  • Immunocytochemistry screening:
    Screening for ICC positive clones during Phase II (Fusion) and Phase III (Subcloning).
  • Flow Cytometry Screening:
    Screening for Flow positive clones during Phase I (Immunization), Phase II (Fusion), and Phase III (Subcloning)
  • WB & ICC screening:
    Screening for WB & ICC positive clones during Phase II (Fusion) and Phase III (Subcloning).

ProSci’s success rate is due to using techniques developed in-house. Each custom monoclonal antibody is produced, analyzed and quality tested by skilled technicians on premises in our San Diego, California laboratories. ProSci has repeatedly proven our abilities to produce hybridomas against difficult targets. Our internal research methods provide your institution with the best possible monoclonal antibodies for your particular pursuits. Much like our primary antibodies, recombinant proteins and other customized products & services, the ProSci monoclonal antibody production service will save time without sacrificing quality in overall results.

Mouse Hybridoma Development

We use 5 BALB/c mice as a production strain for hybridoma development. BALB/c is a very common species used throughout the industry for monoclonal antibody development due to their large spleen to body size ratio. This yields a higher number of spleenocytes at fusion. This offers optimum research capability for medicine research, specifically as it relates to overall immune function.

With a greater volume of spleenocytes from ProSci monoclonal antibodies production, better analysis is possible for dendritic cell, B lymphocytes, T lymphocytes and other cell populations.

  Mouse Hybridoma
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ProSci - Your Custom Antibody Experts

Whether your research involves therapeutics, diagnostics, or any other area of study, ProSci offers an extensive collection of custom monoclonal antibody services for your consideration.

Our custom monoclonal antibody options includes Hybridoma Development, Ascites Production and also In-vitro Production. What’s more, we offer additional services to meet your specific research needs, including Antibody Purification, Antibody Labeling, Antigen Design and more. ProSci’s monoclonal antibody development is fully licensed by the USDA and the NIH Animal Welfare Assurance. If you’re looking for more from your current monoclonal antibody production service or are looking to make the most out of your research budget, the choice is clear: ProSci’s custom monoclonal antibodies. No other biotechnology firm offers the value, customized monoclonal antibody development and proven results of ProSci.

Contact ProSci to learn more about our impressive monoclonal antibody production service! Our contact page has more information or you can can simply fill out the following form. If you’d like to speak directly with one of our monoclonal antibody consultants, please call us at (888) 513-9525 or send an email message to Take your research to the next level with ProSci’s monoclonal antibody service. Thanks for visiting ProSci! We’re ready to help you with your monoclonal antibody research today!


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