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Can't find a specific antibody?
Ask about our custom antibody production services:

  • Custom polyclonal antibody production
  • Custom monoclonal antibody production

  • Antigen design
  • Antibody purification services

From antigen to assay, we are here to help with your custom antibody needs.
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New Trial Size Antibodies

New Products

  1. c-Abl (phospho Tyr245) Antibody
  2. Progesterone Receptor (phospho Ser294) Antibody
  3. Progesterone Receptor (phospho Ser400) Antibody
  4. CD45 (phospho Ser1007) Antibody
  5. Vitamin D Receptor (phospho Ser208) Antibody
  6. PECAM-1 (phospho Tyr713) Antibody
  7. Epo-R (phospho Tyr368) Antibody
  8. CDK1/CDC2 (phospho Thr14) Antibody
  9. Estrogen Receptor- beta (phospho Ser105) Antibody
  10. IGFBP-3 (phospho Ser183) Antibody
  11. NF- kappaB p65 (phospho Ser281) Antibody
  12. CHOP (phospho Ser30) Antibody

    CHOP (phospho Ser30) Antibody

  13. STAT5A/B (phospho Ser725/730) Antibody
  14. Calmodulin (phospho Thr79/Ser81) Antibody
  15. NMDAR1 (phospho Ser890) Antibody
  16. LKB1 (phospho Ser428) Antibody

    LKB1 (phospho Ser428) Antibody

  17. CaMK4 (phospho Thr196/200) Antibody
  1. AurB (phospho Thr232) Antibody

    AurB (phospho Thr232) Antibody

  2. GTPase Activating Protein (phospho Ser387) Antibody
  3. HDAC6 (phospho Ser22) Antibody

    HDAC6 (phospho Ser22) Antibody

  4. VEGFR1 (phospho Tyr1213) Antibody
  5. Cyclin D1 (phospho Ser90) Antibody
  6. Chk1 (phospho Ser286) Antibody

    Chk1 (phospho Ser286) Antibody

  7. Chk1 (phospho Ser301) Antibody

    Chk1 (phospho Ser301) Antibody

  8. BLNK (phospho Tyr96) Antibody

    BLNK (phospho Tyr96) Antibody

  9. FANCD2 (phospho Ser222) Antibody
  10. ALK (phospho Tyr1507) Antibody

    ALK (phospho Tyr1507) Antibody

  11. IKK- gamma (phospho Ser31) Antibody
  12. Cyclin D1 (phospho Thr286) Antibody
  13. p53 (phospho Ser392) Antibody

    p53 (phospho Ser392) Antibody

  14. Adrenergic Receptor beta2 (phospho Ser346) Antibody
  15. c-Met (phospho Tyr1003) Antibody
  16. Bcr (phospho Tyr360) Antibody

    Bcr (phospho Tyr360) Antibody

  17. Vinculin (phospho Tyr821) Antibody
  1. p70 S6 Kinase (phospho Thr389/412) Antibody
  2. n-NOS (phospho Ser852) Antibody
  3. Glycogen Synthase (phospho Ser645) Antibody
  4. CBL (phospho Tyr674) Antibody

    CBL (phospho Tyr674) Antibody

  5. MKP-1/2 (phospho Ser296/318) Antibody
  6. CDC25A (phospho Ser178) Antibody
  7. CDC25B (phospho Ser353) Antibody
  8. VE-Cadherin (phospho Tyr731) Antibody
  9. SREBP-1 (phospho Ser439) Antibody
  10. YAP (phospho Ser127) Antibody

    YAP (phospho Ser127) Antibody

  11. ETK (phospho Tyr566) Antibody

    ETK (phospho Tyr566) Antibody

  12. 14-3-3 zeta/ delta (phospho Thr232) Antibody
  13. Smad3 (phospho Thr179) Antibody
  14. XIAP (phospho Ser87) Antibody

    XIAP (phospho Ser87) Antibody

  15. FAK (phospho Tyr576) Antibody

    FAK (phospho Tyr576) Antibody

  16. PKC zeta (phospho Thr560) Antibody