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Experience Superior Outsourced Antibody Manufacturing with ProSci

Our dedicated and experienced staff looks forward to assisting you with any aspect of your custom antibody development project from selecting the ideal type of antibody and host species to helping design an immunization protocol or an antigenicity-guaranteed peptide for your custom antibody project. ProSci has the experience and expertise to help you develop the antibodies you desire.

Established in 1998, ProSci Incorporated is a leader among antibody production companies that provides high performance antibodies and custom antibody services. We have produced more than 20,000 custom monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies for researchers worldwide in academia, biotechnology, diagnostics, and pharmaceutical industries. We perform immunological services in-house allows us to offer competitive pricing and tailor our antibody production services for almost any antibody need. Our responsive, results-oriented company culture enables ProSci to produce antibodies specifically for your research requirements, on a budget and timeframe that exceed expectations.

Why choose ProSci for your custom antibodies? Antibody production services, research & much more

We are a leader among antibody producing companies. With over 20 years of experience in antibody production services, and a highly responsive staff of scientists who understand and cater to your needs, ProSci is the best choice for custom antibody services. We don't just produce antibodies; our custom antibody research services add value to your entire enterprise. Along with streamlined and customized production of antibodies, we also offer an extensive range of custom antibody services, including custom monoclonal antibody and custom polyclonal antibody services, which are flexible and customizable to individual projects of any size. ProSci's custom made antibody services are modifiable through custom immunization schedules, complimentary peptide antigen design assistance, and an array of individually available services which can be selected to meet the needs of your project.

Experience, Leadership, Innovation – ProSci Offers Antibody Production and Complete, Custom Antibody Services

Additional services distinguish us from our competitors: pre-screening samples for animals allow you to test and select hosts with minimal background, spleen removal services are available for work with smaller species, and a test bleed will supply you with enough serum to determine your satisfaction with the project before it continues.

All antibody production services are done in the USA and are pre-approved for most grants. ProSci is a professional antibody manufacturer that guarantees confidentiality and the rights to any products that result from our extensive range of services. ProSci’s antibody manufacturing methods are verified and approved by leading scientific organizations. We have completed thousands of projects, some of which can be seen here.

Our experts are always available to assist you by e-mail and over the phone for information about our antibody products, custom antibody project prices or any further inquiry. To speak with an antibody manufacturing specialist, or if you have any questions about our antibody production services, please call (888) 513-9525, or fill out the following form. You can also find out more about ProSci’s antibody production and custom made antibodies by contacting us through our contact page.


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