Additional Custom Antibody Services

ProSci Inc. offers additional custom antibody services including antigen design, peptide synthesis, antibody purification, and antibody labeling. Our quality additional services distinguish us from our competitors: pre-screening samples for animals allow you to test and select hosts with minimal background, spleen removal services are available for work with smaller species, and a test bleed will supply you with enough serum to determine your satisfaction with the project before it continues. We strive to provide high quality production with quick turnaround time for our customers.


Antigen Design Assistance

ProSci’s quality antigen design services include complimentary antigen design assistance for peptide antigens. If you can provide us with the sequence (or protein accession number), our scientists will analyze your protein and select the regions which offer the best chance of eliciting an immune response for a variety of applications, including western blot, immunohistochemistry, immunocytochemistry, and immunoprecipitation. We base our sequence analysis on several factors:


Predicted number of turns
Predicted hydrophilicity
Predicated antigenicity


Conjugation-method constraints
Amino acid composition
Presence of potential post-translational modification


If you choose to use a sequence we have designed or approved for one of our standard antibody production packages utilizing peptide synthesis, we will guarantee the immune response against the peptide antigen. If no titer is observed, ProSci will re-immunize a new set of animals. If a titer against the antigen is still not present, ProSci will re-evaluate the protein of interest and synthesize a new peptide at no cost. ProSci will continue to work on your project until a successful immune response is observed.

For your antibody purification needs, ProSci purifies antibodies from serum, ascites fluid, culture medium, or yolks using a variety of purification .


Peptide Synthesis

ProSci’s custom peptide synthesis solution includes a wide range of peptide modifications including methylation, acetylation, phosphorylation, amidation and more. When it comes to HPLC Purification, 70% is typically considered immunograde and is enough for making polyclonal antibodies. However, HPLC to >90% is recommended for peptides with modified amino acids and monoclonal antibody development. ProSci can provide peptides from crude up to >98% purity. We also offer complementary peptide-antigen design for our monoclonal and polyclonal packages.

Additionally, our peptide synthesis capabilities include:

  • Peptides from 5 to 100 amino acids
  • Scales from milligram to grams
  • Purities from crude to >98%

Antibody Purification

As part of our additional services, ProSci purifies antibodies from serum, ascites fluid, culture medium, or yolks using a variety of purification procedures. These procedures include protein A or G, immuno-affinity, or IgY purification.

Protein A or G:

These proteins isolate total mammalian IgG from serum, ascites fluid, or cell culture medium. Selecting Protein A or Protein G depends on the sample’s species and antibody isotype. Protein A or G is not recommended for peptide antigens as antibodies against the large carrier protein will also be isolated. This method is best used with antiserum produced using protein antigens larger than 10 kDa and for purifying monoclonal antibodies from ascites or supernatant.


This method isolates antigen-specific antibodies using a column constructed by coupling an antigen to a gel matrix. It is best used for isolating peptide-specific polyclonal antibodies from serum, but can also be used with protein antigens and for purifying monoclonal antibodies.

IgY Purification:

This method isolates total IgY from yolks. Chicken IgY is the functional equivalent of mammalian IgG but is primarily isolated from egg yolks rather than serum. This process is performed by removing lipids first and then precipitating antibodies from the resulting solution. The total IgY can then be used “as-is” or further purified using an immuno-affinity column.

Ace Antisera   Ace Antibody

Before and after image of crude antiserum against a peptide antigen and immuno-affinity purified antibody using the peptide.

If you have any questions regarding our antibody purification services, please contact us at, or by calling toll-free 888-513-9525.


Antibody Labeling

ProSci is proud to offer custom antibody labeling in its suite of additional services. Our antibody labeling techniques integrate a variety of enzymes and dyes from microgram to gram scale. Direct labeling of the primary antibody allows for multiplexing assays as different dyes can be used for each antibody. Custom secondary antibodies can also be generated using our custom polyclonal or monoclonal development services and labeled for your specific experiments.


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