Difficult Antigen Targets

ProSci helping researchers with difficult antigen targets.

ProSci takes pride in being able to make challenging antibodies(Abs), including the anti-idiotypic antibody, Abs against small molecules or modified proteins. With over 20,000 completed projects, ProSci's services for custom antibodies can create monoclonal and polyclonalantibodies against various difficult target antigens. As a research oriented company, ProSci continues to expand our custom antibody development and farm with multiple new species including llama used in single domain antibody development. Our experience and expertise helps researchers develop antibodies for any desired application.

Here are a some difficult antigen types that ProSci has worked with:

ProSci Recombinant Protein Antigen


ProSci Membrane Fraction Antigen


ProSci Phospho Peptide Antigen


ProSci Carbohydrate Antigen


Recombinant Protein


Membrane Fraction


Phospho Peptide




ProSci Anti-idiotypic antibody


ProSci Small Molecule Antigen


ProSci Peptide Antigen


ProSci whole cell antigen


Antibody Variable Region (anti-idiotypic)


Small Molecule




Whole Cell


ProSci has successfully developed the first of many challenging antibodies.

ProSci's HIV vaccine research program works on developing neutralizing antibodies against one of the most diffculit antigen targets, the viral glycan shield. To accomplish this goal, ProSci is continuing to explore and develop new technologies and evaluate novel adjuvants to create antibodies against difficult antigens.

Single Amino Acid Mutations

Post Translational Modifications


ProSci created the first antibody against the phosphorylated protein SAMHD1.

In 2007, ProSci created the first H5N1 antibody used to research avian influenza.

PD-1 polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies are one of our most popular products.

Free consultation on developing an antibodies difficult targets is available. Contact our experts by e-mail or phone for assistance. To speak with an antibody manufacturing specialist, please call (888) 513-9525, or find out more about ProSci’s antibody production and custom antibody services on here.

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ProSci is seeking potential business collaborations in development of custom antibodies, including single domain llama antibodies (VHH). We look forward to providing both outstanding products and services. Please contact us by filling out the following form or email us with any questions at abservices@prosci-inc.com


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