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ProSci takes pride in helping our customers with their experimental needs. Below are testimonials of our customer's experience working with us. 

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"We worked with ProSci to develop an antibody phage display library from which candidates could be selected. We were impressed with the scientific expertise ProSci brought to our project as well as the attention to detail given at every juncture. Looking forward to future collaboration with them!"

-Dan Dempsey, CEO, Venomyx Therapeutics

Company Bio: Venomyx Therapeutics is a biopharmaceutical company dedicated to developing the world’s first universal antivenom for snake bite victims around the world

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"Working with ProSci has been a really positive experience for us. ProSci helped us to identify antibodies that interact with a protein that is central to our research program"

-Philip Lessard, former researcher from MIT

Researcher Bio: Philip Lessard is a microbiology and molecular biologist with an interest in agricultural biotechnology and improving food production