Anti-Idiotypic Antibodies

Anti-Idiotypic Antibodies

The Antibody Variable Region

The idiotypic region of an antibody is defined as the unique set of antigenic determinants located in its variable region. The specificity of this special region has emerged as a significant area of interest, particularly in research involving antibody drug pharmacodynamics, studies in immunogenicity and drug pharmacokinetics. Accordingly, antibodies specially targeted against the complementarity determining region or CDR region of another antibody, play key roles in conducting this research and in assay development. These antibodies are known as anti-idiotypic antibodies and are particularly useful in their ability to specifically bind one monoclonal antibody drug.

Antibody Variable Region

Applications of Anti-Idiotypic Antibodies

The human or humanized nature of the majority of therapeutic monoclonal antibodies is particularly conducive to research with anti-idiotypic antibodies. The ability to readily distinguish between endogenous antibodies in a patient’s blood serum and antibody drugs is critical and made possible through the introduction of anti-idiotype antibodies which bind the unique idiotopes of each unique antibody drug. Normally, the high concentration of antibodies found in the serum of a patient receiving a human or humanized antibody drug tends to crowd out the drug of interest, rendering it practically invisible, and thus very challenging to track and analyze. In many cases, the difference in concentration of the antibody drug in comparison to naturally-occurring antibodies is on the scale of millions.

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