Peptide Synthesis

ProSci Peptide Synthesis


As part of our additional services, ProSci offers custom peptide synthesis. ProSci’s custom peptide synthesis solution includes a wide range of peptide modifications including methylation, acetylation, phosphorylation, amidation and more. We strive to provide high quality production with quick turnaround time for our customers.

Peptide Synthesis Capabilities

  • Peptides from 5 to 100 amino acids
  • Scales from milligram to grams
  • Purities from crude to >98%
  • Fast, on-time delivery

Standard Synthesis

  • 20mg at >70% purity for $20 per amino acid (11-25 amino acids long)

HPLC Purification

70% is typically considered immunograde and is enough for making polyclonal antibodies. However, HPLC to >90% is recommended for peptides with modified amino acids and monoclonal antibody development. ProSci can provide peptides from crude up to >98% purity.

We also offer complimentary peptide antigen design for our monoclonal and polyclonal packages. If you have any questions regarding our custom services or need a quotation for peptide synthesis please contact us at, or by calling toll-free 888-513-9525.