Custom Antibody Project Walkthrough

Not sure what to expect when you order a custom antibody? ProSci’s custom antibody project walkthrough goes over the process when ordering a custom antibody so you know what to expect. Starting from our free consultation to receiving your antibody at the end of the project, ProSci is dedicated to fulfilling your antibody needs.
You can download our Project Walkthrough for your own personal reference as well.

Select a phase to learn more about our custom project process:




Phase I - Consultation

To assure satisfaction that the antibody developed will work the way you want we need to know the following:

    NDA (Optional)

A non-disclosure agreement (NDA) is optional.

    Antigen Requirements

If you are providing the antigen, please fill out our antigen submission form with the required information for us to verify. We may have additional recommendations to improve immunogenicity.

If you are not providing the antigen, we can make protein and peptide antigens for you.

    End Application

Different antigens may have different implications for end application. We may recommend species, immunogen and method(s) for screening to validate function throughout development.



Phase II - Offer & Quote

After consultation we will generate an estimated quote for the project and email it to you to verify the services that will be provided.

    Estimated Schedule

We will also provide estimated schedule. Actual schedule may vary greatly as we may need to boost the animal for many more weeks than planned to achieve good immune-response.

    Large Dollar Projects

Certain larger dollar projects may result in a mutually agreed Statement of Work.

    Payment Methods

We have flexible payment plans and accept the following methods of payment:

  • ● Purchase Order
  • ● Check
  • ● Cash
  • ● Credit Card

Typically payment is due within 30 days of invoice unless otherwise agreed upon.



Phase III - Shipping/Invoice Information

Once the quote and payment method have been verified, antigens can now be shipped and upon the receiving the antigen a confirmation email.

    Shipping & Invoice

Instructions on how to ship your antigen and how we will ship your antibodies will be discussed at this time. An invoice will be sent after the first shipment is made.

    Shipping Instructions

Fedex, UPS, USPS, and DHL are approved shipping carriers for customers sending antigen.

Prior to shipping your antigen please provide an antigen submission form with your package, and label each vial sent.

Pack the antigen with ice packs or dry ice to maintain proper temperature storage conditions. Be sure to secure antigen tightly with packing material to prevent damaged vials.



Phase IV - Start of Project

After the antigen has been received and payment information confirmed on invoice we will start the project.

    Project Overview

On the day the project starts, a project overview will be sent to notify customers that the project has started and confirm the project details is correct.

    Phased Approach

For custom monoclonal and single domain services, projects are broken into multiple phases. Each phase can be ordered and invoiced independently.

Monoclonal & Single Domain Phases

Single Domain
Phase 1 Immunization Immunization Immunization
Phase 2 Fusion Plasma Cell Isolation PBMC Isolation
Phase 3 Subcloning Cloning & Expression Library Construction
Phase 4 Production (Optional) Selection & Delivery Library Screening
Phase 5   Production (Optional) Production (Optional)
  Get Quote Get Quote Get Quote

For custom polyclonal services, there is only one phase: Immunization and bleeds. To learn more about the differences between monoclonal and polyclonal, go to our Antibody Structure and Properties Page.

    Project Troubleshooting

If there are any changes to schedule we will notify you as soon as possible. We will also make recommendations and confirm the next best course of action to be taken at that time.

If antibody is not working for the desired application in your hands, let us know and we will provide recommendations to optimize the antibodies function.



Phase V - Shipping/Receiving Product

After the antigen has been received and payment information confirmed on invoice we will start the project.

    Shipping Products

Once a bleed is taken it will be processed into serum within 24 hours and shipped according to scheduled dates.

We will be ship the products using Fedex overnight. An email notification of the product being shipped will be sent to confirm the shipment.

Any data from additional services will also be sent through email during this time (ELISA reports, purification reports, etc).

    Receiving Products

Upon receiving products a packing slip will be enclosed with the package.

Packing slip will include the following information:

  • ● All items shipped
  • ● Serum volumes from bleeds
  • ● Dates the procedure(s) occurred.

A confirmation email from fedex will be sent to notify that the product has been delivered.

Once products are received the antibodies are ready to be used.


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