Western blot (or immunoblot) is one of the most common research techniques. In this procedure, antigens are isolated by electrophoresis, and then transferred to PVDF or nitrocellulose sheets. Once transferred, the protein antigens are stained to analyze their reaction with other antibodies.

ProSci offers 20 different protein immunoblots, each with their own unique source species, properties, loaded samples and applications. Researchers from across the globe rely on ProSci for top-quality protein immunoblots. Just some of the protein immunoblotting test applications include:

Our protein immunoblots include many loaded samples, including Daudi, Raji, K-562, U-937, HL-60, Jurkat, MOLT-4, colon, heart, kidney, spleen and more. Our immunoblot test products are popular with medical research facilities, pharmaceutical labs, therapeutic research applications and academic research facilities.

Let ProSci Help Your Immunoblot Test Procedures Today!

Find out how ProSci’s proven, research-backed immunoblot test products can aid your protein analysis today. From IgG immunoblot to general western blot testing, our immunoblots comprise one of the fastest-growing, most reliable lines of immunoblot test products available anywhere. Many researchers have utilized ProSci for custom antibody services, primary antibodies and other research products. Our protein immunoblots complement the ProSci line of Control Antibodies, Peptides, Reagents, Detection Sets and other products for complete research capability.

Contact our protein immunoblotting consultants today! For more information about a ProSci immunoblot, call us at (888) 513-9525. You can also email info@prosci-inc.com for general immunoblot test information. And if you’re ready to place on order, either call us or send a message to orders@prosci-inc.com. Thanks for visiting ProSci’s Immunoblots laboratory – we look forward to serving you today!

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