Why do we use 4 immunizations?

We have found 4 immunizations provide a healthy balance between generating a strong immune response and performing the least injections. The immunizations are spaced evenly throughout the process to keep antigen concentration high to continue ramping up the immune response.

What do we immunize with?

We immunize each animal with both the antigen of choice and an adjuvant. For a standard two-rabbit project, we use 200µg for the initial immunization and 100µg for each boost, totaling 1mg of antigen. Some animals may require more or less antigen per injection; please check this infographic to be see how much antigen should be sent for the animal you are interested in. An adjuvant of your choice is used to boost the immune response. For more information on antigens and adjuvants, check out our learning center.

When do we immunize?

Our standard protocol is to immunize every other week from the start of a project (week 0, 2, 4, 6). If you are interested in an alternative immunization schedule or other special protocol such as extending the timeframe, we are willing to accomidate. For most small animals, the entire immunization and bleed protocol lasts 8-10 weeks.

Why do some animals have different immunization schedules?

Larger animals like goats and llamas typically have longer immunization schedule than the smaller animals. These animals immune systems are a bit slower acting than that of rabbits and mice, so the schedule is skewed to accomodate, lasting 13-14 weeks.