Zika has run its course for now

Zika Shell

Herd immunity to Zika virus in American populations is reported to have caused a tremendous decline in the number of cases this year. There was only one reported case in the contiguous United States in 2017. It is noted that, like most mosquito-borne flaviviruses, the Zika-infected population was expected to develop immunity and become resistant, similar to outbreaks of Yellow fever, West Nile, and Dengue. Experts attribute the decrease in case frequency to herd-immunity. Check out Prosci's collection of Zika antibodies.

3D Chromatin Structure visualized in mitotic and interphase cells

Human Histone

Mapping the local and global 3D chromatin structures in the nucleus simultaneously visualizes the level compaction and function of the human genome in interphase cells and mitotic chromosomes. 

Visualizing chromatin’s organization in the nucleus required Ou, et al. to develop ChromEMT, a combination of electron microscopy tomography (EMT) with ChromEM labelling that selectively enhances the contrast of DNA. A fluorescent dye is bound to the DNA in permeated cells, which upon excitation, catalyzes the deposition of diaminobenzidine polymers on the surface, allowing chromatin to be imaged with traditional electron microscopy heavy-metal oxide dye.

New MERS virus diagnostics

Corona Virus

Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV) causes a lethal type of pneumonia that can transfer between individuals after exposure to infected camels. This research shows that CD4+ and CD8+ T cell blood concentration might be useful for detecting lower-levels of infection, in cases that don’t yet present clinical symptoms. Levels of these cells in cases of exposure and early notice could be used to predict prognosis. In the clinical environment, it was shown that patients with higher neutralizing and CD4+ T cell responses spent more time in the ICU, had prolonged virus shedding and required ventilation. Epitopes recognized by these T cells may form the basis of a new vaccine-design process.