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Our research antibodies, custom antibody services and leading-edge research programs help scientists, lab technicians, researchers and other technologists with reduced research costs, flexible & wide-ranging antibody services, online support and also experienced, first-hand knowledge of antibody uses as they relate to specific immunochemistry applications.

Our Services

Custom Antibody Services

ProSci's custom antibody services include monoclonal and single domain antibodies, peptide synthesis, antibody purification and much more. With over 15 years of experience, an accredited in house animal facility, and a highly responsive staff of scientists who understand and cater to your needs, ProSci is the best choice.

Our Products


ProSci's products are developed using the most advanced antibody research development and production techniques. All ProSci antibodies are specialized for a wide range of applications and offer impressive function, drastically reduced lead times and exceptional return on investment.

Our Research

ProSci Research

Current ProSci research initiatives with antibodies include groundbreaking study in diverse fields and subject matter such as proteomics, AIDS vaccinations, global epidemic prevention and other issues related to advanced immunochemistry services.


In order to improve human health globally, ProSci's mission is to provide extensive expertise in developing valuable antibodies to support our partners.

Difficult Antigen Targets

Difficult Antigen Targets

ProSci takes pride in being able to make challenging antibodies, including anti-idiotypic antibodies, antibodies against small molecules or modified proteins.

San Diego Antibody Company

San Diego Company

ProSci is proud to be a local San Diego antibody company devoted to R&D and committed to design, development and production of high performance antibodies.

ProSci Blog

ProSci Blog

Learn more about ProSci's experience with creating antibodies for difficult antigens and new developments in antibody research through our blog posts.


Your Custom Antibody Experts

At ProSci, our goal is to provide your research institution, organization or company with value-added antibody development, custom antibodies and the most personalized yet practical research available today. Join the ranks of satisfied clients who’ve made ProSci their preferred partner in antibody research, antibody products and custom, tailor-made research processes.