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Antibody Beads

Derived from bovine, our antibody beads were designed with the researcher in mind and boast a binding capacity of ranging from 450μg to 500μg IgY per ml solid bead. These high quality anti-IgY antibody beads were fashioned through cross-linking action between Protein A/G agarose beads, bovine IgG and anti-IgY antibodies. With our antibody beads, optimal immunoprecipitation is achievable by incubating the antibody beads with your prepared sample for just a minimum of 10 minutes.

Loading Control Antibodies

Loading control antibodies are a valued asset for researchers seeking to establish research applications which are replicable and consistent from experiment to experiment. Without dependable loading control antibodies essential lab techniques such as Western blotting would be practically obsolete. Loading control antibodies balance edge effects of proteins in the outer lanes of gets, and ensuring equal transfer from the gel to the membrane across the whole cell. ProSci’s loading control antibodies help researchers avoid varied gel loading, providing consistent results.

Antibody Detection Sets

To achieve optimization of protein purification, extraction and/or analysis, the right antibody detection set makes all the difference. ProSci Detection Sets boast multiple antibodies against members in the same gene family such as BH3-only proteins, death receptors, IKKs and more. Instead of purchasing individual antibodies, choose our antibody detection tests for much greater value. Simply and easily organize your ProSci product search by sorting each antibody detection test by corresponding testing application including ELISA, ICC, IF, IHC and WB.


As one of the most common research techniques, the Immunoblot also known as the Western blot, allows antigens to be isolated via electrophoresis prior to transfer to  PVDF or nitrocellulose sheets. Ultimately, immunoblots provide valuable information from the analysis of antigen with other antibodies via staining. With ProSci your options are vast with 20 different immunoblots available to meet your research needs complete with loaded samples, applications and unique properties.


The essential role of peptides in drug discovery and biological processes continues to increase as the amount of peptide application exponentially expands. Peptides are responsible for helping to regulate the majority of physiological processes. The development of new vaccines, immunogens and hormones depends largely on the availability of appropriate peptides. For example, blocking peptides or peptides that simultaneously bind the target antibody while preventing nonspecific binding to the antibody, supports analysis of unique functions throughout various biological systems. Order ProSci peptides today!


ProSci’s extensive catalogue of additional products offers quality tools that researchers can trust and reagents are no exception. Our reagents includes Streptavidin-Alkaline Phosphatase, Streptavidin-Cy3, Streptavidin-FITC, and Streptavidin-HRP. Streptavidin is derived from Streptomyces avidinii and in comparison to egg white avidin it tends to exhibit less non-specific binding. Streptavidin is in the form of a homotetrameric protein weighing roughly 60 kDa with each of the four subunits carrying an equal percentage of the weight. Quality reagents are critical for successful experimental interactions.

Cell slides

Cell sides offer researchers an important experimental perspective for immunocytochemical analysis of protein and protein-protein interactions. With a robust catalogue of over 23 diverse cell slides, from human and mouse source species, ProSci is uniquely prepared to meet all of your cell slide needs. To help simplify your cell slide product search experience, search tissue cell/type, tested application, source species, product type and diagnosis. Trust ProSci’s expertise to help you find the cell slides to help meet your research goals. 

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