Additional Custom Antibody Services

ProSci Inc. offers additional custom antibody services including antigen design, peptide synthesis, antibody purification, and antibody labeling. Our quality additional services distinguish us from our competitors: pre-screening samples for animals allow you to test and select hosts with minimal background, spleen removal services are available for work with smaller species, and a test bleed will supply you with enough serum to determine your satisfaction with the project before it continues. We strive to provide high quality production with quick turnaround time for our customers.


Additional Antibody Services

ProSci Antigen Design Assistance Antigen Design

ProSci’s quality antigen design services include complimentary antigen design assistance for peptide antigens.

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ProSci Peptide Synthesis Peptide Synthesis

Our solution includes a wide range of peptide modifications including methylation, acetylation, phosphorylation, amidation and more.

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ProSci Antibody Purification Antibody Purification

ProSci purifies antibodies from serum, ascites fluid, culture medium, or yolks using a variety of purification procedures.

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ProSci Antibody Labeling Antibody Labeling

Our antibody labeling techniques integrate a variety of enzymes and dyes from microgram to gram scale.

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