Custom Rabbits

What kind of rabbits does ProSci use?

ProSci uses a hybrid of 3 rabbits, including New Zealand White, Dutch, and the Flemish Giant. Each breed of rabbit contributes to creating the perfect antibody producing host.

New Zealand White rabbits have very thick, robust ears that have large blood vessels which are easy to see and are not easily damaged over time. They are also one of the most docile breeds of rabbits, and are very easy to handle.

Dutch rabbits, though much more fragile than New Zealand White rabbits, are crossed into the strain because of their hyperactive immune system, which is paramount to antibody development.

Lastly, the Flemish Giant rabbit’s advantage is in its name: it’s huge! Crossing these rabbits into the strain makes our rabbis much bigger, and allows us to extract the blood that we need without having to worry about taking too much.

What traits does ProSci breed into the rabbits?

ProSci Custom RabbitsThe primary traits we aim to keep through generations are:
- Strong immune systems
- Sturdy ears with large veins
- Large size
- Docile behavior

Can I request a different type of rabbit?

Generally, our rabbits more than sufficient for nearly any project, but we can use different types of rabbits. However, they must be from approved USDA facilities. We will not take rabbits that are not pre-approved.

Where do we get our rabbits?

Currently we breed all of our rabbits in-house. We do this in order to control the traits that we want expressed in all of our rabbits and to prevent stressing the animals with transportation.