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Welcome to ProSci! Our research antibodies, custom antibody services and leading-edge research programs help scientists, lab technicians, researchers and other technologists with reduced research costs, flexible & wide-ranging antibody services, online support and also experienced, first-hand knowledge of antibody uses as they relate to specific immunochemistry applications.

Antibody specialization is just one part of the complete ProSci menu of offerings. Our custom antibody services include monoclonal antibodies, single domain antibodies, peptide synthesis, antibody purification and much more. From broad fields of study to completely customized research, ProSci offers the products, service and support to optimize your research capability.

Current ProSci research initiatives with antibodies include groundbreaking study in diverse fields and subject matter such as proteomics, AIDS vaccinations, global epidemic prevention and other issues related to advanced immunochemistry services.

Cutting-Edge Custom Antibodies, Antibody Development and More

If your organization is in need of a custom antibody, ProSci has the resources, personnel, and passion to help. What’s more, our sought-after custom antibodies and catalog antibodies are available all over the globe, thanks to our worldwide distribution network. With today’s research teams collaborating across the world, it helps to have in-country access, support and service. ProSci delivers the quality and customized attention to detail you’ve come to expect from us, no matter where you and your research team are! Discover the immense advantages of outsourced immunochemistry services and custom antibody development – call ProSci today!

At ProSci, our goal is to provide your research institution, organization or company with value-added antibody development, custom antibodies and the most personalized yet practical research available today. Join the ranks of satisfied clients who’ve made ProSci their preferred partner in antibody research, antibody products and custom, tailor-made research processes.

To learn more about our company and our exciting work with antibodies, please call our office at (888) 513-9525. The ProSci contact page is another excellent resource for getting in touch with us. Thanks for visiting ProSci!

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Custom Antibody Production Services

Can't find a specific antibody?
Ask about our custom antibody production services:

  • Custom polyclonal antibody production
  • Custom monoclonal antibody production

  • Antigen design
  • Antibody purification services

From antigen to assay, we are here to help with your custom antibody needs.
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Custom Antibody Service Flow

New Products

  1. Control Normal llama IgG, Whole  Molecule
  2. Control Normal llama IgG1

    Control Normal llama IgG1

  3. Control Normal llama IgG3

    Control Normal llama IgG3

  4. Control Normal llama IgG2

    Control Normal llama IgG2

  5. Control Normal llama IgG, Whole  Molecule (FITC)
  6. Control Normal llama IgG1 (FITC)
  7. Control Normal llama IgG3 (FITC)
  8. Control Normal llama IgG2 (FITC)
  9. Control Normal llama IgG, Whole  Molecule (HRP)
  10. Control Normal llama IgG1 (HRP)
  11. Control Normal llama IgG3 (HRP)
  12. Control Normal llama IgG2 (HRP)
  13. Control Normal llama IgG, Whole  Molecule (biotin)
  14. Control Normal llama IgG1 (biotin)
  15. Control Normal llama IgG3 (biotin)
  16. Control Normal llama IgG2 (biotin)
  17. Mumps Virus Antibody [6006]

    Mumps Virus Antibody [6006]

  1. Mumps Virus Antibody [6007]

    Mumps Virus Antibody [6007]

  2. Mumps Virus Antibody [6008]

    Mumps Virus Antibody [6008]

  3. SLC36A2 Peptide

    SLC36A2 Peptide

  4. DIS3L2 Peptide

    DIS3L2 Peptide

  5. JAGN1 Peptide

    JAGN1 Peptide

  6. BCLAF1 Peptide

    BCLAF1 Peptide

  7. IQCF2 Peptide

    IQCF2 Peptide

  8. Chondroadherin Peptide

    Chondroadherin Peptide

  9. CHADL Peptide

    CHADL Peptide

  10. HOOK3 Peptide

    HOOK3 Peptide

  11. SRPK1 Peptide

    SRPK1 Peptide

  12. IL-11 Peptide

    IL-11 Peptide

  13. ALSFTD Peptide

    ALSFTD Peptide

  14. C18orf42 Peptide

    C18orf42 Peptide

  15. SUSD3 Peptide

    SUSD3 Peptide

  16. SUSD3 Antibody

    SUSD3 Antibody

  17. IL-11 Antibody

    IL-11 Antibody

  1. ALSFTD Antibody

    ALSFTD Antibody

  2. C18orf42 Antibody

    C18orf42 Antibody

  3. JAGN1 Antibody

    JAGN1 Antibody

  4. BCLAF1 Antibody

    BCLAF1 Antibody

  5. IQCF2 Antibody

    IQCF2 Antibody

  6. Chondroadherin Antibody

    Chondroadherin Antibody

  7. CHADL Antibody

    CHADL Antibody

  8. HOOK3 Antibody

    HOOK3 Antibody

  9. SRPK1 Antibody

    SRPK1 Antibody

  10. SLC36A2 Antibody

    SLC36A2 Antibody

  11. DIS3L2 Antibody

    DIS3L2 Antibody

  12. Insulin Antibody [8E2]

    Insulin Antibody [8E2]

  13. Serpin F1 Recombinant Protein

    Serpin F1 Recombinant Protein

  14. Insulin Antibody [8E2]

    Insulin Antibody [8E2]

  15. gamma Catenin Antibody

    gamma Catenin Antibody

  16. E2F 1 Antibody

    E2F 1 Antibody