Control Antibodies

Control Antibodies from ProSci – Accurate Loading, Precise Experiment Controls

Loading controls are necessary to replicate research applications and ensure consistency throughout experiments. Western blotting is an important technique used in research and obtaining accurate results are nearly impossible without western blot loading control antibodies.

  • Why choose loading control antibodies from ProSci?
  • Constant, consistent expression levels
  • Normalized protein levels
  • Non-varied research results
  • Equal gel loading quantity
  • High-quality antibodies from our advanced research protocol
  • Protein expression across varied cell lines
  • Affordable, practical & reliable

Loading Control Antibodies – Reliable Western Blot Research Results

With ProSci’s loading control antibodies, you can eliminate the guesswork that results from varied gel loading. Experimental controls allow quantification of protein amounts, checking for edge effects of proteins in the outer lanes of gets, and ensuring equal transfer from the gel to the membrane across the whole cell. From pharmaceutical research to therapeutic applications, our loading control antibodies offers exceptional value, consistent results and the quality you’ve come to expect from ProSci.

Every loading control protocol antibody in our catalog has been researched, tested and verified for accuracy and durability. ProSci has control antibodies for Immunoglobulin G (IgG) and Immunoglobulin Y (IgY). Additionally, our llama control antibody catalog also offers whole molecule expression, controls for low-affinity binding (IgG2), high-affinity binding (IgG3) and much more.

With nearly 30 control antibodies available from over a dozen host species cell lines, ProSci has a control antibody to accurately represent and reflect intended research protocol. What’s more, our control antibodies can be expressed across a variety of tissues and cell lines, further enhancing your research application throughout a broad range of practices.

To learn more about a particular loading control antibody, or to find out more about ProSci’s entire line of loading control antibodies, contact us today. Our control antibody research specialists can be reached at (888) 513-9525. You can also send an email to info@prosci-inc.com for more information. Thank you for choosing ProSci as your control antibody source.

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