Polyclonal Antibody Services

ProSci's polyclonal antibodies are available in a wide variety of custom configurations and standard packages to optimize research experience. A polyclonal antibody from ProSci is flexible, reliable and easy to use which enables good results for any experiment; Outsourcing polyclonal antibody production to ProSci antibody experts allows researchers to focus on optimizing other aspect of experiments that require more attention.


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Additional Antibody Services

Additional services distinguish us from our competitors: pre-screening samples for animals allow you to test and select hosts with minimal background, spleen removal services are available for work with smaller species, and a test bleed will supply you with enough serum to determine your satisfaction with the project before it continues. We offer antibody products from several host species, including mouse and rabbit polyclonal antibodies. Contact us for more information about custom polyclonal antibody prices and other products.
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